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  1. Dak has the third most wins since he’s been in the league and only one of 3 QB’s to have 40 or more wins in that span, but that doesn’t mean he’s been the third best QB since 2016. Or do you believe Jimmy G is a better QB than Mahomes, Watson and Wentz because of qb winz? QB wins is one of the worst metrics to use when evaluating quarterbacks.
  2. Dak has been a top 5 QB this season... By every meaningful metric. He wasn’t the issue this season.
  3. We’re going to finish at 8-8 with a +100 point differential and will be sitting at home during the postseason. By every metric, and advanced statistic, the Cowboys are one of the better teams in the league except in the stat that matters the most. I’m so ready for a new coaching staff. This year has not been fun lol.
  4. I saw an Eagles’ writer joke that the price to keep Wentz healthy for a full season was that literally everyone else would be hurt.
  5. Dak looks like his shoulder is more hurt than he’s letting on. He’s not attempting to throw any passes beyond 10 yards. It’s a good thing they won’t win the division.
  6. C’mon man. The score dictated the carries Zeke had. Once Zeke got going (after starting going 9 carries for 10 yards), the Cowboys were down 17-6 in the 4th and pretty much had to throw. And Zeke took himself off, not the coaches. Kellen will probably be fired too. It’s pretty common when a new HC takes over to bring on his own guys. And all seriousness, the Cowboys need to keep Jon Kitna, Marc Colombo and Gary Brown. The position coaches for Dak, O-Line and RB’s. Kitna especially. He’s done wonders for Dak this season.
  7. Lol, fire everyone. Garrett should be fired before the players hit the showers.
  8. Everyone needs to go. I still want want to see a Kellen Moore offense without Garrett’s influence, and Colombo can stay, but everyone else needs to be fired.
  9. They should have been fired after the divisional round loss to the Rams last season, tbh.
  10. If the Cowboys can’t beat the Eagles, who are missing like 20 guys and playing players who were in street clothes last week, every Cowboys coach needs to be fired immediately following the game.
  11. Congratulations Bills! It’s always cool to see new blood in the postseason.
  12. Well, safe to say I thought the Cowboys would be the team on the receiving end of this blow out, not administrating this blowout. Sets up essentially a winner take all divisional game against the Eagles next week. I still have no faith the Cowboys will win that game, but at least they have that opportunity!
  13. Jared Goff can’t throw the football. He’s throwing low and short hopping everything. He should have 3 INT’s right now if the Cowboys didn’t drop two of them.
  14. Jared Goff is not a good QB. Thank goodness he isn’t mobile, otherwise I have no doubt he would be dissecting the Cowboys defense right now.
  15. He actually said defer. There’s audio of it. He said kick first, then for the second he said defer. Walt Anderson needs to be fired* if they don’t correct this at half time. And on a side note, Zeke looks really good today. He looks like Zeke again. Explosive, powerful and making guys miss.
  16. Milwaukee and the Clippers game are the ones I'm looking forward to the most. I'm in agreement with you in that if the Lakers split those two games (or win both), the rest of the league should be concerned.
  17. I thought this was the month the Lakers were supposed to be exposed?
  18. AD and LeBron are the best duo in the league and it isn’t even close. They complement each other perfectly and that PnR game between them is as unstoppable as everybody feared.
  19. Well, for the first time in about 14 years, I willingly didn’t watch a Cowboys game (thank god my work needed me last night), and after getting home and checking the score, I certainly made the right decision lol. What a disaster. The laughable part is that the Cowboys can lose next week to the Rams too, but so long as they beat the Eagles and Redskins, they’ll host a playoff game. And make no mistake, either the Niners or Seahawks will blow them out. They need a culture change. New coaches on both sides of the ball and special teams. (Kellen can stay; I want to see what his system can do without Garrett’s influence; and Colombo). It finally looks like Jerry has had enough of Garrett, so if there’s a silver lining for us Cowboys fans, it’s that.
  20. I thought the Lakers couldn’t beat good teams? Great win last night. AD was spectacular. LeBron is back to being LeBron. The Lakers are much better than I expected. Honestly. I can’t wait to play the Clippers again. (And it’s still doesn’t seem real to see the Lakers and Clippers as the two best teams in the West!) And why aren’t we talking about Giannis and the Bucks? Giannis looks even better than last year and looks like he’s about to be the best player in the world.
  21. The Cowboys are going to win the division with an 8-8 record, aren't they? lmao. What a craptastic division.
  22. Plus the Cowboys have to play the Bears in Chicago next Thursday, then the Rams at home the following week. Does anybody actually think the Cowboys will win either of those games? Seriously? Dallas needs to win at least one of them (or the Eagles to lose one game in the next 3) to ensure that the Week 16 match means something. I don’t trust them at all. And I’m hearing that the Cowboys are done with Garrett, he’s lost the team and the FO intends on moving on this offseason, but my question is if you already know you’re letting Garrett go, why wait until after the season? Why prolong the misery?
  23. The Cowboys can’t beat good teams. The Bills are a good team. Sigh. Please fire Garrett. If the Eagles don’t end up winning this division, I’ll be shocked.
  24. Kellen Moore is fine. The Cowboys have just been way too conservative since Week 4.