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  1. hush you. Fine. *Athletic Gold haha
  2. ROYAL BLUE AND GOLD! Best news all week.
  3. Nice way to start the season! Good, solid win. I’ll take it.
  4. If LAFC just used a traditional gold adidas striping , this would be a top notch kit. I absolutely love the new league number font. It’s looks great in black and gold. It’s a shame the new template ruins it. I think it’s one of the best in the league with those using the new template, but that’s not exactly glowing praise.
  5. This template is terrible. There’s not a single kit that wouldn’t be improved if Adidas just used their traditional striping. At least LAFC’s kit striping is black on black, so it somewhat hides the hideousness. I can’t wait until the MLS eventually allows individual teams to pick their own manufacturer for their kits.
  6. Man, not going to lie, watching Shaq being honest broke my heart. I applaud all 5 men there being vulnerable and showing emotion together.
  7. The Clippers-Lakers game on Tuesday has been postponed. This was a good decision by the league. Both teams don’t have another game until later this week.
  8. Trae wore #8 for the entire first half. And I imagine non-Laker teams would wear a patch (or wear the black stripe for both Stern and Kobe), if they choose to honor him league wide.
  9. Agreed that’s what Kobe would have wanted, but seeing how players and coaches alike are reacting? They should have cancelled them. Doc Rivers’ interview was heartbreaking.
  10. They should have cancelled the games today.
  11. It’s being reported that his daughter, Gigi (aka the basketball loving daughter) was onboard. Please don’t let that be true. What the f***...
  12. I’m utterly heartbroken. Kobe was my all-time favorite player of any sport. I’m in shock and choked up. Really feels like a family member has died.
  13. Most definitely. These Niners are so, so good. Wish the Seahawks had made it to this game instead of the Packers. Would have been a game at least. Just glad I don’t have to root for them anymore. Go Chiefs!
  14. Not exactly true. They were 8-1 in one score games, had the worst point differential of any of the teams who earned a first round bye (actually, they have the worst PD of any team who received a bye in the last 5 years). This was an overachieving team.