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  1. Do you have an external website where these are stored, maybe for easier browsing/finding? Thanks for your work, it helps me browse during a slow work day!!
  2. man that current Kings court is probably the best they've ever had.
  3. Certainly a lot better than the current look, with its khaki pants, truncated sleeve stripes and horrible color distribution. I really feel that Reebok missed a golden opportunity back in '08 to clean those uniforms up and create a modern classic: White pants were good during their time. I would bring them back today as alternates only.
  4. I'm going to stick with the SEC and go with Florida and orange. No, they don't need to over do it, but they rarely wear any of these combos. Blue-Orange is a good look.
  5. keep em coming! When you do Miss. State, keep in mind the current "throwback 100 year" look. That's as simple as they'll get IMO. They are a version of the 90's nike jerseys, Adidas style. Also, slide a white helmet in there for MSU, please
  6. I think Cleveland and Sacramento have the best "updates" this year. Toronto is good, but the others are great IMO. That blue adds a lot for Cleveland. The Hornets court isn't awful, the new hornet just has to keep growing on me.
  7. I'm sure it's a pain, but are you going to organize these in your gallery by team or is that even possible? Is just sorted by latest upload? Edit: Well, now it appears most are in order........my bad. A few like Tennessee and one MSU jersey out of order, but no biggie. Keep em coming! Love this stuff!!!
  8. wow, that is odd for sure. i prefer the Nike ones. The letter on the left is just awful *cough cough Tennessee* Arkansas has been with Nike since 2010 and they signed a 5 year deal then. According to one website that looked legit.
  9. correction on your Arkansas cream jersey below. the A is on the left and they are Adidas, not Nike
  10. love it! I just saw the link above. Keep them coming! Let me know if I need to dig online for more pics for you.......
  11. well, here's another Bama road jersey I missed
  12. can you give me an email address? I have all 14 schools completed for you to tackle! It may take 14 emails but we'll get it done.