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  1. Shouldn't George Mason still be Nike Elite? I dont see the silver dot.
  2. I would lvoe to see the throwback helmet used with these
  3. agree with the number font, i really enjoy the pants but something to me is missing on the sleeves
  4. Jameer Nelson Orlando Magic, Dixon Oregon please
  5. I absolutely love these, the mavs one is amazing.
  6. I love the number font on that cyclone jersey reminds me of their cyclone logo.
  7. anyone know how much those world series baseballs from 94 are going for, i have at least 5 of them
  8. I guess it's just me, but I prefer the players wearing their team jerseys, much cooler
  9. I love these, and I hate to be a jerk, but is there anyway to view these in like 1 album, going through the thread and choosing just one has been tough.
  10. Only thing good about those pictures of the Kansas State jerseys is #3's Jordan 7's.
  11. The new white Illinois jersey and shorts are really sharp
  12. I really like the white sens jersey, by far the best out of the 4 different ones in my opinion
  13. Dont really like the navy on navy. I do like the Titans white jerseys.
  14. Haven't seen those Ole Miss jersey's, but the Giants red jerseys are really sharp and thats coming from a cowboys fan
  15. They have these 'Bama jerseys for sale on eastbay and other online stores for 75 dollars.
  16. Can't stand the green nameplates on the white jersey, but i really like the blue jersey
  17. I actually like the 3rd jersey.
  18. I like it, simple and it looks really good
  19. Have they always been that way. I know it is adidas but they remind me of the Nike jerseys with the silver shouler strap coloring. Wondering it those are new or have they been that way for a while?
  20. On Memphis' online shop they have a DeAngelo Williams jersey with his name on the back. It isn't very expensive and was wondering if anyone knows the quality of that jersey and the same question for the Rodney Carney jersey on their online store. Anyone know where they sell the Notre Dame green jersey that they wore against USC. And last a Thomas Howard UTEP football jersey?
  21. those ucf jersey's are just plain ugly
  22. At least UTEP"s jerseys werent bad, in my opinion