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  1. Definitely like the updated guitar better. It’s a better mesh of both images but doesn’t feel forced at all. Looks great!
  2. Is there a way to work in the knob of the bat into this some how? The bat is too subtle (if that’s a thing). Maybe reshape the rectangle below the 3 lines into a knob or make it into negative space in the shape below that. Just an idea. Maybe a stretch but could you turn the three lines/guitar strings into a taped part of a bat somehow? Again, just an idea. I like the idea of a guitar logo without a blatant music themed name, btw.
  3. Re: Honda/Indy Eleven... It's a combo from the manufacturing plant in town and dealerships...from the Indy biz journal The Eleven, a professional team that will debut in 2014, signed a three-year deal with Honda Manufacturing of Indiana LLC and central Indiana Honda dealers. The pact is worth about $1 million over the three-year term, said sources familiar with the deal. The sponsorship agreement makes Honda the "Official Automobile of Indy Eleven" and includes the placement of the Honda logo on all uniforms to be worn by the team for the next three years.
  4. As far as the 'new' pete. Don't. You just figure out who made Sparty and say we need that with a helmet and hammer? Never realized the amount of boilers on this board. I'm an IE'06 alum.
  5. Purdue released a new train logo. I assume this will replace the odd out of perspective train logo... http://t.co/GpXKL18O (new)
  6. Like I said in the other thread, that's like putting the Celtics and Lakers in the same division. OR Yankees/Red Sox...oh wait My idea for divisions: Animals: Gophers, Badgers, Wolverines, Hawkeyes, Wildcats, Nittany Lions People/Nuts: Huskers, Boilers, Hoosiers, Spartans, Illini, Buckeyes Crossover: Mich/OSU, Ill/NW, MSU/PSU, Iowa/NU, Minn/Pur, Wiscy/IU
  7. Found Some more. The more of these I find, the more impressed I am with ESPN. Really cool idea. USC: UCLA: Hawaii: Florida: Texas? OK State? My Boilers: Kansas? Wisconsin:
  8. While watching ESPN U last night (to see IU lose), I noticed they had a team specific logo that they were using as an outro before going to commercial. IU was playing Boston College and had the BC logo. I couldn't find a thread for this, but was looking for a collection of these logos. Here's what I found on Google BC: James Madison: Louisville: Marquette: Ohio (worst one yet):
  9. Here is my contribution...Indianapolis (note: the wings are from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway logo)
  10. Not trying to over step any boundaries, but after looking at your previous designs and some of the critiques, the following came to mind. I created a quick mock-up because it was hard to put in words. Basically, Minnesota outline with the trees and Minneapolis skyline for the suburbian feel. I went with a SSC instead of writing out the whole thing for reproducibility. Finally, added 10 stars in the sky for the 10 schools. I'm mixed on the stars because they are on the map, but obviously not where the schools are located (im assuming not even close). Just an idea, feel free to take any parts of it if you wish. -dw
  11. This might be a stretch, but could this be a way where Bronco's Marketing brass can take pics/video from practice to potential Sponsors and say look how visible your logo could be on our unis? Since this is the first year of the new rules allowing for sponsorship of jerseys, it would give someone a good idea of what they're buying. Think of it as one of those 'your ad could be here" billboards. Like I said it could be a stretch, but it was the first thing I thought of...
  12. I like the powder blue version better, especially if you guys make shirts.
  13. Supposedly, this is inspired by Allianz stadium in Munich which changes colors depending on the home team. Red (Bayern Munich), White (German Nat'l Team) and Blue (1860 Munich). Personally, I think this is really cool.
  14. Colts Rookies - 31 Brown, Donald 49 Powers, Jerraud 17 Collie, Austin 73 Thomas, Jaimie 01 McAfee, Pat 36 Anderson, Brandon 45 Humber, Ramon 97 Kuntz, Pat 83 Matthews, John 15 McDermott, Brett 64 Grady, Adrian 38 Harrison, Brandon 95 Moala, Fili 46 Cloherty, Colin 16 Lacey, Jacob 64 Lewis, Cornelius 02 Masthay, Tim 69 Pestock, Tom 46 Sales, Tyrell 62 Taylor, Terrance 07 Painter, Curtis
  15. Is it me or is Barwin's name and number placement much higher than Cushing's? Looks odd. It looks like he's pulling the jersey tight. It's kinda creased.