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  1. I really like ASU, but I don't like anything with the split U design. It's nothing personal, I don't even like it on the current uniforms of Miami. I especially don't like the green helmet cause I don't like the right side of the U being white. It looks really off.

  2. if you didnt label these we would have no clue what teams they are for.

    I am being silly, but that's kind of my point. With some of the Pro Combat unis, you have to double-take to figure out who they are.

    considering the pro combat uniforms use team wordmarks, scripts, and school-unique number font...it's actually not too hard. sure, some teams like Pitt and WVU went pretty far out...but still

    I'm not a big fan on some of them, but I found PITT's to be pretty good actually.

  3. It's deffinately a fashion cap,why would they make the SD the same color as the hat.

    No, that is the new alt cap. I have seen it elsewhere and it is labeled "Authentic Collection" which consists of only the MLB on-field caps: http://www.lids.com/...?dept=MLB&q=New Era&style=6498

    I don't know this to be 100% true, but my guess is that it's part of the new "Desert Camouflage" identity. Which I do know for a fact is getting a makeover for 2011.

    Wasn't there suppose to be an entire overhaul of the team identity this year?

    Nah...they're fairly minor changes.

    So basically a recolored logo?

  4. I think that its because they kind of look thrown on there. I really like everything else, but I'm not sure how those flags could work.

    Do you think they should be taken out of the Primary logo, and used as a secondary logo?