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  1. Cursed or not, Knicks stopped wearing their orange alternates during Carmelo years; on the other hand, Cavs started wearing black for the Finals, and Washington Nationals wore their dark Jersey throughout the playoffs.
  2. Almost like a college basketball uniform set--before they started adding school, conference, memorial and/or NCAA logos:
  3. Could it be a silver undershirt peeking out?
  4. Imagine Lakers wearing these playing against Clippers wearing their "Los Angeles" jerseys.
  5. If only they'd put ARCO on that floor.
  6. So are the Bills, Texans and Vikings not likely to go the distance this season? (I don't think Chargers and Cards gonna make it far this year.)
  7. IIRC Stance still had an NBA license when Nike took over (not sure if they still do) so they were still selling NBA branded socks, but just no longer worn on-court.
  8. I guess 1999-2000 also had 3 out of 4: June 1999 Dallas Stars June 1999 San Antonio Spurs January 2000 St. Louis Rams Below are the best old the rest that I could find, either 2 out of 4 in two different leagues, or 3 out of 4 but in two different leagues, counting consecutive champions in the same sport: April 1948 Baltimore Bullets December 1948 Philadelphia Eagles April 1949 Minneapolis Lakers December 1950 Cleveland Browns April 1951 Rochester Royals April 1955 Syracuse Nationals October 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers January 1971 Baltimore Colts April 1971 Milwaukee Bucks January 1972 Dallas Cowboys May 1974 Philadelphia Flyers January 1975 Pittsburgh Steelers June 1979 Seattle Supersonics May 1980 New York Islanders May 1989 Calgary Flames June 1989 Detroit Pistons June 1994 Houston Rockets June 1995 New Jersey Devils June 2006 Miami Heat June 2006 Carolina Hurricanes June 2011 Dallas Mavericks June 2012 Los Angeles Kings
  9. Great job! I didn't look at the Eagles because, while if felt like they've just won it, it was already 2 Super Bowls ago. Totally forgot about the Capitals, and didn't realize that the Astros' win was within 12 months of the other two.
  10. Well, did a quick search and 1969-70 comes close with 3 out of the 4 (MLB, NFL, NBA) but with an asterisk: Mets won their first title in October 1969 Vikings won their first NFL title in January 1970 but lost to the Chiefs, who won their third AFL title, however it was the Chief's first Super Bowl title. Knicks won their first title in June 1970 The following comes within 19 months: Colorado Avalanche in June 1996 Florida Marlins in October 1997 Denver Broncos in January 1998 The following comes close but no cigar: Braves in 1957 (first in Milwaukee, but second overall) St. Louis Hawks in 1958 Baltimore Colts December 1958
  11. Has there ever been a first-time champion in all four major leagues (MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL) in the same calendar year or a consecutive 12-month period? How about in 3 out of the 4 leagues? For instance, we've had Toronto Raptors win the most recent Larry O'Brien trophy, the St. Louis Blues win the Stanley Cup and the Washington Nationals are 5 games away from the MLB title, so if the Nats win and there a first-time winner of the Super Bowl at the end of this season then it would fall within a 12-month period.
  12. Two things I know about Minnesota: that's where the Lakers originally played, and Janet Jackson sung the word Minneapolis in Escapade.
  13. Worse, better not be just a new and/or additional sponsor logo on the jersey.
  14. Maybe Drake had a hand in that?
  15. I wonder if they'll make one that's purple on both the front and the back and/or one's that's black on both the front and the back.
  16. How about 007?
  18. Apples rainbow apple is supposedly coming back.
  19. Winning a title can make anything better (read: more tolerable).
  20. OG drop shadow was a goof and was stated as such by the team.