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  1. The Niners are getting some favorable calls. This is ridiculous.
  2. Truly bizarre. Felt like the Cowboys had the Vikings on the ropes prior to that. Also bizarre was the Cowboys’ coaching staff ordering Austin to call a fair catch on the punt return no matter what, especially when there seemed to be room for Austin to make a play. No matter, Vikings played well and deserved to win. I hope Minnesota catches, and overtakes, the Packers for the division.
  3. GG Vikings! That ground game (and ground defense) you guys have is ridiculously good. The Cowboys coaching staff is pathetic. Vikings couldn’t stop Dak tonight, so what do we do? We insist on running Zeke (and running every 1st down) despite the Vikings stuffing everything on the ground. That last 3rd down run was a fireable offense too (no pun.... well maybe pun intended)
  4. If the Vikings score a TD here, the game is over. The Cowboys don’t comeback from 10+ point deficits. Edit: Lol, they did. Game over.
  5. Internal expectations. This roster is good enough to win a championship this season. Especially before the Cowboys pay Dak and have to make some concessions else where on the roster. I meant that more as that's a loss the Cowboys will regret by the end of the season. The game was very winnable, but due to the Cowboys self-inflicted errors (unforced turnovers, penalties and missed field goals) the game got out of hand quickly. The Packers definitely deserved to win that game. You perfectly explained why it's such a disappointment to be 5-3 (the bolded emphasized by me). The Cowboys are already 3 games behind 1st-3rd essentially, (8-0 Niners and lost the tiebreakers to the 7-1 Saints and 7-2 Packers), cementing their playoff seeding as the 4th seed*. To have a realistic opportunity at a Super Bowl run, the Cowboys needed to have a first-round bye. Unless the Niners, Saints and Packers have an average second half of the season, and the Cowboys go on a ridiculous run (highly doubtful considering the upcoming schedule), the Cowboys will be the 4th seed. It's just frustrating as a fan to realize the most likely ending this season for the Cowboys is another divisional round exit. *-Barring something crazy happening, I think it's fair to say the Cowboys will win the shoddy NFC East.
  6. Fair point! But it’s just the expectation for the Cowboys coming into this season was to make a deep playoff run and have a serious shot at the Super Bowl. And then when accounting for the abundance of talent the Cowboys have on their roster (best Cowboys’ roster in a generation), and with the next stretch of games being the toughest part of their schedule (Min, at Det, at NE, Buf, at Chi and LA Rams), being 5-3 is an utter disappointment while virtually guaranteeing that the Cowboys will be the 4th seed. They should be 6-2 (arguably 7-1; shouldn’t have lost to the Packers and Jets). Coaches will be fired this offseason if the Cowboys don’t at least make it to the NFC Championship Game. So knowing that’s the expectation, beating a bad Giants team and starting the season 5-3 is not a significant achievement.
  7. The Cowboys are dumb. I say that as probably the biggest Cowboys homer on these boards. They have as much talent as anybody in the league, but their uncanny ability to shoot themselves in the foot, repeatedly, (stretching back over the last two decades) will stop them from being anything other than a slightly above average team.
  8. He was phenomenal for the Lakers tonight. Never thought I’d ever say that again. And it also looks like LeBron is back, which is bad news for the rest of the league. Maybe getting all of that rest this offseason actually helped him.
  9. Not saying the Cowboys will beat the Patriots, but it is totally a Cowboys thing to lose to a team like the Jets and then come back and beat a team like the Patriots.
  10. GG to Seattle! I wasn’t able to watch the game, but after watching the highlights I can confidently say the better team won on Tuesday. I had a suspicion that LAFC was ripe for an upset, because of playing so quickly right after the high of beating our crosstown rivals and because Seattle is actually a good team, unlike the Galaxy. It sucks to lose being so close to a championship, but I’d rather lose to a good team like Seattle than Carson. Also, I am very disappointed to hear that LAFC fans were throwing trash onto the field... Twice now, in our two seasons, fans have reacted poorly when things weren’t going our way. But definitely rooting for Seattle in the Cup Final!
  11. I know I’m hella late, but CHRISTIAN PULISIC! Let’s effing go. What a day. What a performance.
  12. Not to down play the fact that LAFC won it’s first playoff game in club history, but I’m beyond thrilled to finally vanquish the Galaxy. The Galaxy were our boogeyman and Zlatan was LAFC’s daddy. No more.
  13. I'm shocked. Late-round picks are essentially worthless. He'll be a good fit for the Cowboys. He'll be back in his natural position, playing in a 4-3 again and playing for his old defensive coordinator again, Kris Richard (I know he's not the Cowboys DC officially, but he essentially is). And because the Cowboys only sent a 7th rounder and is on the hook for $800k, they can cut him if it doesn't work out. Win-win for the 'Boys.
  14. It's even better. It's a 7th round pick, that could become a 6th rounder in 2021. Fantastic deal for the Cowboys. He'll fill a vital need at the 3T and hopefully improve our interior rush (which has been abysmal this season).
  15. And we blew them out. We never blow them out. In my lifetime, if there was a blowout in a Cowboys-Eagles game, the Cowboys were always the recipient. It’s nice to be on the other side for once. Yesterday’s game also exemplifies why the Cowboys are so maddening. When we are healthy and not committing really stupid, self-inflicted errors, this team is a Super Bowl contender capable of beating anyone. Otherwise we lose to teams like the Jets. P.S. Can we start to talk about how terrible the officiating has been this season? It’s literally ruining the viewing experience.
  16. It’s only fitting that if LAFC wants to win the Cup, they have to start their run by beating the only team who has had their number. For the record, I wanted literally anybody else lol.
  17. I just have four. 2007 Divisional Round loss to the Giants 2014 & 2016 Divisional Round losses to the Packers. And I think the worst one of them all, the USMNT loss to T&T in 2017 to eliminate the US from the World Cup. That last loss changed me forever. I no longer get too happy or too down depending on if my team wins or loses.
  18. Will never happen. The Clippers are more suburban than anything. EDIT: And the Lakers get to be both because that’s just how it is. Los Angeles is a Lakers and Dodgers town. Always will be. There is enough space for the Clippers to thrive, but they’ll never surpass the Lakers in any part of the city and surrounding county in terms of support.
  19. Those new city uniforms are trash. Looks like those early 2000's fashion jerseys. I don't know if you've ever played outdoor basketball, but the dudes who try look cool and think they're tough, good ball players, wear this kind of jersey. (Side tangent, anytime you play basketball and see someone wearing an actual jersey of any kind, they are usually the worst players on the court). So that's the image I get when I see that new Clippers uniform. Amateurs trying to look tough and intimidating.
  20. Same. Kinda done with the whole federation, to be honest. We took "a year" to just hire the COO's brother, who has shown to be woefully unfit to be the National Team's Manager. Unless if something drastically changes between now and the beginning of WC Qualifying next September, the US is in real danger of failing to qualify again.
  21. Literally came here to comment that exact phrase lol. Can’t wait until he retires. He’s just been so dominant over the Cowboys.
  22. We actually haven’t lol. We’ve only beaten the Packers twice in the last 12 years. And only once this decade.
  23. Vela has the record! He scored two amazing goals in the first half and LAFC is 45 minutes away from clinching the all-time points record. I know the Cup is the ultimate goal, but this has been an incredible, special season.
  24. It’s not a big issue in the league, but can someone explain to me what is the point of an illegal shift penalty? What purpose does calling that penalty serve?