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  1. Durant is insane. What an absurd performance. I don’t like the dude, but man you cannot deny how unbelievably great of a basketball player he is. Going 49-17-10 on 70% shooting is effing insane.
  2. I don’t know if I’m alone with this opinion, but I think that retiring numbers in the NFL is dumb. Mostly because of the size of NFL rosters and the limited numbers allocated to specific player units. I mean, wasn’t that one of the reasons cited by the NFL for the new number change, that the Chiefs literally ran out of available numbers for certain position groups? I think it would be cool to see football numbers turn into something similar to soccer’s numbering system. For example, the No. 10 is a legacy number reserved for a team’s best attacking player, or the No. 9 is usually worn by the teams best striker. Same with No. 1 for keeper, 6 and 8 for midfielders. I have no issue with basketball, baseball and hockey having retired numbers. Their rosters aren’t even half the size of NFL active rosters, let alone their full roster. It’ll be decades before it’s an issue in those sports.
  3. That was over a decade ago man lmao. Let it go lol. I don't judge a person based off of a few mistakes when they were in their early 20's (assuming the mistake wasn't egregious or otherwise greatly harmed themselves/another human). This... just didn't happen lmao. Or at least it's greatly overexaggerated. He only changed it to defer to AD, otherwise he would never have done so. As for the latter, so is nearly every other professional athlete on this planet.
  4. That part isn't relevant to what I said. AD keeping the number 3 is certainly a new development, but that's tucked away in the article and the article itself is even titled in the url "los angeles lakers lebron james plans to change jersey number..." which has been relatively common knowledge for a few years now. He didn't announce anything. He didn't push anything yet. This "leak" came from a reporter. That's entirely subjective and based on your opinion of him. He tweets things, and posts things, like every other modern athlete does except he's the most famous of them all so his words carry more notoriety than your average professional athlete.
  5. Dear god, I hope that leak is real. The logo itself is fine, nothing too special, but it's such a massive, substantial, enormous upgrade over the crayola flag that it doesn't matter. Please let it be real. Lmao.
  6. He wanted to change his number two seasons ago after the Lakers traded for AD in order to a.) let AD have his number and b.) to show deference to AD in that the Lakers were going to be AD's team, not his. This is old news. Not too big on people trying to make LeBron into something he's not. He gets more attention than anyone in the NBA because he's LeBron James. He just has to speak, and 1000-word articles will be written about it. Not because he "goes out of his way to get attention".
  7. You know he was enjoying every second of that. Especially as the classy El Tri fans were showering them with beer and trash EDIT: Is this not the sickest picture of USMNT history? I might make this my profile pic.
  8. That was the best US-MEX game in years. Excellent fight from the young USMNT. There's so much potential in this roster, but the defending still needs a lot of work. Tim Ream and Kellen Acosta should never see playing time for USMNT again. They're just not good enough. Berhalter needs to stop demanding we play from the back in that 3-4-3 formation. We just don't have the players on our back line that can make those passes consistently. In WCQ, I hope to god we start putting our best players in their best positions, moreso defensively. Like Ream and Acosta shouldn't be playing when Adams, Dest and Munsah/Weah are available. Hopefully Berhalter can get the most out of this team, because talent wise the USMNT will be there close to, or equal to, to the footballing giants by 2026.
  9. It definitely sucks, but to expect anything more considering the injuries that have plagued this team and after having essentially no offseason was a bit unrealistic. Lakers just need to recover, rest up this offseason and come back ready for next season. We should be strong title favorites next year once we're fully healthy.
  10. And I’m positive every team and fan base in the world would take that trade for a title. Can’t complain too much tho, I’ve seen the Lakers win 6 titles. Very fortunate and grateful especially considering my other main teams (the Cowboys and LAFC) are perennial playoff chokers lmao.
  11. I’m sorry boys, I’ll take the blame for the two Lakers losses. I wasn’t able watch those games. The losses are totally on me. On a more serious note, it sucks that the NBA got as greedy as they did, and pushed a 72 game season in 4 months of play. We’ve seen too many significant injuries to the league’s star players. Every team that had a deep playoff run in the bubble has been eliminated or close to it, sustained season altering injuries to star players and finished far lower in the standings than the year before. Whereas the teams who are title favorites this season, all were either bounced early in the playoffs last year or didn’t even make it at all. From a Lakers fan standpoint, it sucks the Lakers weren’t able to really have a legitimate chance to defend their title because of something out of their control. But even that statement reeks of privilege lmao. Can’t complain too much if that’s the price the Lakers must pay for winning a title last year.
  12. I would have lost it if Pulisic got that chip in. Selfishly, I wish he started but can’t argue with him being a sub considering the result Chelsea got. Hopefully he starts and plays more next season.
  13. That can't be completely true. LAFC has Target as a sleeve sponsor, and it's in gold. EDIT: Maybe it's a stipulation because MUNFC has Target as their primary shirt sponsor?
  14. What poor sportsmanship from the Suns at the end. Booker's push on Schroder was unbelievably dirty. Not going to lie, this was a lousy game lmao. No one on either team could buy a bucket, super sloppy from both teams and the officials decided they wanted to be apart of the game with an absurd amount of ticky-tack fouls on both teams. Hopefully, Game 4 will be better. It's basically a must-win for the Suns. They lose that game, and the series is over.
  15. Sorry to double post, but lmaooooooooooooo. The Clippers really ducked the Lakers, tanked the last two games against the league’s worst two teams, only to find themselves down 2-0 at home against the Mavs. They would have dog-walked the Blazers. Would have been an easy sweep. But Clippers gonna clip. This is absolutely hilarious. They now gotta somehow slow down Luka and beat him 4 times out of the next 5 games. Good luck.
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