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  1. Aaron played 12 seasons in Milwaukee and 9 in Atlanta. 1953 is the only year in which the Braves were in Milwaukee and Hank wasn't a member of the team.
  2. Thank god. And I'll crap my pants if this 3rd jersey DOESN'T have pinstripes. It won't look as cool as a powder blue road jersey.
  3. Does this make Marquette the Vanilla Ice of eagle head logos? "Theres goes 'ding ding, ding ding diggy-ding ding'. Our's goes 'ding ding, ding ding diggy-ding ding, tsk'. See, it's not the same." They'll always be the Marquette Gold to me. But that's because I'm a Badger fan and I hate MU. WE ARE SOUTHERN MI...err MARQUETTE
  4. We could kick out Illinois. They play D-III quality football anyways.
  5. NO! I think the Oilers are the best dressed team in the NHL behind only St. Louis. People say the logo is outdated and bland, but to me it's a hockey classic.
  6. The least colorful games in the AHL this year will be when San Antonio and Milwaukee match up. Silver, white and black vs Silver, white, black and "ice blue".
  7. Man I had to sit through a whole year of Gary Bennett here in Milwaukee. He hit 3 HRs all year splitting time with the equally repulsive Chad Moeller(he had an amazing 5 HRs). I do not long for those days.
  8. LetsGoAdmirals

    MLB Sigs

    Very nice, looks very classy. Brewers please. Current look. P #15 Sheets P #39 Capuano P #48 Cordero P #31 Bush INF #6 Cirillo SS #2 Hall 1B #28 Fielder OF #1 Hart OF #24 Mench
  9. If the Canucks used that as their alt, I'd have to get one. Not a jersey so far that I don't think is an upgrade. Keep it up.
  10. See this is where this place gets a little out there. Talk about boycotting the team and going to Chicago or Madison for hockey. Screw that(well I do to Madison for hockey, but not excusivly). The day I stop going to a teams' games because of what they wear is the day I stop being a sports fan.
  11. Well, it's about what I expected from that moron at the "YES MEN". The only thing the guy knows how to draw is a skull. I think it'll work, but it's not a logo that I see staying around for more than 4 years. I'd have to see it in action before I really judge it, but I don't think it's a great logo, but I also don't think it's near as bad as a lot of you are saying it is. That's just my opinion.
  12. I'm not judging it until I see it, but it doesn't sound like it'll be an upgrade over what they have now. It should be interesting to say the least.
  13. Yeah, but our new colors will be Black, Silver, and teal(don't go nuts, I don't think you'll see that much teal in it). I doubt the Preds will have those colors. Next Tuesday the Ads will show off the new logo and jerseys.
  14. I was there for the Uecker jerseys. Watching the game live you never get used to it. They weren't distracting in any way except that the white letters and numbers were tough to read. However, these are still the worst I've seen live...
  15. That logo is the bees knees. Seriously, I really like that logo. It might need some sort of crest to sit on if it were to actually be used, as it looks a little odd just sitting there on the jersey. The alt is great, love the barberpole. And I know you didn't want to make the set too modern, but the other two look a little too plain, especially the "dark" jersey.