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  1. Crazy that it’s been a whole decade since the last time the Lakers clinched the #1 seed. I remember 2010 so vividly but that was ten years ago. But it also continues a strange statistic. For the past four decades, a season that bookends a decade and begins a new decade (2019-2020 as an example) the Lakers have been the number 1 seed in the West. You have to go back to the 1969-1970 season for the last time this didn’t happen (they were 2nd). Definitely an odd one.
  2. Something about knockout games that just doesn’t mesh well with LAFC. Like oil and water. oh well. GG’s Orlando.
  3. I’ll echo what the general consensus has been: see what happens and how you feel once Seattle begins playing. Any option you choose is okay. As for my own experience with something like this, like many others, I typically only root for my hometown teams. Being born and raised in Los Angeles, that obviously means I support LA teams. But when the Rams moved back to LA, they immediately became my second favorite team despite not liking them before and the fact they’re an old rival of my favorite team (the Cowboys). However, for me personally, my loyalty to the Cowboys is just too strong for me to give up, so they’re still my team despite having a hometown team for the first time in my lifetime. The only other situation that’s similar to yours is when LAFC was announced. I had been wanting to get into MLS for a while, and while we already had the Galaxy, I was eager for a fresh start and a new team to support from their beginning (especially after seeing the amazing support teams like Portland, Seattle and ATL United had; I wanted something like that and the Galaxy did not, and still does not, have that level of support). I passively rooted for the Galaxy before LAFC became a team, but as soon as they were announced and I saw their crest/colors I immediately decided to support them and drop any fandom I had for the Galaxy.
  4. Love the return to the traditional colors, but these are really boring. Objectively, they’re not bad uniforms at all, but they’re painfully generic. I wish they kept the old uniforms, but just changed volt to yellow. I don’t know if it’s an unpopular opinion, but I loved the volt set (minus the volt).
  5. LAFC are beating the crap out of the Galaxy. Love to see it. EDIT: 4 goals for Rossi. Jesus man. What a performance.
  6. I honestly forgot too. He missed the start of the season so seeing him in the starting lineup caused me to do a double take.
  7. Say no to any singular nicknames. They’re mostly terrible in the NBA, NHL and MLS. Personally, I love the Redtails as the main option. IMO, it’s best option and most unique. I would hate that the main historic rival of my favorite team would have an amazing name and team colors, but to have an identity like that in pro sports would be awesome.
  8. As much as I miss sports, maybe we shouldn’t be having any sporting events in the US given how poorly we’ve reacted to the pandemic as a country. And I say this as a fan of two teams who are among the favorites to win the championship in their given sports (Lakers and LAFC). Just doesn’t seem worth it to me.
  9. Can’t believe the Cowboys were able to pick CeeDee Lamb. The offense is going to be ridiculous next year with what is probably the best skill group in the league with Zeke, Cooper, Gallup and Ceedee. Under Garrett leadership, there’s no way the Cowboys make that pick.
  10. Normally I can’t stand oversized logos on the helmets, but I actually love it here. I don’t even mind the chrome facemask (tho black would be better). The helmet looks really sharp. The set as a whole isn’t the worst in the league and it can be relatively decent if they avoid all-black monochrome as much as possible. B/W/B for the home uniform would look sharp. Or with red socks.
  11. But it’s just not dude. It’s not anywhere close to LA and NYC in terms of being socially relevant and recognizable. C’mon man. Don’t let your bias get in the way of that fact. For better or worse, LA and NYC are America’s two most famous cities along with their abbreviations. I’d bet a lot of money that if you take a survey of people across the nation more people would know what LA and NYC stands for than they would know what ATL stands for. And again, people use LA to refer to Los Angeles more than they use the full name itself! Atlanta has only become a cultural hub within the last decade or so, whereas NYC and LA have already been that for decades and centuries (in New York’s case). I’d argue that ATL is more widely used in my generation (millennial) and the generation below. The older generations likely have no clue what it means, but they would know what LA and NYC stand for.
  12. That seems to be in direct contradiction to what you said right here: Which is what I was quoting and directly referring to. If the debate is about ATL on the Falcons uniform then here’s my opinion. I think “ATL” looks incredibly stupid on the Falcons uniform, but that’s only because I hate all wordmarks on NFL uniforms. It looks unprofessional. Incidentally, I really like ATL on the Hawks’ uniform though.
  13. Hmm, honestly speaking, do you actually think that’s the case? Or perhaps a little bit of bias? You can make a convincing argument that Los Angeles is the only major city in the country whose abbreviation is more synonymous with the city, and used more often than the full name is itself. I don’t think that, save outside of Atlanta and the South, “ATL” comes even close to cultural impact that “LA” has in the US and abroad. I’ve only heard ATL being used more prominently in just the last 10 years or so personally, (which means nothing just noting my own observations as an outsider and as someone who lives in LA). For the record, I don’t doubt how wide spread ATL is used in that community and throughout that part of the US. If it’s an abbreviation that is beloved in that community, then by all means use it, but to say that it’s near LA in terms of cultural impact/use is a tremendous stretch IMO.
  14. I miss sports in the sense that I miss having something to casually watch on TV whenever I had the time, which admittedly was rare. Sports are no longer as important in my life as they once were when I was younger, so not having sports to watch hasn’t really affected me too much. However, this answer might change slightly when the NFL starts postponing/canceling games. The Cowboys are the only team that I make an effort to watch consistently. I miss playing sports tremendously though. I’m part of a large group of people/friends who played basketball almost everyday. Not having that has been way more difficult than I anticipated.