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  1. He also overbid and overpaid for the team (2 billion) to avoid a bidding war, and now all the other teams are automatically worth more, i.e., cost more to buy. Tax cuts must be nice at the top.
  2. You know how the Bobcats (now Hornets) were named after its owner? The Clippers can be rebranded as the Balls! (After Ball-mer, not Lonzo, his brothers and their dad.) Just kidding. But seriously I think Ballmer is committed to the team and if the Clippers win a title I don't think that they will need a new name. The only teams that I can think of (in the NBA) that changed names after winning a title are the Bullets and the Sonics. (Looked it up: I forgot about Nationals becoming the Sixers and the Royals becoming the Kings.) However, I don't think Ballmer would be against a name change, either. The Sonics name is locked to Seattle and reserved for an expansion or relocated team, correct?
  3. An "interesting" take on that jersey. Could be nicer if the name on back was purple with white outlines and larger.
  4. Still my favorite Rockets jersey. I prefer it with the NBA logo, though. I wonder if it would've looked better with the Logoman on the opposite side, though, like with the Miami Heat.
  5. Lakers (gold) vs. Bulls (red) was also pretty solid.
  6. The yellow 24 on the back of the suit has never been on a Lakers on-court jersey as far as I know, before, during or after Kobe has retired. Has it been featured on any Christmas or special alternate jerseys?
  7. I don't get the point of competing to win each of the first three quarters if only the points matter? Is that's something that's carried over but not elaborated on?
  8. How do you feel about Santa Clara 49ers and East Rutherford Giants and Jets?
  9. This was probably from last year, but I didn't really want to start a new thread. Does anyone know which shooting/warm-up shirt this is? ASG? Chinese New Year? Another special occasion? Thanks.
  10. Well, so if KC wins then it would be their first since the merger, i.e., after they joined the NFL, but second Super Bowl win overall. Too bad the Titans couldn't hang on to their lead, but KC - SF is the better matchup on paper and should be the most entertaining and higher ratings grabber. 3 out of 4 new winners was very rare, and it's going to be less likely to happen in the future (but still possible).
  11. I was thinking about making the 1st round 5 games again but I like your idea of 2nd round also being 5 games.
  12. Would Leonard leading the Clippers to a title be more than, less than or equally as impressive as someone (Brady or someone else) leading a Cleveland to a Super Bowl win?
  13. Well the Blazers have five stripes so two can totally be pulled off.