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  1. Jacksonville likes to get all of the aqua games out of the way before they go to black. It's why they don't do WAH as much now. Same with Carolina. The Panther get the light blue jersey games (whether home or road) out of the way before going to black. Since the game is 4:00, the Dolphins likely stay with aqua. And they'll stay with the white throwbacks for the Chargers game, to avoid complications.
  2. The Colts opened the roof for their two home games they just played. The Falcons did too except maybe the Carolina game. I wish the Colts wore blue socks. The Browns orange pants are in Madden now.
  3. It does look good. I like the look of this match. I like the Jets uniform the more I see them. Arizona's all white is their best look and underrated. I wish the Jets would have worn the green tops and white pants against the 49ers.
  4. Tyrod Taylor was boring to watch? Players playing in the uniform make a difference.
  5. Maybe not uniform related, but it is player related. Justin Herbert is named the starting QB over Tyrod Taylor for the rest of the season. I'm pleased to hear this. Herbert will make the Chargers uniforms look better to see as opposed to if it was Taylor.
  6. You know what's funny? The Chargers having less wins than the 6 uniform combinations displayed on the photo. That was the case in 2019. Will it be the same in 2020? Can they get the same amount of wins as they do uniform combinations shown on the photo?
  7. The other time they wore all white at Baltimore was in 2006. Since Cincinnati's current uniforms came in 2004, the only time the all white was worn in Baltimore was those two years. On the topic of the Bengals, I looked at photos of their old games during the Carson Palmer era. Their uniform looked better under Rebook than Nike. A lot of team's uniforms looked better during Rebook. I miss that era, looking back on it.
  8. When was the last time the Bucs wore white-on-white in Chicago? Was it when they were in the same division, the NFC Central?
  9. Is this why Green Bay wore the all white color rush against the Lions on MNF last year? According to John Kuhn, the Packers will be in standard home uniforms. "Color rush would be 4 different looks in 4 weeks. Marge and the girls need a bye week." Are the Packers going to reserve the all white for San Francisco on the Thursday night matchup in week 9?
  10. Here's the game I said. The only time the Chargers wore powder blue against Tampa Bay.
  11. Philadelphia only seems to wear the green pants against a division rival in recent times. I hope the Eagles wear the green pants for the battle of the Keystone state. As the alternate uniform, Tennessee has also worn the light blue against the Raiders during the 2003-2007 period. I don't know if the light blue is reserved for certain teams. Last year they wore the monochrome light blue against Houston. They wore those for the Colts in 2006 too, as well as 2008 and 2009. Buffalo's white throwback having another appearance aside from the Chargers game is going to depend on which they favor more between that set and the red color rush.
  12. Are the 49ers reserving the white color rush for that late? Is SF wearing them for Seattle like other teams who wear alternates against a division rival do? Seattle has never worn white or gray pants since moving into Century Link Field. Save for preseason games from 2002-2003.
  13. The Chargers haven't worn powder blue against the Buccaneers before. Week 4 of 2020 will be the first time.
  14. This is great. I like the Bears orange uniforms and the Colts make a good choice to go with the blue socks.
  15. Ravens are going to be in all white for the battle of the beltway. The only time it appeared last year was at Cincinnati.
  16. I hope the Colts wear the blue socks for the game against Chicago. Because if they go with the white socks it won't make the look with the Bears orange jersey look as good.
  17. Not when the Saints keep trolling everyone.
  18. A modified version of the yellow color rush they used? What era in Rams history will they throwback to?
  19. That was the 2020 playoff game in Dallas. Those seem to be reserved for road games. Though they did wear the monochrome navy blue in Dallas and at the New York Jets.
  20. They should definitely try the green socks with the mono black. You should hope for the Jets to lose games so that they fire Adam Gase. Then they could have someone else, whether interim or the real head coach, and that coach tries out different combinations that the team hasn't done yet.
  21. So the Jets indeed will wear the alternate black uniform. I'm liking the Jets current uniform more the more I see them. I'd like to see them wear the black jersey with white pants. The all black is going to get stale.
  22. Last time the Chargers wore dark at Tampa.
  23. If the Titans will still wear white, which I think they will, for their home game against the Steelers, will they wear the columbia blue pants? To switch it up?
  24. The Cardinals wear all red now. They wore all red at Tampa last year, so good chance they do the same in Carolina. The Titans still wears white at home in early October. Last year they wore white against Buffalo on the 6th. Tennessee has done it as late as October the 11th in 2015 which also came against Buffalo. I'm pretty sure the Eagles stick with all white. They seem to only bring out the green pants for an NFC East rival. Though I would like it if they wore green pants, it will make the matchup against San Francisco look fantastic.
  25. Are the Saints just using the all black or all white now? And not a mix of the jerseys and pants? Because this will make things stale more than they already have been. It's official. The Cardinals are a red pants team now.