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  1. Don't forget, the AIIFL had some great logos as well. The NJ Generals, Denver Gold, Philadelphia Stars and TB Bandits logo were updated for the league that never forrnally started. I really liked the Dallas Wranglers logo.
  2. Speedy, I sent you a private message.
  3. Rip off of the New Jersey Generals of the USFL IMO.
  4. Gosh, this would stink. Conferences are already too big in many cases. No true champs.
  5. I don't think it's so much they don't understand the power of a brand, it is just their budget is limited. Not only do they have to purchase the logo, signage, uniforms, fields,etc all have to be changed to fit the new look. In this day and age, not a lot of money is going into education, especially for branding.
  6. Would like to see a sac kings court w/ the lion head/ball logo at center court. I think that is their strongest logo.
  7. Have you ever thought of turning your archers design into a basketball set?


  8. Could you work your magic on Marquette's old logo...http://www.city-data.com/forum/attachments/basketball/127931d1396626055-official-marquette-golden-eagles-thread-marquette-warriors.png
  9. Can't wait to see what you do with Charlotte, out of C-USA.
  10. NIce. Hard to believe HugeVolsFan didn't get in on the merit of his MLF thread.
  11. Awesome work. That Lehigh redo really stands out. I hate the color brown, but it looks wonderful there.
  12. Is it possible for someone to post just the cobra logo...without the helmet?
  13. Awesome, thanks for sharing! I like the colors...kind of like the BC Lions silver helmet. Shane
  14. Perfect...wow, looks nice. I wish I had the talent to do this and put the uniform specs together. Shane
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