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  1. Watching the Cowboys-Hawks game and without the fans, you can really hear how loud and obnoxious the PA/music is at NFL games. Aside from drunk fans, it’s my least favorite aspect of attending games in person. Also it’s hilarious to me that the Seahawks amazing home field advantage is neutralized without the “12th man” so the refs decided to help out with some HORRENDOUS calls on that last Seattle touchdown drive. PS: I fully expect the Cowboys to lose this game because the Seahawks are a better football team. This is just my one “NFL refs suck” venting post.
  2. Joe Burrow is gonna be really good. Really, really good. That kid is special.
  3. Not gonna lie, I would love the Lakers to win their 17th, tying the Celtics for most all-time, by beating the Celtics. But I also don’t mind if the Celtics get bounced by the Heat too.
  4. How sweet it is. The Lakers are back in the Finals. I was still a teenager last time this happened lmao.
  5. Jacksonville Tennessee Cleveland Buffalo Atlanta New England Houston Philadelphia San Francisco Indianapolis LA Chargers Arizona Tampa Bay Seattle New Orleans Baltimore
  6. I dunno, I still really like the traditional white uniforms the best despite it containing elements that would make me dislike a uniform on an another team (mainly the awful pants color and mismatched blues). But that honestly could just be because I’m so used to it (they’ve essentially had the same home uniform since before I was born) and a personal bias due to the Cowboys being my favorite team. Personally, the double-star is my least favorite. I wish they would drop navy from their color scheme and use the dark royal that oldschool has been advocating for instead. I really dislike navy, which is probably another reason why I love the standard whites. That royal blue is really vibrant in comparison.
  7. Derek Eagleton. He’s the Sr. Director of Programming for the Cowboys and he confirmed it today.
  8. They did actually. A Cowboys staff member confirmed it today. They went back to the shade of pants they last used in 2012.
  9. After watching that game today, I can confidently state that I hate the Falcons uniforms even more than I did originally upon release. The number font with the lateral shadow is just awful. Flat out horrendous. The font is terrible AND the shadowing too. Pick a struggle Atlanta. The font would look better with a solid outline or the shadow would look better with a more traditional number font, but not with both. I still dislike the ATL on the uniform but it’s not as bad in action. However, the chrome facemask (which I originally really liked) just looks out of place on this set. Black facemasks would work far better. The only way this set would be redeemable would be if they wore their white pants with their black jerseys and refused to go all-black monochrome. The black/white/black combo is visually appealing despite the atrocious numbers and word mark. We haven’t seen the all-white combo or white jersey/black pants yet, but they’ll both look better than all-black. And incredibly the black monochrome isn’t even the worse set they’ll wear this season owing to that red gradient monstrosity has that yet to be worn.
  10. HOLY S***! WHAT?! And FYI, Dak is that dude. What a comeback.
  11. The Cowboys might be hot garbage this season.
  12. Worst record after Week 1. Just what I like to see. Cleveland San Francisco Buffalo Minnesota Green Bay Dallas Chicago Philadelphia Tennessee Tampa Bay Pittsburgh Arizona Kansas City Baltimore Seattle New Orleans
  13. The Nuggets have made the WCF three times: 1985, 2009 and now 2020. They’ve played the Lakers every time.
  14. I don’t even have the heart to make fun of the Clippers.
  15. The Broncos need an update to their uniforms, but having said that, they’re wearing their best uniform right now. Much better than the orange* jersey. *-The Broncos belong in orange, but not with this set.
  16. What a poop OPI call. Can’t believe they called that. Shame that decided the game, but the Cowboys shouldn’t have allowed a bad call by the officials to determine the game. Cowboys would have won had they been more aggressive. First down runs should not be a thing for Dallas. Not coincidentally, every drive that started with a run ended with a punt. Ugh.
  17. Cowboys have been outplayed thus far and yet they’ll take the lead going into halftime. I’ll take it.
  18. Okay, I’ll admit when I’m wrong. The bone jersey looks FAR better than I anticipated. It’s helped massively by that gorgeous blue. The helmet looks really good too.
  19. The Ram’s blue is excellent. Really vibrant.
  20. Agreed with this. There is definitely something here talent wise. I think once the rust wears off and they get use to each other, the Bucs will be a dangerous team going forward. They should be a playoff team.
  21. Bucs have been highly overhyped coming into the season, BUT they are playing their first game together, with no OTA’s, mini-camp or preseason. To expect no sloppiness, or growing pains, from them to begin the season was unrealistic. Also can we mention briefly that Seattle finally let Russ cook and now the NFC might be in trouble because of it? The only thing holding Seattle back for years now was their strange reluctance to let their best player ball out and instead run it 40 times a game.
  22. To be fair, WTF’s front four is ridiculous. They were already one of the leagues best last season and now they added Chase Young? God help us all lmao.
  23. What is it with the Clippers and 3-1 series in the conference semis? What a comeback from the Nuggets.
  24. To each their own, but I think that road look is top 5 in the NFL. Hell, the only quip I have about their uniforms is that I wish their white pants had the blue-red-blue stripe pattern, but other than that, I think they’re one of the best looking teams in the NFL (even though I’m a die-hard Cowboys homer). And I don’t get the love for the GIANTS word mark on the helmet personally. I think it’s one of the more overrated, generic helmets in the Super Bowl era. Their current mark I feel is more appropriate for an old, classic franchise like the Giants.
  25. It is fire related. That’s how the sky looks right now. There are other pictures from a few weeks ago that show it to be more transparent, with the blue sky clearly visible (though not as transparent as the images suggested originally).