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  1. Here are a couple of local ones. Manchester, NH Portland, ME T.F. Green Airport (Providence, RI) Burlington, VT Bradley International Airport (Hartford, CT) And their old, Whalers-inspired one
  2. Why are the games in Spokane hosted by Idaho?
  3. Sussex County Miners (Can-Am League) have officially unveiled their logos for the 2015 season.
  4. The Brewers have a really solid look and the Padres look good in khaki.
  5. That front-and-center Ireland jersey is just a thing of beauty. I mean, Wow! Is there any other way to incorporate the tri-color cap in Belgium's alternate?
  6. People have 100 pages of opinions on these uniforms? I might as well add mine. The uniform numbers look simply awful being in different fonts
  7. camly

    The America League

    Thank you so much for this series! I'm glad to have seen it from the beginning *cough* sequel *cough*
  8. When did they get rid of the one on the right?
  9. I'd rather get a ring from there than one from the... - "Little Caesars Hot-and-Ready Pizza Bowl," or the - "Buffalo Wild Wings Tangy Sauce Bowl," or the - "Meineke Car Care and Oil Change Bowl," or the - "Overdraft Fee Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl." Man has corporate sponsorship ruined college football's bowl season. Beef o' Brady's Bowl St. Petersburg TaxSlayer.com Gator Bowl GoDaddy.com Bowl etc.
  10. I swear this building was 7 different restaurants over the course of 2 years. Says Wicked Cheesy Pizza Restaurant if it's hard to read
  11. camly

    The America League

    Yeah. Is there any way you could change the Oscar Mayer colors to match the uniform?
  12. camly

    The America League

    So The Bahamas located in The Bahamas are sponsores by The Bahamas
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