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  1. After all the switching in the Finals the year the Cavs won, I doubt the league cares about anything anymore besides making money and making teams (as opposed to fans) happy.
  2. Ot was it BECAUSE the original uniforms were so bad that these appear to be exponentially better?
  3. At the optometrist: Is one better or is two better? (I couldn't help myself.)
  4. I would rather not see any ads on NBA uniforms, but if they're going to have them, can't they at least line up the Harley badge with the vertical Bucks wording?
  5. Did the Admiral ever wear this (or any other) throwbacks?
  6. No main sponsor makes a football jersey look better (IMO) but weird somehow. "The front of the shirt is free as River is currently without a main sponsor, whilst Axion Energy's logo is placed on both sleeves."
  7. Is the reverse K in Nike used for all their baseball products?
  8. I don't think these were underrated since they were some of the best selling jerseys at the time because Charles Barkley wore them his first year in Phoenix (excluding the preseason) and because they got all the way to the Finals and played against Jordan and the Bulls. Their third, black, alternate jersey was also one of the best selling alternates since they were popular but probably also because alternates were rare at the time (Charlotte, Detroit, Miami, Chicago, Orlando, et cetera).
  9. They're the Lakers, not the Pacers! Wear gold at home!
  10. Thanks. Not familiar with it at all other than it exists.
  11. Anemones? Kidding. Which city are they based out of?
  12. These are awesome and thus not underrated.
  13. Still amazed that VC is still playing in the league.