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  1. Hahahahaha. During the game I remember commenting on how I thought he either no longer worked for CBC or had died. The jerseys themselves look good, if only for a one-off thing.
  2. I was scrolling down pretty fast and wasn't expecting to see that. I literally "roffled" my "ass" off. There is now delicious iced tea all over the wall beside me know. Thanks a lot.
  3. As the others have said, the Atlanta is awesome. The only thing I might suggest would be replacing the silver with the gol colour that they use. I don't ever want to see the Blackhawks change, but if they have to then I could live with it if they looked like the jerseys you designed. Very nice. I love that vintage logo. I'm not sure if I like the Devils' design better than what they have now, but it's a different look for them. As for the Wild make the home jersey green. There are no green jerseys in the league. All around very nicely done.
  4. Boo-urns to CI! I go to Secord lol. I like pretty much everything you've done, especially with the hockey jerseys. Also the basketball jerseys look pretty cool with the wordmarks. The only thing I don't really like is the lack of gold/yellow helmets for the football team. Other than that, nice updates.
  5. Whoa! Those are sick. If I were a Flyers fan I'd get one so fast.
  6. considering that the maroons never wore a white jersey, I'd say the maroon one. Those are The Millionaires. Not the Maroons?
  7. That's actually Steven Rice on the right, part of the bag of pucks the Oilers received from the Rangers for Messier. edit: Here's Kovalev... mid leap... You sure? That guy looks like he's a right-handed shot.
  8. If the Wings were ever to drastically change, I can't say I'd be opposed to this. Very nice work.
  9. I laughed my ass off at that, just seemd so out of place. Anyways, the logos are pretty weak. Glad I prefered Coke before anyways.
  10. Just do something about those socks and it's one of the better alts in the league. Good work.
  11. That's how the Leafs should look. Reminds me of the pre-edge days. In my opinion, the best alt out there. Probably one of the top 5 jerseys overall. As others have mentioned, just waiting on the blue version of it to become the eventual home
  12. Ya GOTTA keep the chest stripe. That's the best part! I do like the white one though. And a permanent shoulder logo such as that isn't a bad idea. What will the Nordiques fans think...