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  1. So I decided to start a Personal Baseball League, aka National Baseball League (NBL). I like the way Minor League logos look, so I'm going to try and mimic their style. There will be a total of 30 teams, and 6 divisions, with 3 divisions in each conference. But,I need help on some names and for you geographic experts, I need some help with forming the divisions. I want this to be as realistic as possible and would also like some creative team names. The ones without ?'s are set and I have no plan to change them. Others cities can change but want to expand to states that don't have teams. Help is appreciated! Anaheim Anacondas Juneau Frostbite Montana Grizzlies Seattle ???? New Orleans ???? Vermont VooDoo Los Angeles ???? Miami ???? Carolina Copperheads Portland Pharaohs Nashville Pittsburgh Phantoms Cincinnati Cyclones Cleveland Minnesota Huskies Dallas Houston Bandits San Diego ???? Philadelphia Freedom New York Knights Salt Lake City Freeze??? Toronto ???? Atlanta Valcanoes/Inferno? Las Vegas ???? Albuquerque Invaders Phoenix ???? Iowa/Boston? Detroit Chicago Buffalo/Tampa Bay???
  2. Yet ANOTHER team that ditched their unique colors for R/W/B... BOOOO!
  3. I say no to the blues. Too many people are adding the blues to third jerseys. The Penguins' should have their old Black and Gold 90's jerseys as a third, not the ugly two color blues.
  4. If I take the silver and navy out there's nothing but white and blue, and doesn't make a very good shoulder logo? To me white and blue are way too boring, and I understand people think adding silver to The Leafs is like a crime...
  5. Just something I played around with. Not much too it but something a little modern for the shoulders. Thoughts?
  6. Ok i will do the next one, i will do the Lions. Already called the Lions.
  7. I actually love the way the Eagles turned out! I'll take the Lions.
  8. I really like this. It's the perfect amount of black, Red and Silver.
  9. A-Train

    Slant Sigs

    Can I have three actually if you don't mind: #1 Background color: Black Inner tripe: Vegas Gold Middle stripe: White Outer stripe: Vegas Gold Logo: Primary Penguins logo #2 Background color: Baby Blue Inner tripe: Navy Blue Middle stripe: White Outer stripe: Navy Blue Logo: Throwback Logo #3 Background color: Vegas Gold Inner tripe: Black Middle stripe: White Outer stripe: Black Logo:Script Thanks!
  10. No. Um, Joke. Thanks for playing!
  11. According from when I went to school: If your actually going to steal something, at least make it 60% yours, then you can at least say/pretend it's yours. This, is not yours. I agree with the guy above, it's not spectacular, you just through some text on it and recolored it. No need to watermark it.. That's like me taking one of your logos and changing the text and altering a few things then recoloring it and claiming it's mine.
  12. Sorry I don't know if this has been posted recently, but let's see some people's top 10 ever.
  13. A-Train

    Dalmation Logo

    For one, it's a breed of dog. For two, it's just a very plain, basic logo. No crazy detail. No overly-cartoonish look to it. Just a dog. Very simple. I dig it. And I would LOVE (and I know a lot of Toronto fans would too) if the Raptors went back to being called the Huskies. It's not 1994 anymore, the Jurassic Park craze is dead. And what the heck do Raptors have to do with Toronto, or Canada? Just saying. Because it's unique? How many other teams are called the Raptors, and how many are called the Huskies?
  14. Here's advice coming from someone who's pretty good at getting autographs. Your better off getting them in person. Here's a list of autos I got in person: You just got to know how to do it Barry Zito Matt Holiday Freddie Sanchez Kaz Matsu Jack Wilson Hunter Pence Jason Bay Jim Edmonds Chris Burke Maurice Jones-Drew Ike Taylor Ziggy Hood Larry Johnson Matt Capps More but I can't remember
  15. A-Train

    ReBrand: NBA

    The problem was I liked the colors either way, but when their are so many different ideas and comments it's hard to go one way or the other. but I'm going to complete a few then start it back up. But it was the criticism and comments that got the logos where they were, so thanks to everyone for that.
  16. A-Train

    ReBrand: NBA

    I think I'll just stop doing this and post it another time when I can decide on things.
  17. A-Train

    ReBrand: NBA

    Well, the thought process of this ReBrand was for me to make new identities for the teams that are lacking a good, strong identity, and leave the teams that have a good retro look alone and bring it back. And there are two teams immediately that I'm leaving retro and one is the Jazz, and the other is the Timberwolves.
  18. A-Train

    ReBrand: NBA

    I decided to go retro. I'm pretty much in love with the uniforms...