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  1. new to the site. love it so far!

  2. Would you mind throwing something together for Auburn? I know that might be tough for you Curious to see what you could work up! Thanks
  3. Could you please something with Auburn? Thanks, amazing work.
  4. Hello. New to the board here. Just discovered the site today and would like compliment you 2 on your work. Great stuff! I've got a request. Could you all mock an Auburn pro combat style uni or something like that? I know Auburn is with Under Armour so they won't ever be in Nike Pro stuff but I thought it would be cool to see what you 2 could work up. Sorry if there's something on the board like this already. For some reason I'm not allowed to use the search function and I can't PM either. Thanks! Look forward to seeing what you all cook up! Alright, heres your Virginia concept with a few minor changes: 1. Got rid of the full collar (especially the two-tone on the home), because it looks bad when applied to this temp. Wasn't a fan of it in general, so I guess I that would been one of my comments anyway. 2. With the crossed swords on the home and aways, I moved the nike logo to the collar (didn't have to move it on alt). 3. Added V logo to sleeves on home and away. i approve of the changes, it looks very nice. i actually really like the swoosh on the collar