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  1. IANAL, but I'd like to know how many here chiming in are.
  2. I had to look it up, but Mario Chalmers wore 6 at Miami after Eddie Jones. Jones is one of the players I miss the most from the Lakers. Orlando Woolridge was another.
  3. JONES JAMES Only a 2 letter difference. BTW, Eddie also wore 25.
  4. LOL, thought I had posted this in the 2021-22. I even thought that I had quoted your Tweet! If someone could move this there,that would be great. Thanks
  5. I wish the ball would have been more centered. Ditto with the feet. EDIT: Something like this rough MS Paint edit, but maybe even a bit more to the left so that the ball could be centered, and the feet would be right in the diamond crease.
  6. 2021 NBA champion is... PayPal!
  7. I liked Harper, Manning, Benoit Benjamin, Charles Smith and Gary Grant. Maggette was talented, but became a ballhog and too much hero ball like Kemba Walker, James Harden and Russell Westbrook IMO.
  8. How would you implement this, say, at the 1992 or 2008 Olympics for the Dream and Redeem teams? The loser at the end of the bench is likely still a HoFer. Plus, too many "team fouls" that lead to "bonus" for the team that got fouled too much (excluding charging fouls, I believe) will allow free throws on non-shooting fouls, and hack-a-Shaq rules have been implemented and unsure if they extend to the entire game now since I haven't kept up with all the rules. Also, many of those "losers" might have been a Mr. Basketball at one time in their home state. https://www.nbcsports.com/boston/celtics/brian-scalabrine-dominates-high-schooler-who-challenged-him-1-1
  9. Found this on the Wilson website. Probably not ever going to be used in a game, unless it's an exhibition game or something. https://www.wilson.com/en-us/basketball/louis-vuitton
  10. Winning helps make "okay" unis look "good" and makes "subpar" unis look "acceptable."
  11. Had Utah beaten the Clippers, this could have been the final four: (Oops, I forgot the Eastern Conference Final hasn't been finalized yet.)
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