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  1. Do we know what the spring training hats look like this season?
  2. These are incredible! Is the template available for download?
  3. Thanks everyone! I updated it with a power blue "C". I really like it! Thoughts on this?
  4. what is everyone thoughts on this? I figured this logo could serve as a more consistent identity for the team. It could be used on hats, jerseys, merchandise, etc. Thoughts? Thanks! UPDATE:
  5. Hey everyone- Just a fun little concept... This originated at a concept for the winter classic uniforms but as of now, I am just playing with logos. I am thinking about adding feathers to the alternate/shoulder to keep with the identity and look less generic. What do you think? Again, these are the very early conceptual stages but I want to get feedback and eventually finish the project. Thanks! updated logo!
  6. I actually uploaded the wrong image, check out the correct above!
  7. I wanted to figure this out and this is my first attempt. Thoughts on this? How can I improve it? (The logo is a concept I designed that can be found here.) updated!
  8. I really love these. Would you be willing to post your template?
  9. Thanks!! I really think I prefer it as a crest. An alternate jersey is the perfect opportunity to experiment and be different. I did try that but I wanted to keep the design elements close to the existing team's identity. When the Flyers did wear black, they kept the black logo & looked very sharp. Thank you! As I mentioned above this post, I wanted this logo to be a sibling of the existing primary logo. (my reason for the unnecessary black outline). As for the "Adidas" stripes, I really did play with those for a long time. However, if I made them a solid object the logo really lost a lot of depth and looked too static for my taste.
  10. Wow!! thanks for all the great, positive feedback everyone! I am posting the jerseys now!
  11. What's up everyone- I haven't been very active or posted here in a bit but I was hoping to get some feed back on this alternate logo. I designed jerseys too match but I was hoping to get feedback on this logo first. Please let me know what you think & what I should change. Thanks & go Flyers! Update: What does everyone think of these jerseys?
  12. Yeah those were made by me. I did a bunch of different color combos but don't feel like flooding the thread with my concepts. Can you email/pm/post this template please?JackGambro@yahoo.com
  13. bump! added some updates to OP. Let me know what you think!
  14. Thanks! I kept the "soccer" straight to stay consistent with the top of the shield.
  15. What's up everyone- I am not a huge soccer fan but after watching the world cup I was inspired to rebrand the team. Although i did like some aspects of the teams current look, I think it could be improved. Team USA's current look: I like: -Keeping a "crest" or "shield" as a predominant logo -Stars and stripes, the most iconic symbols of america -Obviously red, white, and blue I DO NOT like: -Abbreviated "US" rather than "USA" -The pretense of the soccer ball looks amateur and not necessary -Light blue & light red look more playful than aggressive and powerful -Beveled stars are inconsistant and also unnecessary Here is mine! Uniforms are coming soon. What do you think? Thanks! JackGambroDesign.com ------------update! Here is some updates based on your responses! I tried to cover all of the requests. What are your thoughts on these?
  16. Thanks! one of the few suggestions I was given was a predominant forehead, and giant ears lol. I did look into real foxes and could tell that the ears do take up a large percentage of their heads.
  17. What's up everyone? I'm doing the branding for the high school I am graduation from this week. Although the school was established in the 1800s, the school has never had a true identity. The closest thing to a real logo is paintings throughout the school of random foxes and a pixelated "Y" on the district's various websites. I have been in contact with administration throughout the district and have been hired to "re"brand the entire district. Although the school has a variety of sports programs, I believe it is important to be consistent with logos. I plan on doing an academic word mark, a school seal, a primary & secondary "spirit" (or sports) logos, and a sports word mark. Anyway, enough of that. Here is what I have so far for the primary logo. The "Foxes" are red, black, and white. The administration was very adamant about silver/gray not being used on the primary logo. What do you think so far? I plan on improving the mouth but everything else is basically done for my first draft. I would love as much feedback as possible!! Thank you!
  18. I really like the main logo but think the word mark needs work.
  19. Hey All- I haven't had much experience with logo design so I was hoping for some feedback on what I can do better. I like the Chief's concept but i feel like the 70's logo is very dated. What do you think? Thanks! JackGambroDesign.com UPDATE: New version after seeing your comments coming soon!! Thank you!!!
  20. Bump!! updated with new logo. Blues now hosting. Can i have some feedback on this? Any c&c?