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  1. It looks fine to me, too, but I reckon it might be worse than red vs. orange matchup for colorblind fans.
  2. Stupidest idea ever. Make it gold versus silver or red versus blue. Even white with silver on the back and blue with the gold on the back would be less stupid. White with silver on the back and yellow with gold on the back might actually work. It would have looked way less confusing--to both the fans and the players (and the refs, scorekeepers and announcers).
  3. When there is a worldwide pandemic and an insurrection just a month ago in the US, jersey designations are just an annoyance that I can easily put up with and tolerate.
  4. Let's be honest: if any team won a title wearing people's least favorite jerseys, it will at least become tolerable by some of that team's fans.
  5. The CBS Eye without the eyeball reminds me of the Oakley logo.
  6. Source? Aren't the bottom two the original ones used prior to the boring standardized logos? The Logoman on the bottom two are the old logos (lighter blue, wider NBA font).
  7. Agreed. Still a downgrade but not the worst element.
  8. Hey, so anyone know why LeBron didn't go for a number 6 jersey this year like he said he would?
  9. KVI, or KN, but with a lower case N.
  10. I wasn't thinking of Real Madrid, or maybe I was.
  11. It's a great jersey...for a new team. It just doesn't say "Mavs" to me at all. It reminds me of a team uniform or something else (might not even be from basketball), but I cannot remember what it was. Argh... #TipOfMyTongue