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  1. ....Well look who back, so nice to see these banners again.
  2. Just added: Soccer Inter Milan: 2010/2011 Away Celtic FC : 2010/2011 Home
  3. Hockey: Minnesota North Stars: 1981-1991 Away Dallas Stars: 1995-1999 Home/Away Dallas Stars: 1999-2003/06-07 Modano Home Dallas Stars: 2007-Today Wandell Alt. Phoenix Coyotes: 1996-2003 Nagy Home Columbus Blue Jackets: 2003-2007 Alt. Pittsburgh Penguins: 2007-Today Crosby Home Detroit Red Wings: 2007-Today Modano Home NHL All-Star Game: 2007 East USA Hockey: 2010 3rd Soccer: Dallas Burn: 1999/2000 Home FC Dallas: 2008/2009 Home* Signed by players FC Dallas: 2010/2011 Home: 9 Cunningham Arsenal: 1999/2001 Away Liverpool FC: 2008/2010 Home, 2010/2011 Away FC Barcelona: 2009/2010 Home*Signed by Thierry Henry USA: 2008/2009 Home*Signed by all FC Dallas US players that have been caped and Brian McBride/Away USA: 2008/2009 Away: 17 Cooper USA: 2010/2011 Home/Away England: 2004/2006 Away Germany: 2010/2011 Home Netherlands: 2010/2011 Home Baseball Texas Rangers: 1995-1999 Home/Away Houston Astros: 1994-1999 Home Boston Red Sox: 2009-Today Red Alt. Football: Dallas Cowboys: Aikman Home Dallas Cowboys: Romo Home Basketball: Dallas Mavericks: Away/3rd Nowitzki Dallas Mavericks: 3rd Stackhouse
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