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  1. Well, for the most part, he is haha. I’m no Joe Buck fan personally and I think he’s an overrated play-by-play, but I don’t find him to be very biased, for or against any team.
  2. That’s just a personal bias, my friend. Joe Buck is a fair, professional announcer. Go to any team’s message boards, and you’ll find fans who are convinced the announcers are biased against their team.
  3. Lmao. Every fan thinks the announcers are against their team. Aikman certainly might have a soft spot for the Cowboys, but there’s no way Joe Buck would.
  4. What the hell, Vikings. You’re supposed to beat the Cowboys. Improve our draft position. Not allow Andy freakin’ Dalton to drive down the field and score a game winning touchdown in the final minutes. And because of this stupid division, the Cowboys are only a half-game out of first now. Smdh. The one time I want the Eagles to win the division, Carson Wentz decides to play like the league’s worst QB and ruin that too. Watch the Cowboys win this division, then get blown out by Tampa in the wild-card round and pick 18th in the draft.