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  1. It’s only fitting that if LAFC wants to win the Cup, they have to start their run by beating the only team who has had their number. For the record, I wanted literally anybody else lol.
  2. I just have four. 2007 Divisional Round loss to the Giants 2014 & 2016 Divisional Round losses to the Packers. And I think the worst one of them all, the USMNT loss to T&T in 2017 to eliminate the US from the World Cup. That last loss changed me forever. I no longer get too happy or too down depending on if my team wins or loses.
  3. Will never happen. The Clippers are more suburban than anything. EDIT: And the Lakers get to be both because that’s just how it is. Los Angeles is a Lakers and Dodgers town. Always will be. There is enough space for the Clippers to thrive, but they’ll never surpass the Lakers in any part of the city and surrounding county in terms of support.
  4. Those new city uniforms are trash. Looks like those early 2000's fashion jerseys. I don't know if you've ever played outdoor basketball, but the dudes who try look cool and think they're tough, good ball players, wear this kind of jersey. (Side tangent, anytime you play basketball and see someone wearing an actual jersey of any kind, they are usually the worst players on the court). So that's the image I get when I see that new Clippers uniform. Amateurs trying to look tough and intimidating.
  5. Same. Kinda done with the whole federation, to be honest. We took "a year" to just hire the COO's brother, who has shown to be woefully unfit to be the National Team's Manager. Unless if something drastically changes between now and the beginning of WC Qualifying next September, the US is in real danger of failing to qualify again.
  6. Literally came here to comment that exact phrase lol. Can’t wait until he retires. He’s just been so dominant over the Cowboys.
  7. We actually haven’t lol. We’ve only beaten the Packers twice in the last 12 years. And only once this decade.
  8. Vela has the record! He scored two amazing goals in the first half and LAFC is 45 minutes away from clinching the all-time points record. I know the Cup is the ultimate goal, but this has been an incredible, special season.
  9. It’s not a big issue in the league, but can someone explain to me what is the point of an illegal shift penalty? What purpose does calling that penalty serve?
  10. Yep. The Patriots would show one look, then at the 15 second mark, completely change it (to a bizarre formation mind you) and basically ask Goff to figure it out. Talented defenses will start to do this more and more often. Until Goff shows he can handle it. EDIT: and I need to remind people that I am a Rams fan. They’re my second favorite team. So I’m not saying this with an anti-Rams bias.
  11. Wentz is healthy (relatively) this season, and outplaying Goff. I don’t think there’s a single team outside of LA who would take Goff over Wentz. Dak has been doing this since we got Cooper. You should pay attention. Goff hasn’t been good for a while now. He wasn’t good in the postseason, wasn’t good towards the end of the season last year, and has gotten off to a terrible start this season. He’s a legitimate concern for them going forward. He isn’t seeing the field well at all. And please don’t make me defend an Eagles QB again. I feel gross.
  12. Jared Goff is an average QB. Dak and Wentz are both far better QB’s.
  13. Magic number for the supporter's shield is now 3. Now please, can LAFC start to play well like it's the summer again heading into the postseason? We're very beatable right now, especially in a winner-takes-all game.