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    All-City Logos

    Boston is your best one... I'd like to see what Pittsburgh would look like.
  2. Could I possibly get "IT'S ALL ABOUT THE U" like the Mets one with the "U" log at the end of it?
  3. Looks good, taking requests?
  4. How does 6 make perfect sense? This isn't football where you can give a team time off. A week off in baseball would kill a team. Right, but four team playoffs are just fine? So out of 30 teams, only 8 make it? And how does a week off kill a team? It's not football where there are home field advantage and first round bye.
  5. 8 teams is too much, but 4 is too little. 162 games are way to long. So, it seems 6 would make sense. Unfortunately, only having 3 divisions that would make 3 wild card teams..and IDK if the MLB would ever do that.
  6. Washington has as much right to black uniforms as Miami does, which IS NONE. Why would they want to wear black when 1: It's not in their color palette, and 2: They already have a unique color scheme. If anything, they should make the huskie logo the primary.
  7. NFL: Titans, Texans, Colts, (All rivals.) Jets, NHL: Flyers, Canadians, Red Wings, Rangers NBA: Lakers, Celtics. NCAA: OSU, FSU, Florida, Texas MLB: Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers Cubs, Actually too many more to name...
  8. Anyone else think that the MLB should expand from four team playoffs to six? I just think it's extremely hard to make the playoffs especially this year when a lot of the teams are above .500 but some teams get screwed. I understand I'll probably be the only one who feels this way. Another thing that bothers me is the inconsistency of NCAA Football schedules. EX - Florida State, has 7 homes games and only 5 away. Why can't it be the the NFL where all the teams have 8 home and 8 away? In this case, it would be 6 home, 6 away. I thought the bowl system was a joke, but this is also a problem the lack of consistency in College.
  9. Very well done, only thing lacking is the script. Just looks like it was thrown on.
  10. A-Train

    Miami Tropics

    I actually kinda like it there. I'm not speaking for the designer by any means, but when I saw them there I thought 1) A nice nod to the Miami Hurricanes, and 2) made me think that maybe it was referring to Tropical Storms - some of which become hurricanes. With the name Tropics, I figured it may be referring to that. Nice concept, I also saw your swordfish logo and I must say, your stuff is really good. Keep up the good work! What program do you use for these? Thanks you. Yes, the flags were to represent the possibility of a Hurricane. I'm glad you picked up on it.. I use Illustrator CS5
  11. A-Train

    Miami Tropics

    Just a personal baseball logo, wanted some feedback... so here it is Comments?
  12. A-Train

    NHL Designs

    YES!! This is exactly what they should wear. Honestly...
  13. Thanks for taking the time to do that, it's looks good...
  14. A-Train

    Swordfish Logo

    Just doesn't look like much too me. It's meant to be a sports logo for a Personal baseball league, but it's empty and lacks something. Not sure what.
  15. A-Train

    Swordfish Logo

    I need serious help on this logo...I was thinking about ditching it if I didn't spend so much time on it... It just seems that theres everything wrong with it.
  16. I need team names for Detroit, Jacksonville, and possibly New Jersey. I'm trying to think of good baseball names but it's getting harder. ALSO, When I introduce each team's identity, each team will be fitted with an inaugural logo, to make things more realistic.
  17. Thanks, Switched the name to Swordfish. I like that better anyways.
  18. Good suggestions, I like the Timbers name.
  19. Updated name list: Anaheim Anacondas San Diego Spartans Seattle Seagulls Los Angeles Earthquakes Portland Pharoahs Oakland Pirates Minnesota Huskies Las Vegas Cheetahs Montana Grizzlies Salt Lake City Freeze Denver White Foxes Kansas City Indians Dallas Armadillos Houston Outlaws Albuquerque Invaders Tucson Sting Oklahoma City Owls Louisiana Swamp Gators Pittsburgh Phantoms Cincinnati Cyclones Cleveland Crusaders Philadelphia Freedom Baltimore Bombers New York Knights Miami Hammerheads Tampa Bay Swordfish Carolina Copperheads Atlanta Inferno Vermont Timbers Jacksonville Storm Toronto Monarchs Nashville Vipers Chicago SkyHawks Detroit Destroyers New Jersey Pelicans Boston Bulldogs
  20. What name would you prefer for Vermont?