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  1. Shouldn't George Mason still be Nike Elite? I dont see the silver dot.
  2. I would lvoe to see the throwback helmet used with these
  3. agree with the number font, i really enjoy the pants but something to me is missing on the sleeves
  4. Jameer Nelson Orlando Magic, Dixon Oregon please
  5. I absolutely love these, the mavs one is amazing.
  6. I love the number font on that cyclone jersey reminds me of their cyclone logo.
  7. anyone know how much those world series baseballs from 94 are going for, i have at least 5 of them
  8. I guess it's just me, but I prefer the players wearing their team jerseys, much cooler
  9. I love these, and I hate to be a jerk, but is there anyway to view these in like 1 album, going through the thread and choosing just one has been tough.
  10. Only thing good about those pictures of the Kansas State jerseys is #3's Jordan 7's.
  11. The new white Illinois jersey and shorts are really sharp
  12. I really like the white sens jersey, by far the best out of the 4 different ones in my opinion
  13. Dont really like the navy on navy. I do like the Titans white jerseys.