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  1. Should have said "one" lol But if you look at all 4 losses, they got outscored 138-39. Pathetic. They don't even go out and compete.
  2. Yeah, but I'm tired of being the laughing stock of the league. So many needs: QB, S, CB, Head Coach, Defensive Coordinator, etc...
  3. ok, A.) They are rebuilding and B.) you forgot the jaguar spots. Although that kinda hurts as a jags fan (cause it's mostly true right now) it's still pretty funny. I'm a Jags fan too, but it's true. I never used to disagree with how things were but it's gotten to the point where this team is pathetic. Worst defense in the league.
  4. Because they pretty much play like a little kitten:
  5. A-Train

    All-City Logos

    I did one wayyyy back on page 3 but I've been meaning to revise it. Looks good, but missing "The U"
  6. A-Train

    All-City Logos

    Someone should do Miami
  7. I've been working on a court template so maybe I can get around to doing the new courts for this season.
  8. i do have an old one around here somewhere...ill see about getting it uploaded. its nothing crazy though... Thanks
  9. Any possibility you would be willing to do a basketball set? LOL I need a template bad.
  10. Is it just me or isn't mediafire loading?? Nvm got it. And thanks for this!
  11. That is absolutely disgusting looking.
  12. A-Train

    Glassy Icons

    Can I have a Miami Heat and Miami Hurricanes one? Thanks!
  13. I just hope the Jags go back to the 90s Brunell era uniforms or the 2007 ones. The ones they have now suck. I used to like them but now the striping is different on every single player and no one matches. UGLY. But they can keep the helmet.
  14. I agree it looks like a very good All-Star game logo or at best a Secondary.
  15. Actually the updated primary one is very good. The only thing that needs fixed is the eye. I would suggest a more intimidating eye because the current one looks like it's squinting. I can see resembles in SK's logo and yours. I would suggest to try and use another color scheme.
  16. A-Train

    Miami Hurricanes

    Yes. The only thing I'm against is the orange pants on white. The green look much better with the number being green.
  17. Since when do Penguins live in Igloos? I said cold weather represents the Penguins, and Mellon Arean = The Igloo. And what do you want Pittsburgh to be called? That's not the point, you are associating Penguins with Igloos. Penguins live in along the coast of Antarctica and the Antarctic Peninsula where there are no people, Igloos are made by Inuit people who live in the Canadian region. So Penguins = South Pole, Igloos = North Pole. Both having noting to do with each other. Maybe Pittsburgh Penguins just sounds nice? What part about "teams can be named after animals that aren't local" do you have a hard time grasping? I don't have a problem with that at all. People said they are the Penguins since they play on cold ice and their area is like an Igloo. I have a problem that Igloos and Penguins have nothing in common. Pittsburgh Penguins does sound nice since it's kind of alliteration with the letter P it flows. First it's on your worst name list, now it's a good name? Which is it?
  18. Since when do Penguins live in Igloos? I said cold weather represents the Penguins, and Mellon Arean = The Igloo. And what do you want Pittsburgh to be called?
  19. Since when does a sports logo have to feature a fierce or intimidating logo? Just because their called the Penguins doesn't mean its a terrible name. I'm not being biased but it fits Pittsburgh very well and hockey is played on a cold surface so (cold=penguins) Mellon Arena = the Igloo. Also everyone thinks the team nickname should resemble the city or state, that's a load of crap.
  20. A-Train

    Miami Hurricanes

    I'm sorry but no offense I would be absolutely disappointed if the Hurricanes ever adopted something like this. I'm just not a fan of all the uniforms splitting into other color. I also don't like how none of the striping matches either and there are way too many logos for the uniforms.
  21. A-Train

    The Hamilton Lynx

    Did you do a live trace? Because the lines aren't smooth enough to be a logo.. It just looks like an illustration.
  22. How's the baseball league coming? Still doing it?
  23. Who cares, their alternate uniforms. Relax. If I can deal with the Canes having a green helmet, Yankees fans can deal with a blue alternate.