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  1. Then they'd risk being called the MiLF league! I wish I had the extra capital required to play around with money on these ventures. I assume it all ends up being a write-off, but dang!
  2. Someone posted a video on Twitter this morning of them creating this logo in MS Paint in 26 seconds. At least they didnt go with UT Puke Orange.
  3. The Cash Black made me LOL, and I dont LOL very easily. Come on, it's freaking black.
  4. The Nashville Sounds, the new Oakland A's Triple A Affiliate, is in the process of rebranding for our new stadium next year. They released a little today, which can be foudn at the below link. We all expected a change, but this is a diametric shift. It's almost like they're proposing an old-west theme (really???) while trying to KIND of please Preds and Vols fans. It's not the worst ever, but I'm MEH on it.
  5. Letting teams choose night-to-night would be a serious pain in the ass for equipment managers. On road trips teams might have to bring two sets of lids, sweaters, socks and maybe even shells depending on the opponents' preferences. Not night to night. Let each team pick their home jersey. It could all be planned out well ahead of time. it would still be a pain because teams might be forced to bring multiple sets. That would also require more coordination between teams and could lead to uniform mess-ups. Imagine a five-game roadie where a team would visit two dark-at-home and three white-at-home teams. Those teams would all have to get together just to accomodate each other, along with everybody else on the schedule. That's a real pain. Equipment managers are good folks and don't deserve that heartache. Each game they wear new jerseys anyways,they have no where to wash jerseys on the road. More coordination yes, but that is really it. My point is, that it's the best solution. I agree with equipment managers being good guys, but it would not be that much more just to higher one or two more. I actually think you're wrong there; they re-wear jerseys NUMEROUS times. And they do have access to laudry rooms in opposing arenas.
  6. Yes sir! Fits the city and state well. Simple and effective. So....I may be a bit biased, but I still think it's solid.
  7. Not a fan of having the yellow cover the top half of the PredHead...and I think it looks terrible on the yellow jersey. I'm also a bigger fan of the NP than of the N alone. The jersey is a little TOO old school,IMO. I don't think ownership wanted to go that far traditional.
  8. Looks like the Preds dropped Nashville off the front, but kept it on the back collar.
  9. What's laying on the couch back there? Looks Kings-ish. Nope. its the old Preds Alt.
  10. I cant wait until 2 years passes and all these nostalgia lovers have switched to hating the "old school" trend and yearn for a futuristic makeover for EVERY team. Eff em. I'm a Preds fan to the core. I think the new ownership and team leadership are trying to make this their team. Hate on the south all you want, but Nashville is behind this team. And next year is the biggest in the history of the franchise. The new Identity is a step up. Feelf ree to hate away, but I will purchase both as a fan of the team. As will numerous ATL fans, who we're glad to have on board. Bring on the gold to SMASHVILLE. And that big silver cup the B's just won.
  11. All the Preds fans that I personally know love the new design, honestly. I am a HUGE fan of it, and think it's a definite upgrade.
  12. There may be nothing to it, but the Preds have changed the background on the website to a jersey material. Interesting...
  13. I'm going to assume that you paid no attention to ticket numbers for this season and the playoffs. Nor read any articles about Nashville's support over the last few years. Nor read that other than Buffalo and Boston, the Nashville market had the highest viewership of Game 2 of the SCF in the league. SO I wont flame. Good try, though. I bet it'll be something simple such as FLA to MIA. I'm guessing that's never technically been done in the NHL.
  14. Actually, that is not going to be out Home will remain the Alternate.