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  1. IMO these are perfect! Reminds me of what they wore when I attended games as a freshman not so long ago. This set might also look good with their copper helmets. Well done.
  2. This is ALWAYS the case in the preseason. It will be back to normal when the season begins. *phew*
  3. Did anybody notice the new font on Detroit's nameplates? 2010/11: http://nhluniforms.com/RedWings/RedWings18.html 2011/12: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCt4YnT6URk&feature=channel_video_title You can clearly see a new font on the back of Bertuzzi's jersey; not arched, serifs, etc.
  4. Demonstrably false, unless you have any evidence that Iraq made that claim at the beginning of the war. The United States didn't want to make the Civil War about slavery. But the CSA sure as hell did. Please elaborate.
  5. Demonstrably false, unless you have any evidence that Iraq made that claim at the beginning of the war. The United States didn't want to make the Civil War about slavery. But the CSA sure as hell did. Please elaborate.
  6. I understand what you are saying about supporting the armed forces, and people often do claim to "support the armed forces", but not the "military excursion in Afghanistan" as the example you have given. But idealism does not change things; these are just words. We've heard millions of protests against the war, and where has it led us? Have we made progress whatsoever in persuading our commanders? We can talk out all of the problems in the world, but they do not go vanish simply because of that. Insofar as the issue of slavery during the Civil War... well we could debate all day about it. Calling it the "basis of the war" completely negates the vast economical and political differences between the North and South, and the fact that less than 2% of the South owned slaves. Anti-slavery was a wartime tactic in the same way "bringing democracy to the Iraqis" is a facade. Saying that the CSA could not progress past the issue of slavery during its 4-year tenure means that the United States should have had it abolished by 1780. The Emancipation Proclamation was designed to destroy the southern economy, while slavery in the north was maintained until the end of the war. The British attempted the same thing during the Revolutionary War. As for the United States getting past slavery, the north had its own brutal forms of industrialized wage slavery. Read Upton Sinclair's The Jungle if you aren't sure what I mean. Shifting gears back to the topic of military in sports (that was my fault), my real point is that we glorify selective parts of history and discard others. I feel this is seeping into the sports world, but this may just be another instance of "agree to disagree".
  7. True, these are all good points. Certainly there is nothing wrong with using local heritage as a sports identity, and an Air Force Jet is a great compliment for a hockey team. I suppose my contest is that military themes alter history/ current events subjectively. The Blue Jackets' Union imagery is used in a way to commemorate the team--and hence the Civil War--as a morally righteous fight. Imagine the public outcry if Carolina, or Nashville, or (R.I.P.) Atlanta donned a Confederate motif (of course there was the short-lived Roanoake Valley Rebels in the ECHL) because of its historical presence in these places. Every nation, including the South, the North, and the U.S. and Canada today, has done something morally reprimanding. Regardless of what you think of the Civil War, you must admit that there are still Southerners proud of their heritage, just like Northerners in Columbus. Seems like a double-standard to me, but I don't expect everybody to understand. Furthermore, in the case of "support the troops, not the wars", it is a bone fide stance, but nevertheless the two are realistically inseparable. We can wish the best for our men in uniform through debate and rhetoric, but it will not stop them getting maimed or killed in battle. In the case of military sports themes such as the Jets, the identity does not and can not distinguish a difference between basic compassion and blind faith in military decisions. In reality, such edifies national service, and the continuing flow of able bodied individuals into service only fuels the fire. Also, does anybody know where the Jets proceeds are exactly going in the military?
  8. You know, a lot of teams have done these "paying tribute to military" fashions, such as the Padre's camo set, and even my own Blue Jackets who have essentially marketed the Civil War as a brand. Now that the Jets have continued this trend (perhaps a "fad"), its becoming more prevalent throughout the sports world. A lot of people would scowl the thought of a McDonald's-sponsored uniform set, yet overtly military-themed sports uniforms are praised. I feel military tributes are becoming a "Nobler than thou art" complex for franchises. Do you know how we can support our country through sport? During the Olympics, the IIHF Championships, the World Cup of Hockey. Remember, it's just a game; let's not over-politicize it. *Que rebuttals explaining why I am an ingrate and unpatriotic.*
  9. Doc Emerick in speaking of game 6 says, "Lightning in their DARK BLUE".
  10. ^ The only sticker worth keeping on a 59Fifty is the MLB authentic hologram. So shiny!
  11. Isn't the whole uniform a bit Florida State Seminoles-esque? I guess it doesn't matter considering Georgia and Green Bay, but...
  12. Oh, such a heartfelt automated response. Typical businessmen vernacular for, "Sorry that you spent a lot of money on Thrasher gear." But don't fret, Bettman cares a lot about the sunbelt markets; if he put up that much of a fight to protect the 'Yotes, then maybe the NHL will oversee the franchise. Or maybe Anson Carter will buy them. Also, I know this conversation has veered from the thread topic a bit, so I'll add in that I dig Manitoba's antler font.
  13. Something like... I appreciate your concern at this time, but I am currently hard at work getting Ovechkin a sponsorship deal with McDonald's. Sincerely, Gary Bettman
  14. I'm watching this game surely thinking the 'Nucks are moving on, but the NBC/Comcast conspiracy tells me San Jose will face Boston, sigh.