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  1. Why throwbacks? Well there's the monetary rewards, obviously. They sell incredibly well, that's why the trend's lasted as long as it has. You can go on and on about not buying the fauxback Rangers alternate, but hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions, will buy one. Emotional reasons exist as well. Often by throwing back to an era of success teams can get a positive emotional response from fans. This ties in with the money, obviously. Also think of, for example (since I live in LA), people still walk around with Throwback Laker' Magic Johnson jerseys, and their obviously new, not the older jerseys from the 80's, but the people wear them because the team was at the height of its popularity during the Showtime Era, and those people love those old-school uniforms as well.
  2. 8-8 last week... Ouch. Week 4 Sunday New York Jets @ Buffalo Seattle @ St. Louis San Francisco @ Atlanta Detroit @ Green Bay Cincinnati @ Cleveland Denver @ Tennessee Carolina @ New Orleans Baltimore @ Pittsburgh Houston @ Oakland Indianapolis @ Jacksonville Washington @ Philadelphia Arizona @ San Diego Chicago @ New York Giants Monday New England @ Miami
  3. What the heck did Adidas do to the NBA... Utter, god-awful, disgusting-ness.
  4. Damn, they're really protecting the QB tonight... EDIT: Green Bay is making too many errors. Can't give Chicago chances like this.
  5. This next part is an example of how the relegation and promotion system works: AFC East: New England Patriots 12-4 New York Jets 10-6 Baltimore Ravens 8-8 North: Cincinnati Bengals 9-7 Pittsburgh Steelers 13-3 Indianapolis Colts 11-5 South: Houston Texans 11-5 Tennessee Titans 9-7 Miami Dolphins 8-8 West: San Diego Chargers 10-6 Denver Broncos 8-8 Oakland Raiders 7-9 NFC East: Philadelphia Eagles 11-5 New York Giants 9-7 Carolina Panthers 6-10 South: New Orleans Saints 12-4 Dallas Cowboys 12-4 Atlanta Falcons 11-5 North: Minnesota Vikings 10-6 Green Bay Packers 9-7 Chicago Bears 5-11 West: Arizona Cardinals 9-7 San Francisco 49ers 8-8 Seattle Seahawks 4-12 AFC PLAYOFF SEEDINGS (Four Divisional Winners guaranteed a spot, but seeding is based on purely record. Like normal, playoffs determine the Champion) 1. Steelers 2. Patriots 3. Colts 4. Texans 5. Chargers 6. Jets NFC PLAYOFF SEEDINGS 1. Saints 2. Cowboys 3. Falcons 4. Eagles 5. Vikings 6. Cardinals ____________________________________ NFL TEAMS THAT ARE RELEGATED: (Four teams from each Conference) AFC RELEGATED TEAMS: Raiders, Dolphins, Broncos, Ravens. NFC RELEGATED TEAMS: Seahawks, 49ers, Bears, Panthers. _____________________________ League 2 East: Buffalo Bills 10-6 Washington Redskins 13-3 Jacksonville Jaguars 11-5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7-9 Hamilton Tiger-Cats 8-8 Toronto Argonauts 4-12 Montreal Alouettes 13-3 Winnipeg Blue Bombers Florida Tuskers 9-7 Hartford Colonials 2-14 UFL Virginia 0-16 West: St. Louis Rams 11-5 Kansas City Chiefs 13-3 Detroit Lions 12-4 Cleveland Browns 8-8 Calgary Stampeders 9-7 BC Lions 7-9 Edmonton Eskimos 6-10 Saskatchewan Roughriders 8-8 Las Vegas Locomotives 9-7 Sacramento Mountain Lions 5-11 Omaha Nighthawks 3-13 (Top 6 teams in each conference advance to the playoffs.) EAST PLAYOFF SEEDINGS (Again, based on regular-season standings): 1. Washington Redskins 2. Montreal Aloulettes 3. Jacksonville Jaguars 4. Buffalo Bills 5. Florida Tuskers 6. Hamilton Tiger-Cats WEST PLAYOFF SEEDINGS 1. Kansas City Chiefs 2. Detroit Lions 3. St. Louis Rams 4. Calgary Stampeders 5. Las Vegas Locomotives 6. Cleveland Browns PLAYOFFS (Normal NFL Format. 1st Round: Jaguars 31, Tiger-Cats 27 Tuskers 24, Bills 21 Rams 34, Browns 13 Stampeders 35, Locomotives 32 OT 2nd Round: (all teams that made it to the 2nd round are promoted.) Alouettes 41, Jaguars 23 Redskins 38, Tuskers 30 Rams 31, Lions 30 Chiefs 21, Stampeders 9 Conference Championships (Each Conference Champion is guaranteed Promotion as well as the runner-up): Rams 23, Chiefs 20 Redskins 35, Alouettes 21 LEAGUE TWO TITLE GAME: Redskins 37, Rams 6 <--- (Both guaranteed promotion) LEAGUE TWO PROMOTED TEAMS: Redskins, Stampeders, Rams, Alouettes, Jaguars, Rams, Lions, Chiefs, Tuskers. New NFL Teams and where they are placed the following season. Italics denote promoted teams. AFC East: New England Patriots New York Jets Florida Tuskers North: Cincinnati Bengals Pittsburgh Steelers Indianapolis Colts South: Houston Texans Tennessee Titans Jacksonville Jaguars West: San Diego Chargers Kansas City Chiefs Calgary Stampeders NFC East: Philadelphia Eagles New York Giants Washington Redskins South: New Orleans Saints Dallas Cowboys Atlanta Falcons North: Minnesota Vikings Green Bay Packers Detroit Lions West: Arizona Cardinals St. Louis Rams Montreal Alouettes New League Two placement of teams: East: Miami Dolphins Chicago Bears Carolina Panthers Baltimore Ravens Buffalo Bills Tampa Bay Buccaneers Hamilton Tiger-Cats Toronto Argonauts Winnipeg Blue Bombers Hartford Colonials UFL Virginia West: Oakland Raiders Denver Broncos Seattle Seahawks San Francisco 49ers Cleveland Browns BC Lions Edmonton Eskimos Saskatchewan Roughriders Las Vegas Locomotives Sacramento Mountain Lions Omaha Nighthawks
  6. I was watching an English Premier League Game, and the thought came to me... what if the NFL combined with the CFL (Canadian) and the UFL to make two leagues with consistent promotion and relegation between the two. 32 NFL teams + 8 CFL teams + 6 UFL Teams = 46 "New" NFL teams. The 1st season would have the Main league "dubbed the NFL" have 24 teams (Everything based off of 2009 standings for the NFL. CFL and UFL teams automatically put in the 2nd League) AFC East: New England Patriots New York Jets Baltimore Ravens North: Cincinnati Bengals Pittsburgh Steelers Indianapolis Colts South: Houston Texans Tennessee Titans Miami Dolphins West: San Diego Chargers Denver Broncos Oakland Raiders NFC East: Philadelphia Eagles New York Giants Carolina Panthers South: New Orleans Saints Dallas Cowboys Atlanta Falcons North: Minnesota Vikings Green Bay Packers Chicago Bears West: Arizona Cardinals San Francisco 49ers Seattle Seahawks _____________________ 2nd League will be split into two 11-team conferences East: Buffalo Bills Washington Redskins Jacksonville Jaguars Tampa Bay Buccaneers Hamilton Tiger-Cats Toronto Argonauts Montreal Alouettes Winnipeg Blue Bombers Florida Tuskers Hartford Colonials UFL Virginia West: St. Louis Rams Kansas City Chiefs Detroit Lions Cleveland Browns Calgary Stampeders BC Lions Edmonton Eskimos Saskatchewan Roughriders Las Vegas Locomotives Sacramento Mountain Lions Omaha Nighthawks
  7. Don't look now, but the Cowboys made a solid Texans team look pretty bad. The game wasn't as close as the score indicates. Good win today for the Cowboys, might have saved our season.
  8. I didn't start this thread, Dilbert did, but I'm pretty sure anyone can join. You'll just be behind by two weeks, but as I said, I'm pretty sure you can post your picks for week 3 and beyond.
  9. 13-3, that was one of my best weeks since I began picking games three years ago. Hopefully I can keep it going Week 3 SUNDAY Tennessee @ New York Giants San Francisco @ Kansas City Dallas @ Houston Buffalo @ New England Atlanta @ New Orleans Cleveland @ Baltimore Detroit @ Minnesota Pittsburgh @ Tampa Bay Cincinnati @ Carolina Washington @ St. Louis Philadelphia @ Jacksonville Indianapolis @ Denver Oakland @ Arizona San Diego @ Seattle New York Jets @ Miami MONDAY Green Bay @ Chicago
  10. NFL: Patriots, Eagles, Steelers, Giants. NBA: Celtics, Suns, Jazz. Mostly the Celtics though, I hate them and the Patriots above all other teams. MLB: Red Sox. NHL: Red Wings. NCAA: Florida Gators, Ohio State. NASCAR: Tony Stewart.
  11. SUNDAY Baltimore at Cincinnati Chicago at Dallas Philadelphia at Detroit Arizona at Atlanta Kansas City at Cleveland Buffalo at Green Bay Pittsburgh at Tennessee Tampa Bay at Carolina Miami at Minnesota St. Louis at Oakland Seattle at Denver Houston at Washington New England at New York Jets Jacksonville at San Diego New York Giants at Indianapolis MONDAY New Orleans at San Francisco
  12. What, like the referee standing 5 yards from him? Read the bolded part again. Had Johnson not screwed around and kept the ball in his hand, this is a non-issue. Instead, he chose to celebrate early (with the ball well out of his hand and his back to the other words, he's yet to see the official's ruling), and he screwed his team out of a win. It actually looked like that as he was getting up, the ball came out inadvertently.
  13. Man... This ing sucks. The one time Choice decides he should have his first career fumble, is a fumble recovery for a touchdown. Way to go 'Boys... First impression, the Cowboys defense is extremely good at stopping the opposing offense from scoring. 3 straight plays at the 5, and the 'Skins still couldn't get past the 'Boys D. No offensive touchdowns for the day, against the Cowboys. That is some good news for my Cowboys... Here's the bad news... Our offensive play-calling sucks. Really bad actually. I mean, c'mon Garret! Two straight Wide Receiver Screens to Bryant?? Back-to-back?? This insanity doesn't stop here! He called a play that pitches the ball to Barber on a sweep... then another where the play calls for Felix pounding it up the middle? That, to me, makes no damn sense. Second impression, our offense lost the game. Not the D. Our D stopped them when we needed to, but our offense couldn't deliver. Romo played great, our running backs did the best they could, Austin had another good day, and most of our wideouts played well... But our o-line! Actually, just Barron. God. I hope he doesn't start, play another down for the Cowboys. He was getting beat all day, and he had that penalty to lose us this game... Right when I thought we stole it back. Disgusting. Who'd have thought, that our defense is elite, but our offense is mediocre at best... Gotta win these next two games. Don't wanna fall behind with the schedule that we have this year.
  14. Woah, 'Skins in gold pants, more like yellow actually. Should be interesting.
  15. Ouch! The Eagles' Weaver just got really hurt, or at least it looks like it. His knee looked like it bent backwards... Ouch. I'm die-hard Cowboys fan who hates the Eagles, but I never want to see that. I hope he's alright.
  16. Funny because, in the pros, teams get bent over by the refs, while in college, teams get bent over by the BCS. Either way, somebody's getting screwed over. Sadly, this so true...
  17. I freakin' can't wait for tomorrow. The end of non-stop baseball, and only baseball. Good riddance. Let's have a fun season this year, boys. GO COWBOYS!
  18. My top 5 are.... 1. DeMarcus Ware 2. Miles Austin (open for Miles and Miles...) 3. Kobe Bryant 4. Derek Fisher 5. Tashard "The Peoples" Choice/Felix Jones/Marion "The Barbarian" I couldn't decide between the Cowboys trio of running backs. Choice is my favorite because I think he's the most complete back the Cowboys have had since Emmitt, but it's hard not to love Felix or Marion, especially with the latter's running style. I just love it. Tony Romo/Gasol/Odom/Amoebi are all tied for 6th, and they almost made in the top 5.
  19. Very interesting article. Never knew about any of this.
  20. I'm still highly disappointed that we're not wearing our dark blue uniforms at all this year...
  21. Didn't know exactly where to put this info, but as I just saw it, thought it should be noted. But, what a great way to end the off-season, eh? Barnes getting arrested for domestic violence... Hopefully he can learn a thing or two from Artest on how to keep a level head, we'll need that this year in our run to a 3-peat. What are your guys' thoughts on this news? Here's where I found it:
  22. Yes they are required. In the unlikly event a visiting team comes to town with the wrong colored jersey that they were scheduled to wear, the home team must change to their opposite colored jersey. The visiting team would also be fined by the league. There is also a chance they play a road playoff game against a team who decides to wear white. That's a possibility. It would sure ruin the Dallas Cowboys dream of playing the Super Bowl in their home stadium haha. Dallas has ZERO probability making it to the Super Bowl, only due to the fact that no host has ever made it to the big game. 44 Super Bowls and that stat is at 100%. Now, I wouldn't say "ZERO" percent chance like you did. There is really only one team I think could beat the Cowboys out-right no matter what we really do to them, and thats the Vikings. I like our chances against the Saints, Packers, Falcons, Niners and any other NFC team you think is going to make the playoffs. AND records like that are meant to be broken. If not my 'Boys this year, then the Colts will surely have a shot since the Super Bowl will be at their own stadium next year.
  23. Sweet baby Jesus! That's awful... Just plain awful
  24. Just remembered, another local team here uses pretty much the Philadelphia Eagles unique wings on the helmet, but just re-colored Plus there is this sight showing a bunch of local high football teams helmets. Take a look for yourself: EDIT: I actually think some of these look good, but do you think they've had to get permission to use them? As some of them are just re-colorings of actual logos...
  25. The only problem I have with these concepts is that they pretty much look like a re-coloring of original logos/uniforms. That's probably they are. Keep trying though, hopefully you'll get better