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  1. I have zero sympathy for the Packers when it comes to calls made by the officials going against them in the playoffs. Zero. They, along with the Steelers, are often main beneficiaries of the official’s calls when compared to the rest of the league.
  2. This is astonishing. Brady is really about to go to his 10th Super Bowl. A home Super Bowl no less. That man really is the GOAT. Congratulations to all of the Buccaneers fans here!
  3. Lmaoo. That alone would make the graphic infinitely better.
  4. While I believe that Fletcher is a Hall of Fame LB and should get in at some point, that graphic is so misleading. It’s made to seem like Fletcher was nearly as good as Ray Lewis which is just flat out false. Because of injuries, Lewis played nearly two full seasons less than Fletcher but despite that he has 20 more tackles, the same amount of forced fumbles, 8 more INT’s and basically 3 more sacks. Again, in two seasons less than Fletcher. Don’t get me wrong, it’s damn impressive that Fletcher played in every single game in every season in his career and put up the numbers he did. That’s what makes him a HOF LB in my opinion. But Lewis was a better LB and it’s not close.
  5. Just realized that the Buccaneers are one win away from being the first team to play a Super Bowl in their own stadium. And the NFC is the home team too. Pretty wild.
  6. They kind of look like the kickers’ balls. I know every team and QB takes the footballs given to them by the NFL, and scuff them up to the preference of their QB. Maybe Brady just likes his balls dirty (what a sentence).
  7. How the hell did the Saints get the 2 seed and finish 12-4? Brees can’t throw the ball with any velocity past 5-10 yards.
  8. Agreed. But the NFL doesn’t actually care about player safety. Just care about the appearance that they do. That concussion was honestly one the scarier ones I’ve ever seen in the NFL, purely because it seemed like he suffered it with minimal contact, especially to his head.
  9. Damn, gutted for Cleveland. They should have had it. Great game. KC better hope Mahomes is a go for next week though. Buffalo is good enough to beat them with Mahomes but without him, they should be favored.
  10. Ughh, I hate Aaron Rodgers. And the Packers. Go Bucs.
  11. The Rams’ yellow is too green. That’s one of my main gripes. It’s been bothering me for years. Even with the previous set and the throwback they made their primary uniform. Seeing it against the Packers’ athletic gold, there’s a clear difference in the two shades and the Packers athletic gold looks far, far better.
  12. For some reason, I immediately assume that whenever someone talks like this about sports, they know absolutely nothing about whatever sport they’re talking about. Listen, I hated those Warriors teams as much as any good, decent person should, but he still won two championships. Doesn’t matter how cowardly it was, it still counts. And the Nets ain’t winning it this year.
  13. Can we also note how awesome it was that the Browns did this while looking like the Browns instead wearing those clown suits they had been wearing the last few years?
  14. So happy for the Browns fans here. Y’all deserve this, more so than any other fan base in the league. Especially over the hated Steelers? That’s who you beat to win your first playoff game in 26 years? Icing on the cake.
  15. This is the greatest game I’ve ever seen.
  16. Lmaooooo. What a start for Cleveland. I want the Browns to win this so badly.
  17. The Saints are massively overrated. Hopefully the third time is the charm for Tampa.
  18. The Cowboys have been doing that way longer than 2000. They’ve had mismatched Home/Aways since the 80’s (royal blue and silver green at home, navy blue and silver on the road). Basically 35-40 years of wearing this mess lmao. Just an FYI.
  19. Am I the only one that actually didn’t mind the look for the Rams today? Obviously, I despise the bone uniforms, and generally do not like this set at all, but I thought today was the best the Rams have looked while wearing that horrendous color.
  20. To be fair, that Eagles team was really, really good. They convinced everyone that Wentz was an elite, franchise QB.
  21. Hurts is really good. I hate that the Eagles got him, but damn he’s good. He should be their starter going forward. I don’t see how Wentz takes another snap for the Eagles barring any injury to Hurts.
  22. It’s going to replay in my head for a long while. It was right there for us. I keep thinking about Vela’s open goal shot attempt that was blocked. Which loss do you is more heart-wrenching to you: losing the Final to Tigres or losing to Seattle last year in the West Final? I’m leaning towards last night, but I don’t know if that’s just because it literally just happened.
  23. Subbing out Cifuentes changed the game. We were dominating the midfield especially for the 20 minutes prior to Rossi’s goal, but once Ginella went on for Cifuentes, Tigres took over and our defense collapsed. Shame too. They were playing unbelievably well for the first 60 minutes. Far better than I’ve ever seen our defense play. Ugh.
  24. We’re finally in the Final of something! Finally aren’t knockout-playoff chokers for at least one tournament. If we beat Tigres I’m going to lose my ****. What a performance tonight.
  25. Well, for the most part, he is haha. I’m no Joe Buck fan personally and I think he’s an overrated play-by-play, but I don’t find him to be very biased, for or against any team.