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  1. Really impressed that the US won this game. They were going up against an experienced and talented Mexican squad who had a mix of veteran first-team starters (from Europe no less) and younger backups (they were only missing a few of their normal starters) and still beat them with a young squad full of backups and players who won’t even make the WCQ roster. Really shows the depth we have in our pool now. The US is about to have the problem of having too many quality players to choose from. Crazy how much has changed since 2017.
  2. Root for whomever you like, for whatever reason you like. I personally could never, but I always root for former great/significant players that used to play for me team. So I understand that yearning. But I'll always stick with me teams, even if they trade away or release my favorite players. (For example: I will still root for KCP, Kuz and the other baby Lakers; have continued to root for Dez, and back in the day, D-Ware, Emmitt Smith when he went to the Cardinals; just to cite a few examples).
  3. I'm not sure how to feel about this. I don't know if this will work out at all, but as DG pointed out, I like him a lot as a third option. Still don't think it was a great fit, but to be fair, I didn't think the 2020 Lakers were an amazing fit, but they won a championship lol. I will say that I'm definitely getting a Westbrook Lakers jersey. 1000%. He's a local kid, grew up literally a mile or two from me in the same LA neighborhood, during the same time period (he used to play against my high school lmao), went to UCLA and I loved him there, and have always been a big fan of Russ. I don't know if this will work out at all, but he's playing for his hometown team (and favorite team) and I'm excited for it. Would have been cool to see Kobe's reaction to this. He was one of Kobe's favorite, and most respected, players in the current NBA
  4. Totally get that. I know I'm a Lakers fan, but my other favorite teams in other sports have been utterly useless and heartbreaking my whole life lol. It's only with the Lakers have I experienced success (and the LA Kings too, but they've been really bad the last few years, back to how they've normally been their whole history). You need a superstar to be serious contender, or catch lightning in a bottle with ascending stars (like Phoenix just did with Booker). Luckily, y'all have a player who could actually be that in a few years. Like DG said, the Hornets have the best Ball brother and he has some serious potential.
  5. I think it's awesome that another "small" market team has won a title. 2nd in the last 3 seasons, but let's not get too carried away with hoping this can be a trend going forward. The Bucks definitely earned this title, deserve praise for identifying the talent in Giannis, sticking with him and helping develop him into the generational talent he is, but what they have done is extremely rare. I can't emphasize that enough. They found and developed an all-time top 10 player. A true generational talent (and we throw out that term far too often IMO).
  6. Giannis, man. He actually did it. Brought a title to Milwaukee when everyone made fun of him for it. What a performance by Giannis. That was the best closeout championship performance I've ever seen, offensively and defensively. He's gonna be a top 10 player all-time, no doubt. It's hard not to love him, even as someone who doesn't root for the Bucks at all. Congratulations to all the Bucks fans here. Y'all have one helluva player. *And thank you for beating the Suns.
  7. I don’t really care if the US wins the Gold Cup especially since this isn’t anything near our best team, BUT I was bored and had an opportunity to watch tonight’s game so I did. A couple of players really stood out to me. Dike has a real opportunity to become the USMNT’s number 9. He needs some more technical development, but man all that dude does is just score goals. He puts away his chances and that’s what the US needs from a number 9 badly especially with the world class attacking talent our roster has. Hopefully, he transfers to a European team in a top 5 league to help further his development. Busio is special. Straight up. I thought he was the US’s best player tonight by far. He’s honestly too good to be on this version of the roster. He deserves to be apart of the USMNT’s first team selection going forward and I imagine he will be. He’s yet another young and excellent US attacking player. I know he’s being linked to multiple European clubs so it’s only a matter of time before he transfers overseas. Pretty soon, the US will have the glorious problem of having too many elite, borderline world class or world class attacking talent to choose from. I did not think I’d be saying something like that so soon after the failed WCQ debacle in 2017.
  8. I've only seen highlights and clips on twitter, but it is absolutely hilarious to see the US players trying to draw fouls and flop as they would in the NBA only to get absolute silence from the FIBA officials. It's like they forgot how to play real basketball. The NBA could learn a thing or two from how FIBA officiates their games.
  9. For me, I felt like the CR set for the Giants, and the prior LT/Simms set the color rush is replicating, was the definition of a generic football uniform. Literally a basic red, white and blue uniform with a simple GIANTS wordmark across the helmet. I know that's ironic considering their current set is consisting of just a plain blue jersey with white numbering, and a white jersey with red numbering, but with that being paired with the fantastic helmet, logo and the pant combos makes for, IMHO, a quintessential football uniform. It also helps that the current set is essentially a uniform the Giants wore for years prior to the 70's, giving it that old-timey, yesteryear look shared with the other old NFL franchises. And again, I absolutely love the blue dominant at home, with the contrasting red dominant on the road look.
  10. Out of curiosity, do you know what do the Scandinavian countries do with their football leagues? Their winter's are just as harsh as our winter's here in the northern US. EDIT: Just looked it up and they also follow the spring to fall schedule that we do here. Interesting, I had no idea.
  11. This is another reason why I wish the MLS would move to the fall-spring schedule that the rest of the footballing world operates on. I hate that is something MLS teams have to contend with. I understand why they don't (winter weather, not directly competing with the other big leagues in the US/Canada (namely the NFL)), but I hope as the league continues to grow and improve, that will change. On a unrelated note, can I point out how weird it is that LAFC has gone from a high-scoring, offensive juggernaut with an average defense, to an average offensive team with one of the leagues better defenses? This season is the first one in our short history that we aren't one of the top two goal scoring teams in the league.
  12. The Cowboys need to standardized their blue and silver (ideally, to the blue and silver graphic oldschool posted above) so that their iconic white uniform actually looks cohesive. But the Giants do not belong in the same distinction as the Cowboys. Their uniform set is phenomenal. I know they're a rival, but I've long loved their blue at home and red on the road set. It's fantastic. Not every team needs to have matching home and away sets with just the colors reversed. The Giants are a perfect example of how that can work beautifully
  13. Giannis is unreal. Straight up unbelievable. What he did in these last two games is absolutely incredible. Back to back Finals games with 40 points and 10+ boards. Only Shaq has done it before. He’s showing everyone why he’s a top 5 player.
  14. Giannis needs more help from his teammates. He’s straight up dominating right now. Easily the best player on the floor, but Phoenix has a better team.
  15. I wish the Suns city uniforms said either Phoenix or Suns, but it’s the one city jersey I don’t mind a team wearing throughout the playoffs. It’s their best uniform by far. They should build a set around it. It’s gorgeous.
  16. Is he though? I know he's the best player to ever play for the Clippers, but has he done enough in two season to be the all-time best Clipper? But IMO, if Kawhi stays with the Clippers, he will be the all-time best Clipper. Kind of like LeBron is the best player to ever play for the Lakers, but he isn't the all-time best Laker.
  17. Kind of ironic/poetic justice that the Clippers' all-time best player (for now) was the one who prevented them from appearing in their first ever Finals.
  18. I kind of think we throw out the term superstar a bit too much. By definition there really can’t be more than a few superstars in any given year. IMO, the superstars in the league currently are (in no particular order) LeBron, AD, KD, Harden, Giannis, Kawhi, Luka, Steph, and Embiid. Then you have players like Kyrie, Dame, PG, Mitchell, Jokic, Murray, Butler (and etc.) who are star players capable of either playing like superstars or ascending to that superstar level in any given year. But Paul George has certainly been playing like a superstar in these playoffs. No doubt.
  19. Bucks just announced no structural damage for Giannis. He didn’t tear anything. Thank goodness. Hopefully he can return before the Hawks take the series
  20. I really, really hope Giannis is okay, but it’s very common for people to be able to walk despite tearing an ACL. Hopefully the MRI tomorrow doesn’t show anything bad.
  21. Bucks fear it’s a torn ACL for Giannis… Eff this season. This is on Silver and the owners for pushing so many games in such a short time. If this is indeed the end of the season for Giannis, that means there’s no superstars or top 10 players left in the playoffs. This might be unprecedented in the modern era. I honestly can’t remember a Finals that didn’t feature at least one superstar. Might have to go back to the 70’s for the last time this happened.
  22. Not Giannis… These playoffs, and season, really suck. I don’t mind new blood winning the title, but I hate this onslaught of devastating injuries.
  23. Gotta hand it to PG, Jackson and the Clippers. That was an impressive performance. They’re showing a level of fight that they never had with Doc at the helm.
  24. Can you just let me hate the team that will win the title this year in peace? Lmao. I wasn’t being entirely serious with my “Suns are the luckiest team” schtick. They’re are a really good team that would have likely made it to the WCF/Finals even if their opponents weren’t injured. They’ve been that good this season. And if it were my team that benefited from injured teams on their way to a title, I wouldn’t care whatsoever.
  25. Suns gotta be on one of the luckiest Finals runs I’ve ever seen. 3 straight teams ALL missing their superstars. If Kawhi is healthy, the Clippers win this in 5. If Murray didn’t tear his ACL, that series goes at least 7. If LeBron and AD were healthy, the Suns get bounced in 5. I hope they get rocked by the Bucks in the Finals.
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