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  1. The WWE says hello. Oh wait. Unlike others sports, wrestling is upfront about their rigging.
  2. The Broncos, who were a host in SB 50, would be further down, if we did it differently and counted more. We could extend it and include more teams. But it would get too much and probably boring. The next team after the ones I mentioned are the Patriots in 2011.
  3. After Atlanta wore white at home this season, here are the teams who have the longest drought of not wearing white for a home game since they last did it. Teams who wore white as a Super Bowl host count here, when they last did WAH at their own stadium and city. 1. Minnesota Viking (1964) 2. Pittsburgh Steelers (1969) 3. Denver Broncos (2003) 4. Kansas City Chiefs (2006) 5. Arizona Cardinals (2009) The listed teams are more than 10 years.
  4. I hope Green Bay wears the all white against Tennessee. They do well under the night lights.
  5. The Falcons black over white will likely be worn when they have to play at Carolina or Tampa early in the season where heat is a big factor. They'll have Miami next year, and if Atlanta plays there in the first two months, it'll be brutal. Rams have worn most of the combinations possible. One remains, the bone over blue combo.
  6. The Chargers all white vs Raiders black and silver looked very good. The blue socks on the Chargers white pants is wonderful.
  7. Normally, the Raiders have worn the color rush on Thursday nights, but not this time around. I think it's because the date of the game is very late into the season. The last 3 years they wore them in November, ever since the league allowed two alternates to be worn and a number of 3 times a season in 2018. Whether the Chargers go with the white or yellow pants, tonight's matchup will be good.
  8. Okay, so they're going to do the 17th game with a divisional rotation. This is lazy IMO.
  9. Good news. The league has determined a formula for a 17 game season. Those who like the cross conference games, AFC vs NFC, have your gift. We'll get to see those rare uniform matchups happen more now.
  10. The league has determined a formula for the reported 17 game season. It will be an out-of-conference game, and it will be similar to non-division same place finishers within the conference. If the two teams are scheduled to play that year, then it will be an opponent from another division outside of the conference. I'm not sure how that will go though.
  11. Is that the same reason the Texans didn't do an all whiteout when they had the Ravens in the home opener? Houston wore the navy pants for that game, when normally it's all-white. The Jets too? NYJ wore white for the home opener against San Francisco, and did a fan promotion the two previous years before that, doing it in October. I can't tell if NYJ wanted to take advantage of the early season weather or if they wanted to avoid back-to-back games being in gotham green (after wearing those in Buffalo the previous week) in the 49ers game.
  12. Since the Colts still do their all blue game, what about the all white? IND did all white last year against Tennessee. Will they do it again, or was it just a one-time thing? I'm thinking they could do the all whiteout against Jacksonville since the Jaguars made them wear blue in Jacksonville, just like when the Titans made IND wear blue in TEN and then later the Colts return the favor in their second meeting in 2019.
  13. The Chargers royal blue uniform is wonderful. It's also been serving them well, 4-1 record in the royal blue color rush.
  14. If the Sean Payton twitter holds water, now we know why the Saints keep getting away from the gold pants. The players are to blame. This time the Browns being in orange pants will be better. Depending on if the Ravens wear purple pants for the second meeting of the two teams again.
  15. I like the Browns white over brown vs Titans monochrome columbia blue game. It looks fantastic.
  16. Will the Raiders wear the alternate jersey with silver numbers again? It's too good to just wear once.
  17. Since starting to wear the columbia blue jerseys at home last year, these are the opponents it came against. Former fellow AFL franchises; Chargers and Chiefs Former divisional rivals in the old AFC Central; Browns and Steelers Texans are the Titans old host city, and Tennessee wore columbia blue against Houston from 2003-2007. No idea about the Bears.
  18. Ravens are wearing black against the Cowboys. Does Baltimore pair black pants with the black tops this time?
  19. When Minnesota had to use the Lions stadium in 2010 in the game against the Giants, the midfield was a Vikings logo. Same when the Bills hosted the Jets at Detroit in 2014. Surely they can do the same for the 49ers, right? Especially if the State Farm stadium can do the roll-up on their grass.