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  1. That's incorrect. Atlanta has worn dark jerseys every game in the Mike Smith era -- either red, alternate black or throwback black. Since 2000 (shoot, since they've moved to the Dome), I can only remember there being one time where the Falcons wore white at home, it was against the Bengals in either 2002 or 2003. More than likely it's 2002. Yes, you're right. I can show you a couple photos if you want.
  2. This is how many teams have worn white at home for one particular season since the league realignment in 2002. Counting from 2009 back to 2002. 2009: 15 teams 2008: 15 teams 2007: 13 teams 2006: 15 teams 2005: 14 teams 2004: 14 teams 2003: 14 teams 2002: 15 teams The Patriots had silver jerseys from 2003-2007 and Saints had a gold jersey in 2002 that were worn, which were treated as light jerseys. Right now we have 9 teams confirmed that will be wearing white at home this season.
  3. I know Wesley Matthews is on my team the Blazers now. His number will probably be different than what he wore on his previous team. I'll have to see.
  4. The Panthers posted their jersey schedule up. If someone wants to do the honors, show that link. I don't feel like doing it. All of the NFC South teams wear white at home for September and October. I think Tampa Bay wears white until the end of October. I'm going to list the amount of times teams that wore white at home for a certain season. I'll do that after I come back.
  5. Rams wear throwbacks againt the Panthers on 10/31. A game where they will honor Isaac Bruce and tribute to him with his retirement.
  6. Do you have a link for this information? I also find it exceptionally odd the Chiefs would be wearing white at home that late into the year. Not unheard of, of course, but still very odd to me. Nevermind. Found the info on Jim Saccomano's twitter feed (Broncos VP of Comm): Orange jerseys for thre Broncos this week--Josh McDaniels really likes the orange--we will also wear orange vs. NY Jets and vs. KC Chiefs. So the orange jerseys will be worn at HOME vs. KC. I saw what you're talking about. He didn't specify the date for the KC game. To answer your queston in the previous post, Scroll down and click on more. It is posted on 7:04 PM August 10th. Keep on clicking more until you see it. She specified the teams the oranges will be worn against AND the dates. If you see it, you will see that the date of the KC game is December 5th. On that date Denver plays in Kansas City at Arrowhead Stadium.
  7. I was saying that I would avoid the obvious ones. Those 3 teams are an example of what I mean. Dallas wore white for their Thanksgiving games in 2007 against the Jets and in 2008 against the Seahawks. The Cowboys wear their throwbacks on Thanksgiving or for a home game near Thanksgiving. I'm not sure about the Redskins this year. They have a new coach. Along with other staff members. Who may be changing things.
  8. Chicago Bears Monsters of the Midway throwbacks: 9/27 vs Packers and 11/14 vs Vikings
  9. Except for last year with the AFL 50th anniversary thing. The Chargers and Broncos were allowed to wear their third jerseys in addition to their AFL throwbacks. The Titans could have done the same with their alternates but didn't. yea i thought they can only wear it twice but if the Ravens will be wearing it 3 times then the rule must be 3, i guess we will find out. and yes i know last year the rules didnt apply due to the AFL 50th anniversary looks like the Panthers will wear the Alt 3 times as well one time in preseason and twice in the reg season The Ravens are wearing their third jersey 3 times in the regular season. Which hasn't been done before. Carolina wears blue on the road for games that are hot in the early season. Why are the Panthers wearing their alterate blue in a dome? There won't be any heat indoors. If I were to guess anything it would be that they wanted to wear black at home as much possible. The Panthers have worn black at home 4 or 5 times since 2002. How come the Giants won't wear white against Carolina for that game? It is usually hot that time around in New Jersey.
  10. There is another thread about when teams will be wearing their third jerseys. I thought of doing this, a white at home for the 2010 NFL season. Lets name an instance that a team will be wearing white at home. Teams who will be doing it this season. I'll avoid the obvious one for the start of this. The Titans will wear white for their home opener against the Raiders on 9/12. Tennessee has a game the following week against the Steelers who also have a black jersey. Wouldn't they want to wear white for that game as well?
  11. I've seen the Chiefs wear white at home against the Lions, Oilers, and Chargers for the 1980 season. Besides those games, I haven't seen other Chiefs home games from that year though. Nevertheless, yes, they have worn white at home. Kansas City also wore white (with white pants) at home against the Bengals in 2006 for their opener.
  12. If you look at the Texans website they have Houston wearing their whites in Washington. Which means that the Redskins will be in their burgundy uniforms. What color pants to go with it, we'll have to see and find out. Could the Redskins be mixing it up with what colors they wear at home for 2010? They have already worn white like they usually do for home games against Buffalo so far. for new teams who have no real history or have not been in the league that long (like the texans) they could wear teams they played in the city before that were not nfl teams. maybe they can wear the USFL, UFL (the 1960's UFL) and WFL team jersey. The Texans and Panthers don't have anything to throw back to as they have always had the same uniforms since they came into existence in the league. I think that would be a bit too much. If they are going to have every team wear throwbacks they should do it like the 1994 season or last year when all the old AFL teams wore throwbacks against each other.
  13. I know that since 2007 the Chargers have worn powder blue against the Raiders and the Steelers have worn their throwbacks with yellow helmet against the Ravens every time.
  14. Teams ARE only allowed to wear their third jerseys twice a year. I thought it odd too when learning that the Ravens are wearing their alternates 3 times. Except for last year with the AFL 50th anniversary thing. The Chargers and Broncos were allowed to wear their third jerseys in addition to their AFL throwbacks. The Titans could have done the same with their alternates but didn't.
  15. Denver broncos wear orange on 8/21 vs Detroit, 10/17 vs New York Jets, and 12/5 at Kansas City.
  16. The Baltimore Ravens will wear their black jersey againt Denver on Oct. 10, Tampa Bay on Nov. 28 and New Orleans on Dec. 19.
  17. The Bengals site list them wearing white for their meeting When the Bengals and Panthers play are they both going to wear white? Because I don't think that is allowed.
  18. Panthers jersey colors 2010
  20. Titans to wear white jerseys in their home opener against the Raiders.
  21. The Bengals jersey colors are up.
  22. Dolphins in orange for home opener.
  23. Now that I remembered something, it's possible that the Colts could wear their third jersey in the regular season. It depends on if the league approves of the Colts wearing them or not. The only problem is that the alternates were revealed just now.
  24. There is a deadline to when you have to inform the league when you will wear your third jersey right?