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  1. Someone wearing 0 or double-00 should've worn that "how many more" message.
  2. Is it the lighting or does it look more teal than turquoise?
  3. It's the GE ad patch, isn't it?
  4. It's so simple and elegant. So of course they won't go for it.
  5. World Peace Peace Edit: never mind. It's a little late... I was thinking World Peace was one of the allowed phrases...
  6. Glad they didn't go with Liam Neeson's other film and named them Seattle Taken. For those who chimed in and said that the Kraken was a pop culture reference that might become dated, Seattle Karen would've been even more disappointing/disappointed...
  7. "Let's get Kraken! CLAP CLAP CLAP-CLAP-CLAP. Let's get Kraken! CLAP CLAP CLAP-CLAP-CLAP." #LetsGetKraken
  8. I went to a ABA2000 LA Stars game at Staples and sat almost courtside on the baseline. Tisha Campbell was sitting on the front row. I liked those uniforms, as well as the Clippers throwbacks.
  9. I think he said it was to prevent other TM squatters from doing it because those individuals could hold the potential name up for ransom.
  10. Feelgood news. Sorry if already posted.
  11. I seriously doubt that they'll keep the feathers. Too bad Redwings is taken. How about Washington Redistributionists? Or Washington Redwoods? Oops, wrong Washington
  12. It's been pretty common for those illegal, unofficial, unauthorized, non-licensed vendors to scour through and rip off a concept or tweak found in these and other forums. They've even attempted to ask people to provide vector graphics files, probably so they can make it as sharp and as official-looking as possible to fool unsuspecting fans and consumers. Also, I'm sure they've been infringing on many NBA/NFL/NHL/MLB logos for profit, not just your tribute design. It's like whack-a-mole; one gets shut down, and another one pops up. You can keep reporting them, but they ripped you off because they thought it looked cool and they could probably make a few bucks off of it. Do you think it is an actual Nike jersey? I doubt it. It's all photoshopped and they will make them if people order it, which is why even though NBA authentic or even replica/swingman jerseys are getting more expensive by the year, it seems, one should not pay these other crooks your hard-earned money in case you get scammed and don't even get a jersey in the mail.
  13. I didn't notice it when I viewed these on my phone, but I see that you made the collar different than the way you made your concepts In my opinion, it would look a lot better if the collar were consistently uniform all the way around, like they are on your concepts. Cheers.
  14. Just stop going down the alphabet before you get to the W's.