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  1. Yeah side panels are different and adding the crest logo on front middle collar. They are going from one popular nike template to another. Don't think it's an upgrade, tbh other than the crest.
  2. I wish Radford would bring back these stunning throwbacks...only wore them twice in the 2018-19 season IIRC.
  3. New uniforms for Radford (on right, two old sets on left).
  4. The video doesn't show the pants for very long, do they really have the white circle on the pants?
  5. Why do the Nats have black jerseys?
  6. Those w/ madden can you upload pics of what redskins color rush uni's look like (mix and match - white pants, etc). Thanks!
  7. I like the helmets, but those should be used for big games. Just like the flag pattern uniforms should be. I think it was special when they would use it for certain big games or rivalry games. It loses a little allure when you use it week in and week out. And this is coming from the biggest fan of the Maryland state flag in the world.
  8. Really bummed Maryland hasn't upgraded their uni's (or at least basic set). I'm sure they'll have something cooking for later this season, but still.
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