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  1. Tampa Bay wore the pewter pants against Washington in their previous game. Usually teams stick to the same pants because to not mess with their fortune.
  2. Did anyone expect any of the teams to change the pants they last wore after the previous game they won in? I didn't.
  3. Now that the Eagles fired Doug Peterson, do they change how they do uniforms? Peterson grossly had the team wear the all white too much, and the team didn't do white at home with him at the helm.
  4. Which football team? There are 32 of them.
  5. The black over gold is their best look, and NO doesn't do WAH anymore except for the color rush uniform. They need to put out the black over gold more and cut down on the all black.
  6. The Bears, Colts, Packers, and Steelers don't use any other combo besides what they have at their disposal. Chicago busted out an all blue for a 2017 game, but that was a rare occasion. Since the host team of the Super Bowl site never makes it to the final stage, I don't like the Buccaneers chances.
  7. Anthony Lynn is fired. I didn't think Dean Spanos would do it. The Chargers have to get the HC hire right this time.
  8. I recall the new rules starting in 2018 that allows teams to wear them their alternates 3 times, and teams are allowed to have 2 different alternates. I don't remember it that well though. How the league enforces the ruling on these confuse me. Jacksonville got to wear their teal alternates, 3 times in the RS, and 2 times in the PR, in total of 5 times. Then you have the Ravens and Seahawks who were allowed to wear their alternates 4 times.
  9. I guess so. Who were the teams that did what the Patriots and Packers did in 2016?
  10. Green Bay had the all white in 2016 for the Thursday night color rush promotion. Wore those for Chicago. We should have a thread over in the other section about uniform facts or items of interest.
  11. So week 17 of 2020 is the first time since 1979 SF wore their regular white uniform as a home team. The reason for it is in relation to equipment access.
  12. Blue/white would be good. It was good when they wore those in 2005 at Jacksonville. The white pants is only used with the white jersey. I want Seattle to experiment the white pants with the grey and blue jerseys. The regular brown jersey has white name and number plates, while the color rush has orange ones. I don't mind the color rush being around.
  13. I wish the Seahawks wore the grey pants this time. It is underused, and should be worn more when they have the chance. The all blue is repetitive.
  14. I wonder if the Browns will ever go all brown with the regular uniforms. Maybe they don't want to be redundant with those when they have the color rush? As for the color rush, they might not be liked enough to be worn more than once. I expect them to wear those for a home game next year. They might also wear white for at least their home opener, if it's in the daytime, to show to the home fans.
  15. Cleveland ends the season with brown over white. 2020 season with Four home games in brown/orange and the other four in brown/white.
  16. Okay, I looked around about the roof. Jerry Jones opened the roof for Cowboys home games in 2020 because of Covid-19. He only has the roof open for night games. Prior to 2020, the last time Dallas opened the roof for a daytime game was the 2014 game against the Arizona Cardinals. Kyle Shanahan had the roof closed when his 49ers were temporarily playing home games at State Farm. Bill O'Brien probably was the reason the Texans went so long with games under a closed roof. JJ Watt tweeted this after his firing.
  17. Did the teams who have a retractable roof open the roofs in their stadium this year because of Covid-19?
  18. Speaking of the one-helmet rule... what will come soon is the lifting of it. In 2021. Another thing I'm glad about is the 17 game season, an extra cross-conference game. Uniform matchups that we may have been robbed of from seeing, get more chances at exposure.
  19. When teams play in their white against the Lions gray or charcoal uniform? That's what I asked.
  20. Fun fact: The Chiefs are the only team to not wear an alternate uniform outside of league promotion (anniversary games). The alternate all red they use for color rush isn't a real alternate.
  21. Remember when the Panthers (2018) and Bears in 2017 had to wear their dark colors when the Lions busted those out when these teams visited? What happened to that? I don't know how the NFL allows teams to be in their white while the Lions are in the gray or whatever color you want to call the color rush.
  22. If you include the 2019 preseason meeting, it would be 5 straight trips to NO in purple. The 2010 NFC championship game and 2004 are the only games that Minnesota wore white when visiting the Saints at the Superdome since the league realignment. Every year when Minnesota has been designated to play at New Orleans the Vikings were forced to wear purple; 2002, 2008, 2014, and 2020. This is 4th cycle of the scheduling formula that began in 2002. The 2002 game Minnesota wore purple when the Saints wore their gold jersey.