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  1. Phitin, I have that same problem a lot. I think you just really have to mess around with the handles until you get everything right. I use the smooth curve cop out a lot, too...
  2. Okay, help, PLEASE. I HATE ILLUSTRATOR. I also hate how finicky clipping masks are. After struggling to get this stupid gradient how I wanted it (hate the gradient panel, too. Noticing a theme here?), I'm clueless as to how to get the gradient to appear only within the confines of the text. It's got to be an easy fix with a clipping mask but I'm stumped. HELP? I've also clicked like every possible thing in the pathfinder. They all do exactly what I don't want to do. The text is stroked, grouped, no fill with black stroke, converted to outlines.
  3. Just wanted to say... nice font in your icon. Defused! I used it and bought the license from the developer for the title of the novel I wrote and printed off. Awesome font. :)

  4. Did you re-do the Penguins logos in your signature? I love them! :)

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