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  1. Oh good god. Nike decided to bring back the school under the number idea that plagued Syracuse's uniforms in 2009. With sublimated striping to boot. Wow. BAAAAAAAAARF.
  2. Those Carolina helmets are amazing... I'd like to see the argyle more concentrated somewhere. It sort of bleeds off the helmet into the blue. I wish I didn't play club lacrosse for a green and white team, though. I play with the same goggles in that earlier thread (the Cascade ones), but mine are blue. Plus I play with a Brine Allure stick, which could match the UNC squad quite well.
  3. I wish I would have been a student at OU at this time. It's crazy because I love both teams, but considering Ohio's generally mediocre football program, this is just awesome to me. God, what I wouldn't do to have been in the O-Zone and have jumped out of the stands to storm Peden. Ohio beats Pitt, 16-10 in overtime http://
  4. This might be the worst, and might also not even be considered a logo. Somebody left Billy alone with MS Paint. Also if you want a headache, check out this list of horrendous logos.
  5. Bobcat79

    NHL 2012

    Love the 'Yotes jerseys... also, please, find a way to make those Penguins ones. I'll buy one.
  6. My problem is "seeing" things like this. For example, in rentz' first post back on the first page, how do you hop from just the outlines to BAM! Blue and white all extruded and with offset paths and stuff? This, to me, is the most frustrating aspect of making a logo. I can draw very well but I have trouble visualizing what it will look like in its final form. I even sketch out potential logos and draw them like as if the shapes had strokes on them, by filling them in with darkened pencil. Maybe I'm just not doing things right in Illustrator? I know how to use the Offset Path command but hardly, at that. How do you make logos with lots of strokes and layers with shapes that "follow the shape of the thing inside or outside of it," if you know what I mean? I'm attempting to revamp the logo I did for OU's College Republicans club, since the one I did two years ago is so godawful. I want it to look modern like a sports logo, and I have a sketch with references and..., eh, I'll shut up and post it when I get further along. Maybe then I can explain my troubles a little better. A lot of these are really great attempts. Keep up the good work!
  7. Steelers and Panthers are the best in my opinion. And thank you, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for fixing the Green Bay Packers. I have and always will have hated that cringe-worthy bright bright yellow their uniforms use, at least in contrast with the green. The muted gold looks much better.
  8. I may post mine later when I clean it up. I obviously made it before I joined these forums... and now the uniforms I chose look so BLEH. Haha.
  9. Something about the wide face and downturned cheek-fuzz makes me think of Azimuth from the most recent Ratchet and Clank game: Your update seems to have a distinct "mouth" as opposed to a "snout" or muzzle... I kind of like it though I still think it needs some tweaking. Definitely gives the Badger a different character!
  10. Bobcat79

    Sugar Bowl Alts

    I like the OSU concepts a lot more than their Pro Combats. Lose the gradient on the numbers, though... perhaps a light black outline around the gray would help the numbers pop?
  11. I'm only 20, so "going back" doesn't entail very far, but when I think of cereal when I was younger I always think of this version of the Waffle Crisp box: Oh, and of course, back when I subscribed to Nickelodeon Magazine in 1996 and would wait at the door for the postman like a dog to receive my copy... before Nickelodeon turned to utter garbage. The orange splat defines my childhood, for sure!
  12. Bobcat79

    Bear Logo

    ^I think you added a little more "Baylor" to this it would look better. From this angle the face is at I think you'd see a wider, fuller nose, perhaps with nostrils facing forward. Right now the snout/muzzle appears a little too flat facing downwards, almost as if it was flat like a duck bill.
  13. Steelers please? Lovin' the Seahawks looks though they're a little complicated. Also, where did you get this template? I swear the links to these on the templates thread are broken.
  14. Wow, Buc, I love the Port Authority spreads. Beautiful. They make the company look like it has money to throw around... unfortunately it doesn't. This is really the only thing I have to show for. We haven't done much poster design in my classes yet. This assignment required that we come up with two objects somehow linked semantically, and then find an organization, fictional or otherwise, that revolved around the connection between both objects. Traffic cone + thumbtack = an auto safety encouragement.
  15. Bobcat79

    NCAA uniforms

    I thought I hated those Oregon uniforms but after seeing them in pictures from the Civil War, they've really grown on me...