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  1. Cowboys are being out coached again. In other related news, the Pacific Ocean is big.
  2. I still can’t believe they do this. If a QB in year 4 needs his HC to change plays or make adjustments at the line because he can’t, that’s a huge red flag.
  3. This isn’t correct. Goff isn’t even in the top 20 in sacks taken or QB hits taken. Not even the top 25. In fact, the Rams have the 3rd best offensive line in terms of pass pro (tied for 2nd in best sack/rate, trailing only the Cowboys). Notable QB’s with a worse o-line (in terms of sacks, QB hits and pass protection) than the Rams: Russell Wilson. Lamar Jackson. Pat Mahomes. Kirk Cousins. Deshaun Watson. Just to name a few. Jared Goff is playing like a poor man’s version of Drew Bledsoe, but like the end of his career Drew Bledsoe.
  4. I’ll have whatever you’re having lol. That is an all-time take right there. Goff has been playing like this since the Detroit game of last season. His subpar play is not just a product of this season. And you’re probably the only one who would take Goff over Dak, Wentz and Jacoby Brissett. I respect that commitment, even if it’s misplaced lol.
  5. Jared Goff is broken. No other way to describe it. If he hadn’t been picked where he was, or gotten the contract he received, he would have been benched weeks ago. He’s been one of the league’s worst QB’s through 12 weeks. EDIT: Just saw a stat that says Goff hasn’t thrown a TD pass since before Halloween?!
  6. It wasn’t tripping lol. C’mon, don’t be ridiculous. Not even by letter of the law. Furthermore, coming into this game, there was only 5 accepted tripping penalties in the entire NFL this season, yet two were called against the Cowboys. Both of which weren’t tripping either. Make no mistake, the Cowboys lost because they have the worst special teams in the league and a terrible head coach. But despite those huge disadvantages, the Cowboys still had an opportunity to win.
  7. It just sucks because the Patriots are a better team than the Cowboys, possess vastly superior coaching, playing at home, and the game is taken away from Dallas because of a bad call? I would have rather lost because Dak threw a pick than to lose like that. Oh well.
  8. Eff these refs hahaha. Tripping? Nice to have some ridiculous home cooking.
  9. It’s both. Add in some poor coaching and questionable penalties and you get this game. The Pats D is definitely good though. I just wish it wasn’t raining so the Cowboys offense could have a real shot against this defense. EDIT: and the decision to kick a FG instead of going for a TD is the reason why Garrett needs to be fired. You don’t beat the Patriots by being conservative.
  10. This is very boring game. If you’re a neutral fan, I don’t know why you’re still watching this.
  11. Personally, I like everything suggested except for that in-season tournament. That’s dumb af. Reseeding is the best idea of the bunch, IMO.
  12. I’m really pleased to see the MLS All-Star game won’t be against a European team but rather against Liga MX All-Stars. I might actually watch the game for once.
  13. I know lol. And Latif Blessing too. I still think it’s dumb, even though LAFC has benefited from it previously.
  14. Expansion drafts in soccer are stupid. This is the most popular game in the world. You’re telling me that two new clubs can’t find quality players in a pool containing millions of professional athletes? And no, I’m not salty that Miami just stole Lee Nguyen from us. Definitely not.
  15. Different styled QB’s. Driskel did most of his damage due to his mobility. Cowboys have always struggled against mobile, athletic QB’s. Obviously Brady is a better QB than Driskel, but if we can get pressure on him, the Cowboys will have an advantage. I’m more concerned about the Patriots run and screen game. They will destroy us there if the defense isn’t disciplined.
  16. Wentz is the most inconsistent, really good QB, I’ve ever seen. 3rd Down: Misses wide open TE by a country mile. Would have been a first down. 4th down: with 5 Patriot defenders about to tackle him, throws up a dime, off his back foot no less, and his WR, famous for having bricks for hands, drops the game-tying TD.
  17. No. The Cowboys just need to standardize their blue and silver. I prefer the royal blue, personally, and then just match the silver pants to the helmet. However I’d settle for just getting rid of the awful seafoam pants. But they have been wearing that white uniform for well over 50 years now (white jersey, with blue numbers and a double blue stripe on the sleeves). It’s a classic NFL look (seafoam pants aside).
  18. If I hear another “analyst” say the Cowboys need to feed Zeke because they are a run-first team, I’m going to lose my mind. This is Dak Prescott’s team now.
  19. It’s baffling to me that more people aren’t talking about this. Johnson was literally bleeding from his ears... I’ve never seen that from a football hit before.
  20. I encourage you to find where I was attempting to justify Garrett’s actions. And I graciously ask you to take off your black-and-yellow glasses for just a minute. All I’m pointing out is that Rudolph has to shoulder some blame as well. He’s the one who initiated the fight by trying to rip Garrett’s helmet off and kicking him in his man parts. (Side note: why on Earth did Rudolph go back and attack Garrett again, especially once his offensive linemen had already come to his defense? ) Garrett deserved to be suspended. Absolutely. I have no issue with that. But I’m struggling to see why Rudolph is being absolved of all blame and that he also received no punishment for instigating the fight to begin with. That doesn’t sit right with me.
  21. What Garrett did tonight was pretty egregious, and he should be suspended for it. No question about it. But Mason Rudolph isn't a victim here. He's culpable too.
  22. After watching this game, I am left with two observations: The 49ers will be one-and-done in the playoffs. The Seahawks are just the neon-green Cowboys, albeit better coached and with a better QB.
  23. Win or lose (or tie lol), I would be very concerned about Garoppolo if I were a Niners fan. He has been terrible in the second half/overtime, after the Seahawks took away their running game. He threw two game-sealing picks that were dropped. He will cost them a playoff game with his inconsistent play.
  24. Definitely saw that one. Don’t forget that play prior, you had two 49er players tackling Wilson after he slide to the ground, while also “initiating contact with the crown of the helmet”. That, too, went conveniently unflagged.