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  1. Looks really nice, but that logo looks a bit odd. Std'ars?
  2. Clearest one I got is this. I posted it above, but it didn't seem to come through, so here's the link (it's on the back of the card): https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/1984-85-soo-greyhounds-juniors-16-bob-512881456 Also here is the logo on a white jersey:
  3. A couple of OHL ones that aren't up. The Sudbury Wolves 20th Anniversary logo from 1991/92 (can be seen in this Tweet): Also, during the 1983/84 season, the Soo Greyhounds changed their primary logo. They only used this logo and uniform combo for one season before going back to their original look:
  4. The Ottawa 67's changed up the numbers on the new quicklite jerseys. They are bolder and now on the shoulder.
  5. The Sarnia Sting jerseys have been unveiled. I wish they would've used a logo as a shoulder patch instead of the wordmark. Still a huge upgrade for them.
  6. The Barrie Colts are currently selling these in their team store. While there's nothing yet saying that they're wearing them during the season, judging by the quality of this jersey (stitched crest, CCM tag, etc.) I'd say it's more likely than not. Also, the Sarnia Sting just tweeted this teaser for a new jersey:
  7. London Knights just unveiled their new uniforms: While I do like the use of the old Late 80's-Early 90's template, it just looks really out of place with the 2000's logo. I'm sure it'll grow on me and I'll have a different opinion in a couple of months. Right now though, I don't love it, but I don't hate it either.
  8. I do agree that a "silent game" would be cool, however I don't find all the extra things at games a nuisance at all. If they are done right or if the team running the promotion does it properly, it is a nice addition to the game and the fan experience as a whole. Something like the Freeze races in Atlanta are an example of a promotion that is done right. It's different from what most teams do and it adds a bit more excitement in a lull later in the game (as much as I love baseball, it sometimes needs something extra like that to add to the whole experience). What I do find more of a nuisance are when the sponsor is crammed into a part of the game where it doesn't need to be. Like I've been to hockey games where they throw a commercial for a sponsor after a whistle that isn't connected to anything at all. Or how every power play or penalty kill is sponsored by someone. I don't care that it's "the Little Caesars Pizza Pizza Power Play!" or it's "the BK PK!" or something like that. I get why it's done since you need to maximize your profits, but there's a much more natural way that it can be done. As far as people going to the game and watching their phone more than the game or spending most of it in the bar, I personally don't get it, but it doesn't really bother me as long as their not being disruptive and they know the risks associated with what they're doing and admit fault if something happens (getting hit with a ball while looking at their screen for example). As for all the extra stuff at games, it's what teams have to do now to get fans to keep coming to games. If you strip it down it sounds kind of stupid, but it's true. When I go to a baseball game for example, the main reason I go is for the game on the field since I'm a fan of the sport. However the whole reason I go to games is for the full experience. I want to be with the crowd on a warm summer day. I want to see what cool things that some of the ballparks have to offer, or see what else I can do at the park for an inning if the game is going slow or if it's really hot outside. As much as I love watching an analyzing sports, why would I spend $100 to watch every second of a 3 hour regular season baseball game in person (especially if neither of the teams are contending), when I could do the same with a better vantage point and decent analysis at home for free? It was different like 30-40 years ago when most games weren't televised, and the entertainment dollar wasn't competitive as it is now, plus games were cheaper. But now the extra stuff and fan experience is what's keeping people coming to the games, and when a single game for a family of 4 costs the same as a one year Netflix subscription just to get into the park, you want to make that experience worthwhile so people will want to keep coming back to the park and spending their money there, as opposed to just watching the game at home. While I do like the games, I do think the extra stuff is necessary nowadays. The only way I can see a silent game happening is as a gimmick, or if they did a night dedicated to people with sensory issues coming to a game.
  9. I'm the furthest thing from an expert on this, but I don't think that would work as a major league park, unless they're going to spend the money (probably at least 200-300 million) to only play there for 5 years because they're contractually obligated. The stadium only seats around 7,500 and is situated between 2 large roads and a concert hall. Even if they were to expand it, I can't see them being able to fit more than 20,000 seats there, which is well below MLB standards. EDIT: Even after looking at renovation photos I'm still skeptical of this move. Considering those renovations are soccer, those are going to be some crappy sightlines. Like Exhibition Stadium outfield level bad.
  10. Can't be any worse than what's probably already in the burgers. I do really love the old logo though. A slightly modernized version of it would look fantastic.
  11. The new alternate logo reminds me of the old Horizons Pavilion from Epcot.
  12. There's never going to be a certain specific answer for this question. It all depends on the core that the team builds around and if they have the money to keep them and the supporting cast around. If your core is young and you can afford to acquire talented players to play around them, it'll last several years (90's-00's Yankees). If your core is old and you don't have the players around them, it'll be shorter (2015-2016 Blue Jays). Also, have the Cubs really faded? I wouldn't say their a contender, but they certainly aren't comparable to the Royals. At worst their on the same level as Cleveland (in the playoffs, but not a serious contender).
  13. I love the new Otters logo. I didn't mind the most recent one even though it was just a word mark. As for the new one I like how they went back to the original look, but cleaned it up and made it look not as dated. It looks great in yellow, and the Erie helmet thing was a great touch. The line in the top left corner of each letter doesn't work either. Looks like it says Er1e. I loved it at first, but every time I look at it, it seems to get worse. It's too bad because it has so much potential, but the wording choices ruined it.
  14. Go Columbus, Carolina, or whoever comes out of the west.
  15. The Lightning one is now out, and this is easily his best Congrats video yet.
  16. The 3 lottery winners got leaked and posted on Twitter 20 minutes before the winners were announced. Only the NHL would manage to let this happen.
  17. Thanks for finding that. While I'm still excited to see them wear the old jerseys, the fact that they're screen print is pretty disappointing.
  18. Kitchener Rangers unveil their annual Remembrance Day jersey:
  19. You can even purchase your own Regular Season Western Conference Champions banner from the team store.
  20. That's still Marlins Man, he just grew a beard.
  21. A couple of one-offs coming up soon in the OHL. Kitchener is wearing a special jersey to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Oktoberfest: Also, Peterborough is wearing jerseys to celebrate their alumni:
  22. It looks like they slapped a jersey onto Chester Cheetah's pubes. Like I get that Flyers is a hard brand to turn into a mascot, but you can do much better than that. Edmonton's mascot is still the most nightmare inducing, but this one is a very close second.
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