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  1. The Flames have only used one shade of red on all their regular uniforms. Its exactly the same. The only exception was the winter classic barber pole which was darker.
  2. It has a subtle connection to the old logo with the feathers and doesnt have a completely unnecessary mountain element. The new logo is generic. The third is hands down better in execution and it is a far more attractive logo. Portland fans should demand they use this. It's a no brainer.
  3. Looks like any other modern sports team logo. Who is this team?
  4. Take your opinion elsewhere. The Canucks name has been around since 1947. Its as traditional as it gets for a non original six team. It annoys me to hell when someone with zero investment in this team who doesnt even live here makes a stupid statement like "just change it to the Orcas." Its no different than someone mocking another team with a made up nickname such as Coilers.
  5. It appears that the green in all their uniforms is more faded looking. Again a colour change. I do not like this. The home and road is not an improvement. It looks busy or disjointed with that new patch and the faded green makes it pop less. 100% downgrade. The third jersey is an abomination. What an insult to their heritage to redesign that classic crest and make it look like the logo for a phone app. The jersey itself looks like a cheap Chinese knock off. A solid ownership franchise would honour their "50th anniversary" by paying respect to their brand. This is a insult. Even the skate jersey looks bad with that ridiculous soccer kit collar. WTH. No other team in the NHL has a soccer collar on their throwback uniform with the exception of the Ottawa Senators. Interesting that they too are a garbage organisation with scumbag owners.
  6. Are you a Canucks fan? I am still annoyed that the Canucks threw an entirely different identity and colour scheme into their mix just to sell a few sweaters. Enough already. They are not the Millionaires. We dont need more off coloured jerseys in the stands. Its a joke and it only affirms that this franchise is a mickey mouse organisation. If they want to "honour" anything it should be their OWN history. Wear the 60's WHL uniforms. Those actually look good and have a history that people havent just read about.
  7. They wore the white version because the Canucks wore white at home in 1970. Their first home game in 2010-11 was against the Kings which was the Canucks 1st opponent. The kings also wore purple throwbacks. I'm very disappointed that the Canucks arent wearing their original uniforms for their "50th" anniversary. They did it right for their 40th. I dont like any of the uniforms slated for the anniversary.
  8. It's a both a little anticlimactic seeing these mocked up and depressing to accept their confirmation. I dont like the modern stick logo. I don't like the agency font. I don't like those rugby collars. I will never like that orca logo and dont really care either way about removing the script. At least the 40th anniversary gave me something I did like. Kickass heritage jerseys and the best team in Canucks history.
  9. The Mets and Millionaires sweaters have history but they are not classics. Most barberpole jerseys are not really even hockey sweaters. They came from the early infancy of the sport and were utilitarian. These are rugby jerseys. There was no design involved and there is nothing particularly attractive about them other than their history. The only two hockey teams that can pull off a barber pole jersey are the Blackhawks and Senators. All others are meh. Whatever your opinion though I strongly object to the Canucks and Seattle playing Millionaires dress up for several reasons. 1st is the fact that they are not the Millionaires, 2nd the Canucks uniform history is complicated enough. 3rd the Canucks and Totems had a very strong history in the WHL and I'd like to see that continue. The Totems were once granted an NHL franchise in the mid 70s. If they choose any historical name for a Seattle that should be the one.
  10. I believe this is what they may go with. It would translate the Metropolitans palette well and could also work with various Totems uniforms.
  11. I agree they are heavy on the Metropolitan branding but if they are talking about building a rivalry with the Canucks they need to go back to Seattles long history playing against the Canucks and wear Totems jerseys. The uniforms that those two teams wore in the 50s and 60s are head and shoulders above anything that the Metropolitans and Millionaires ever wore. Not even bloody close. The Mets and Millionaires uniforms are gaudy as hell. It would be nearly as bad as the Canadiens barber pole throwbacks. Common sense is surely needed here.
  12. My first impression is Bob Marley and the Wailers. Not a bad palette but maybe not for Seattle.
  13. Branding 101 in sports is to own a colour scheme. Its moot regardless because Seattle already said they wont wear blue and green
  14. It's ridiculous to suggest that San Jose is the only team that can use teal in any NHL colour scheme. It would be like the Leafs saying no team can use blue. Teal with a secondary colour such as red or even navy would not be confused with the Sharks.
  15. That's just a racy headline. Sure the 20 year old fan got to meet Brian Burke and showed him a sketch of his concept but theres no indication that the team took it seriously. They made prototypes for several other jerseys at that time - not for this one.
  16. Red blue and white is the most common color scheme for sports teams. No team owns it and no one would suggest otherwise. The same is not true for blue green and white. This is basically the most uncommon scheme in sports. When the Canucks went back to BGW the first thing NHL fans said was that Hartford owned it. Its a moot point regardless. Seattle is not wearing Canuck colors.
  17. A new team is not going to choose the exact same color scheme of a rival that is less than 2 hours away. It makes no sense from a branding perspective and they have said as much. Not happening. They could go with green and a colour other than blue but I think teal - ala the Mariners - would be so much better. Teal would look so good paired with red or with black as the main colour. It ticks off all the boxes. It would be a unique scheme. It has a PNW feel and it would work pretty well with a Metropolitans throwback. What's not to like?
  18. These concepts are very creative and look great. A blue and green version of the whl throwback with the 64 logo is sorely needed however. Please indulge us. Thanks
  19. Its been confirmed that they are not using green and gold, or blue and green. Red is clearly being pushed as its in every piece of promo material. The fact that the team page is asking for some input on colour palettes is immaterial as teams ignore these surveys all the time and simply go with their original choice. If they were serious about wanting input they would put an actual palette up instead of this vague selection of one colour. Im saying it again: red black and slate grey. These are the colours on the website. They seem to neatly tie in with the Metropolitans and a few other historic Seattle teams without being too garish, and they tie in with the Sockeyes name that keeps being floated. It would be a pretty unique scheme in the NHL.
  20. Sockeyes is totally minor league. May as well call them the Mighty Sockeyes. On another note I think the colour scheme has already been chosen: red black and slate grey.
  21. Not sure why logos have to mimic a teams uniform in terms of colour balance.The Blackhawks arguably have the best uniforms in the league but the colour balance of their logo does not match - it's essentially gold and black. Ditto for the Florida Panthers. Their original logo didnt match and this was one of the best uniforms from the 90s. The Canucks orca logo doesnt work at all with green and neither does that style of art.
  22. If this was a musical piece or artistic work that was in the public domain no one would be able to register it as property and make royalties off it. Why should a century old logo be any different?
  23. Not very happy to see that agency font stick around. Its obvious theyre simply dropping the script and going back to the same 70's uniform template. Id like to see a college type font for the numbers, a stripe pattern based on their original uniforms, or closer to their WHL uniforms. They need refinement.
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