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  1. they :censored:ed it all up with that stupid ass neon color or whatever that awful color is called
  2. Beautiful! Care for bigger version?
  4. Ha! NO. Anyway, now would be a good time to emphasize the nautical imagery, like the nautical flags: Also, maybe use a ship-like logo with the burnt orange/powder blue color scheme (like this one done by MBannon92): just because this is not generic doesn't mean it's good. that color scheme would be the worst in nba.
  5. hugo update is pretty wack but the rest is beautiful
  6. spurs are the ugliest because of that messed up logo
  7. for me, even worst thing than this jersey is a fact that some of you like these better than the last christmas jersey :| last year jerseys were bad, but this................................ i can't find a word to describe this
  8. Weatherman

    NBA courts

    @WSU151 Thanks for noticing that, I changed it
  9. Weatherman

    NBA courts

    Sacramento Kings with new center logo
  10. Can someone please explain me what is so awful with collar that lakers, miami, toronto, detroit have? I can't even imagine those jerseys with other collar. Someone somewhere said they hate it and everyone followed that trend I suppose
  11. Weatherman

    NBA courts

    I really don't know, and since I watch only NBA, I don't care about that to be honest.
  12. Weatherman

    NBA courts

    Are you sure they are getting new court? I mean 100% sure about that? I can't find that info anywhere except for everywhere Here's the court