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  1. Lmaooooo. That’s all the Eagles got for him? They’re only getting that return and paying Wentz nearly 34 mil for him to NOT be on the Eagles? (although I can’t laugh too hard considering the Cowboys have yet to resign the best QB from that draft and have a real possibility of losing him to Free Agency next offseason).
  2. Why is the MLS, as a whole, really pushing this BFBS bs? It seems like every team that had black as it’s secondary color, has promoted it to its primary color. It’s a shame too because that crest is really lovely and would look amazing on a blue shirt.
  3. Completely agreed. I think for me personally, I just have such an itch to buy another kit because like you, I only have the inaugural season’s kits (I did buy the away too), that I’m willing to overlook it. I haven’t liked our last two kits at all. Respect on being part of one of the OG supporters and part of the 3252! I have never had more fun attending a sporting event than I did going to a LAFC game. Best sports experience of my life. The singing and dancing while cheering on our team was incredible. I want to attend a Sounders, Timbers and ATL United match to see how they compare. You didn’t buy one of the original kits? I thought our inaugural home kit was incredible. Especially the small pattern that was only noticeable up close. I can see what you mean though. I’m just such a jersey nut for my teams, that I have at least one (or two) jerseys.
  4. Which one? The white and gold from the first season? Personally, I hated their last clash uniform. The white and silver. I feel similarly. I really dislike the cuffs. It would very tacky anywhere outside of a match. But I love that color.
  5. Despite the cuffs having Los Angeles on it, I actually really love this kit. It’s very clean and sharp. It’s great choice for our clash. I get why the cuffs are a deal breaker though. If the kit was any other color, they would be for me too. I think this will definitely be popular among our fans. This will be the first kit I’ll have bought since our inaugural uniforms.
  6. The yellows are not the same, they’re not even close my dude. You can tell not just by the color splotches you posted, but basically watch any highlight video or photos from any Rams’ game this season when compared to the last few years. I will say, if you’re having difficulty spotting the difference, it’s not necessarily your fault. I don’t know your age or gender, but I do know that men in general have more difficulty seeing more shades of color than woman and that it worsens as you age. Don’t know if that applies to you, but thought it could be useful. If you can find it, the RGB number values will show that there is a significant difference between the yellows.
  7. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think teams do account for this in their color schemes? I thought I have seen color scheme sheets (I don’t know what they’re officially called) where they’ll have their main colors and then slight variations for those colors depending on the application. Like the Cowboys shade of silver they use for the helmets is what they officially declare to be one of their two main colors, but they actually use two different silvers for their jerseys and pants.
  8. That’s your takeaway from this game? Mahomes is a great QB, not a serviceable one. He’s the best in our game currently. He made some absolutely ridiculous throws tonight that no QB in the league could even attempt let alone make. One of them would have been a top 5 throw of all-time and on highlight reels till the end of time had the receiver caught it (it hit him squarely in the face mask while in the endzone). All tonight proved is that no QB, no matter their talent level, can survive with a porous offensive line giving up pressures on more than half his drop backs. No one. The real story of the game was that KC allowed the most pressures in Super Bowl history and TB allowed the fewest. We give far too much credit to QB’s for wins and blame them far too much for losses IMO. If that stat was reversed, we’d be talking about how great Mahomes is and how old Brady looked. OnWis was right earlier when he said the game was over early in the game because of KC’s o-line.
  9. Congratulations to all of the Buccaneers fans here!
  10. Let’s not pretend like the Chiefs haven’t done their fair share of that too. And Hill has been doing that piece sign to defenders for years.
  11. That’s going to be a helluva trivia answer in a decade. “Who was the last QB to defeat Brady in a Super Bowl?”
  12. That was an unbelievable throw. Holy crap Mahomes.
  13. If Tampa scores a TD here, it might be over.
  14. The only questionable calls IMO was the DPI against Mathieu and the unsportsmanlike against him right after the TD (should have called Brady for that too if you’re gonna call that at all). I get why they called something in the endzone, he did push Evans off his route 10+ yards past the LOS, but DPI wasn’t the right call. But nothing has been egregious.
  15. I don’t disagree. They are shooting themselves in the foot. They are in trouble. I just don’t agree with saying the game is over already. Agreed there, but you still can’t count them out until it’s actually over. They’re 25-2 in their last 27 games for a reason.