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  1. That’s just a personal bias, my friend. Joe Buck is a fair, professional announcer. Go to any team’s message boards, and you’ll find fans who are convinced the announcers are biased against their team.
  2. Lmao. Every fan thinks the announcers are against their team. Aikman certainly might have a soft spot for the Cowboys, but there’s no way Joe Buck would.
  3. What the hell, Vikings. You’re supposed to beat the Cowboys. Improve our draft position. Not allow Andy freakin’ Dalton to drive down the field and score a game winning touchdown in the final minutes. And because of this stupid division, the Cowboys are only a half-game out of first now. Smdh. The one time I want the Eagles to win the division, Carson Wentz decides to play like the league’s worst QB and ruin that too. Watch the Cowboys win this division, then get blown out by Tampa in the wild-card round and pick 18th in the draft.
  4. I know I hardly ever comment on hockey stuff (still a Kings fan, and still watch their games), but the Kings should really embrace purple and gold as their colors again. I know they won’t since they won their cups in black and silver, but they could literally own the color purple in hockey and it would be incredible.
  5. Please god no. Lmao. I don’t want the Cowboys to win another game this season.
  6. I’m sorry, but how in the world do people still believe that Carson Wentz is a better QB than Dak? Especially when it’s based off of 10 games he played 3.5 years ago? I don’t understand it. This Cowboys defense is trash. The worst in the NFL. Basically, we’re the bounce back defense (meaning if your QB has been struggling, play Dallas and he’ll have his confidence back) and Wentz is still struggling.
  7. Is.. is Dak the league’s MVP? I’m only joking, (Russell Wilson is the MVP) but with Dak the Cowboys were averaging 33 ppg and without him, they’re averaging.. 6 Same supporting cast. Same awful (and injured) o-line, yet they look worse than the Brandon Weeden-led Cowboys. One positive, if you can call it that, is that with Dak out it’s exposed how straight trash the Cowboys actually are. The defense has minimal injuries when compared to the offense (only missing two starters, and a few back ups;) but their stars are playing and playing terribly. Special teams has been terrible again, and it’s clear that they have an elite offense with Dak, but he’s really covering up how poor the o-line has been for a few seasons now. I’m all for TankSZN now. Blow this up and rebuild. And sign Dak to any contract he wants. He’s clearly a far better QB than anyone thought.
  8. Dak Prescott just made a lot of money tonight. Maybe now Cowboys fans, Jerry and Stephen Jones (and rest of the NFL) will see how good Dak actually is. Pay that man, Jerry. The Cowboys will be lucky to win a non-divisional game the rest of the season. I knew they’d lose badly tonight, but it was worse than I thought.
  9. Don’t even know why I’m gonna bother watching tonight’s Cowboys game, they’re going to get blown out, yet I find myself planted in front of my tv waiting for it. Funny enough, even after the Cardinals wallop Dallas tonight, the Cowboys will still lead the division at 2-4 lmao.
  10. Completely agree. I never knew how good of an interview Jared Dudley was. That s*** was captivating. I’d love to listen to more of his stories/insights.
  11. I’m absolutely gutted for Dak Prescott. He was the sole reason why the Cowboys were competitive at all so far this season while having a career year. Again. Needless to say, what little chance the Cowboys had this season (which was minimal) is completely gone. The season is over. I couldn’t even fully enjoy the Lakers championship victory because of what happened to him. I swear if that was his last game as a Cowboy, I will turn in my Cowboys fandom and root for whatever team Dak goes to. He’s quickly become one of my all-time favorite players regardless of the sport. Already tied Romo for my all-time favorite football/Cowboys’ player. Pay Dak, Jerry. Make sure he’s a Cowboy for life.
  12. This might be the worst pro defense I’ve ever seen and one of worst coached teams I’ve seen from the Cowboys. Cowboys will be lucky to win 5 games this year.
  13. Tampa Bay Houston Kansas City Baltimore Atlanta New England LA Rams Buffalo Arizona Pittsburgh San Francisco Indianapolis Dallas Seattle New Orleans
  14. Agreed. I wish the Lakers would decide last minute to wear their classic gold uniforms, because they’re going to win the title on Friday.
  15. That was an excellent game. First game of the series that actually felt like the NBA Finals. LeBron was brilliant in the 2nd half as was Anthony Davis. Let’s close this thing out on Friday.
  16. With “anaheim” colors? How dare you, sir.
  17. Dak Prescott is going to throw for 6000 yards, 40 touchdowns and that offense will put up insane numbers, but the Cowboys will be 6-10 because the defense is going to give up damn near 600 points this season. I know Kris Richard’s defense last year was painfully predictable, but at least that defense could keep teams from putting up 35-40 points every game. And whoever decided to hire Mike Nolan, needs to be fired.
  18. We get it, dog. You don’t like LeBron or the Lakers. Lest you forget, everyone was picking against the Lakers this season. We kept hearing all season about how the Lakers were still a year away and outside of LeBron & AD, they didn’t have enough talent to make it far. That the Clippers, Bucks and (insert team here) had a better shot at the title than the Lakers. Let’s not change the narrative after the Lakers blitzed through the West and the teams that were suppose to be better than the Lakers failed to reach even the conference finals, let alone eliminate them. I don’t want to hear about how “did anybody really think the Lakers would lose,” after hearing all about how good the Clippers and Bucks are; how the Blazers are the best 8 seed in history; how the Rockets would shoot the Lakers out of the gym. Nahh man. None of that now. Just sit back, and enjoy watching the Lakers match the Celtics in titles.
  19. NY Jets Indianapolis Jacksonville Dallas New Orleans Arizona Houston Baltimore Seattle Tampa Bay LA Rams Kansas City Buffalo San Francisco Green Bay tentative: Tennessee
  20. I know, I remember when they introduced those back in ‘04. I’m just of the belief that in a championship round, teams should wear their best/most iconic uniforms, which are almost always their standard uniforms, and never wear alternates.
  21. As far as gradient numbers go, they’re actually pretty good, but I’ve never seen gradient numbers and thought to myself “these are superior to solid colored numbers.” The Rams uniforms would improve if they had yellow numbers instead of the gradient. No question. Not much of an improvement mind you, there’s only so much you could do to that uniform and make it better, but it’d be something.
  22. The Lakers should replace one of the white jersey games, and the purple jersey game with their gold uniforms. I do not understand why they’ll wear their best, and most iconic, uniform just twice.
  23. This feels like shades of 2013 for the Cowboys. Elite QB, with an elite offense, elite skill players, marred by a porous defense, poor special teams and poor coaching. Luckily the NFC East is the worst division in football, the Cowboys can win the division at 7-9/8-8 lmao.
  24. *Seafoam green glasses. I honestly don’t even remember the drive anymore, but one kept the Hawks on the field on a 3rd down after Lewis sacked Russ and the other was the PI against Carr in the end zone. They were just bad calls, but not egregious or game-changing.