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  1. Has anyone seen this site before? I'm wondering how this type of "copying" is even legal / possible?
  2. I've always hated this incarnation of the United States Title. That is one of the things they should have taken from WCW during the purchase and put on TV as theirs (and yes I realize it was on WWE TV for a short run).
  3. I've seen this on TV and now their website. OLD NEW:
  4. The f is different... and I agree I don't like the bland look of it now. I wonder how long it'll take to get intergrated in to their website.
  5. Old on the left, new on the right.
  6. I just received this e-mail from and didn't see an active topic for it, but I thought I'd let others here know in case anyone was interested.
  7. I still think the Road jersey for the Cubs needs to follow along the lines of the 1990 set, but would need a tweak because I'm not 100% sold on the different number colors on front and back. But I really like the CHICAGO better on this style than the current jersey set.
  8. I've been saying this for years, but if the Cubs make any change, it should be to a new road uniform. The current greys are boring.
  9. Can I request a few Chicago wallpapers? Blackhawks: Toews #19 - red jersey Bears: Cutler #6 - navy jersey Cubs: Herb #40 - road gray (tribute to my brother-in-law) Bulls: Rose #1 - home white Thanks! These are great and very well done!
  10. Life has a new logo and they changed the order of the colors.
  11. So the requests that weren't done are just going by the wayside...?
  12. These are all awesome and very well done. Here's my request: Size: 1680x1050 Medium: Letter press Link to logo (must be at least 750x750 pixels): logo link Background color (if different than above preview): white works well
  13. I typically try to use 2 logos if possible. Are you saying you want the "C" as both the small logo and the larger, sublimated logo? Can you do the "C" logo as the small logo and this one for the larger, sublimated logo? I really hate that 'bear head' logo. Thanks! Great work on these!
  14. Chicago Bears using the "C" logo instead of the "bear" logo. That would be awesome; thanks!
  15. Okay, I decided to start a new thread after being inspired by this one. Home Uniform: Same front side of the jersey as the current. The name and number on the back was inspired by a "throwback" jersey available on MLB10: The Show. I changed the blue, because in the game it looks very navy and I didn't want to go that route. Looking at Dressed to the Nines, the original jersey has to be between 1957 and 1961. I really like the blue name and number outlined in silver. Away Uniform: I decided to use a powder blue instead of the dingy road gray. I took my favorite CHICAGO script from the 1990 jersey, and kept the blue consistent from the one used in the home uniform. I wasn't sure if I should go with a powder blue hat with a blue "C", but that seemed too Royals for my taste. Alternate Uniform: I really liked this one from 1994-1996, so I just made the blue match the set. Another line of thought here, was to use the home logo on the front as well. I welcome all comments and thoughts.
  16. I have a question then. I would love to give my visual input on this; in fact I have 3 concepts done (home, road, alt). Yet I don't want to piss anyone off here; those who do put creative and original work in. Mine is more of a cut-n-paste/recolor effort, as I am not a graphic designer (slightly dabble; need more education). Should I PM/email my concept to someone to clean up? Or should I just post it in this thread, as a conversation piece? *confused*
  17. I could dig a powder blue road uni, if the logo is modernized.