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  1. Where's the Jags new script font? That's been missing for two years..
  2. So you replaced a perfectly good sand color for a bright yellow? Why?
  3. Yes, they need to go back to that logo.
  4. Perfect logo for a team called Fire and great uniforms!
  5. I'm all for the Jags returning a black uniform, but if your going to do it has to be with the black helmet.
  6. Also add the Jags to the teams that don't wear them. At least for this year they haven't. Did 07-09
  7. Again, WHY does every single Jags concept have jaguar spots? Just because they have spots in real life doesn't mean they have to on the uniforms. This isn't Victoria Secret.
  8. Seeing that will always seem odd to me too. Copied my avatar idea too I see......LOL jk Nah it's actually yours. I saw it in the thread in Concepts. Hope you don't mind.
  9. This would be a lot better and more special if it was a one time thing or for big games? IDK. Still cool but not regularly.
  10. I'm on suicide watch after the Miami Virginia game......WE drop out of the top 25 and with three losses already... GR
  11. Actually, theres a reason why Miami doesn't use it... because it's not a good idea.
  12. Actually, looking through NBA 2K11, I noticed the uniforms are actually correct. They have all the new collars correct. The only thing I know for sure is their missing some alternates and the new Cavaliers court design. And the Magic Arena issue as previously posted.
  13. You mean these? Does anyone have a pic of the patch on the Orlando Magic home jerseys they are wearing today? AMAZING. But taking a look through this thread seems NBA 2K11 got a lot of things wrong.
  14. This makes me sad. PLEASE no more Split U logos or colors on the uniforms. You are the 500th person to over use this. Nothing against you personally, but every Miami concept is splitting of the colors. Why not just make some piping or something else? Be unique.
  15. Very impressed with that update.
  16. Looking at that mess of the TWolves, just really made me appreciate this logo: and how they need to go back to it ASAP.
  17. I'd have to say the Heat, Hornets, Sixers, and Jazz are the best IMO. And also maybe the Griz.
  18. That shoulder logo should be the primary. This is ew.