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  1. Bringing this movie up for anything deserves an e-backhand. I probably deserve it. Yes,yes you do.
  2. Is that a burning forest behind him? Thats not good for the environment, is it?
  3. It all really depends on how you look at it. If your a fan of Hershey, you might not mind. If your a fan of Texas or Manitoba, you might be outraged.
  4. Hmm... The sleeper pick in all this is Seattle.3 picks? Would be shocking.
  5. These turned out better than I expected!
  6. I'll wait but until then, I'll sleep on it.
  7. Actually, I can feel something for the 2012 Olympic logo. It can use a touch up, but I think of it as a puzzle.
  8. Man, my screen is freezing up! Anyway could I get Charlotte Bobcats(using logo below). Toronto Blue Jays(using the logo below). Just this, and my avatar(optional). Thanks.
  9. Its funny, I'm the exact opposite. I didn't notice the W until my dad pointed it out to me. The only thing I saw was an oddly shaped bearded guy. On the Wizards topic, it never thought this logo spelled DC.Wizards
  10. Maybe you add a touch of this: