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  1. Thank you, this is exactly what i feel. Its like the person who drew it never looked at a shark before. I am still all in for the new shark, minus a few nitpicky details. Old shark is bad.
  2. I will never understand how people think the old logo is better then the new one. That thing is awful. The jerseys themselves are top notch and I understand that love. I say put the updated logo on this jersey then I am on board!
  3. I think the USA colours work much better than England's. Even without navy blue, the USA looks like a USA team, I'm not really sure what i think of when I see the England kits
  4. Quebecor went through the process of expansion to show how serious they were about getting a team. Assuming their proposal was solid, the NHL would have no reason to reject them as an owner. If they are doing anything its not behind anyones back, just like True North did when they bought Atlanta. They are just being smart and not being public about it.
  5. i have a feeling the nhl would put pittsburg and washington in the same division to capitalize on that rivalry, divisions look like this Northwest Vancouver Calgary Edmonton Minnesota Winnipeg Pacific Los Angeles Anaheim San Jose Phoenix Colorado Central Dallas St Louis Chicago Nashville Columbus Northeast Montreal Ottawa Toronto Detroit Buffalo Atlantic Islanders Rangers New Jersey Philadelphia Boston Southeast Pittsburg Washington Tampa Bay Florida Carolina
  6. Those designs are still popular with me personally. Fair Enough, get alot of grief from people about them so i figured they fit in
  7. These were some of my favourite oilers jerseys ever these are my favourite flames jerseys and the Houston Oilers baby blues were beautiful
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