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  1. Looking for a soccer kit template (preferably vector), can anyone help?
  2. Do we know what the spring training hats look like this season?
  3. These are incredible! Is the template available for download?
  4. Looking to speak with the designer of the Kansas City Royals Primary Logo Concept design. I play for an amateur baseball team in NYC called the Kings County Royals and we'd love to know if we could have permission to use the logo.  Thanks!

    1. rgardaphe


      We don't really have any money, but we like the design a lot and would love to try to compensate you somehow!

  5. Thanks everyone! I updated it with a power blue "C". I really like it! Thoughts on this?
  6. what is everyone thoughts on this? I figured this logo could serve as a more consistent identity for the team. It could be used on hats, jerseys, merchandise, etc. Thoughts? Thanks! UPDATE:
  7. Hey everyone- Just a fun little concept... This originated at a concept for the winter classic uniforms but as of now, I am just playing with logos. I am thinking about adding feathers to the alternate/shoulder to keep with the identity and look less generic. What do you think? Again, these are the very early conceptual stages but I want to get feedback and eventually finish the project. Thanks! updated logo!
  8. I actually uploaded the wrong image, check out the correct above!
  9. I wanted to figure this out and this is my first attempt. Thoughts on this? How can I improve it? (The logo is a concept I designed that can be found here.) updated!
  10. I really love these. Would you be willing to post your template?
  11. Thanks!! I really think I prefer it as a crest. An alternate jersey is the perfect opportunity to experiment and be different. I did try that but I wanted to keep the design elements close to the existing team's identity. When the Flyers did wear black, they kept the black logo & looked very sharp. Thank you! As I mentioned above this post, I wanted this logo to be a sibling of the existing primary logo. (my reason for the unnecessary black outline). As for the "Adidas" stripes, I really did play with those for a long time. However, if I made them a solid object the logo really lost a lot of depth and looked too static for my taste.