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  1. Denver vs. NY Jets Indianapolis vs. Chicago Jacksonville vs. Cincinnati Cleveland vs. Dallas New Orleans vs. Detroit Arizona vs. Carolina Minnesota vs. Houston Baltimore vs. Washington Seattle vs. Miami LA Chargers vs. Tampa Bay NY Giants vs. LA Rams New England vs. Kansas City Buffalo vs. Las Vegas Philadelphia vs. San Francisco Atlanta vs. Green Bay tentative: Pittsburgh vs. Tennessee
  2. Miami vs. Jacksonville (Late to this one but the Jags would have been my pick) Tennessee vs. Minnesota Washington vs. Cleveland LA Rams vs. Buffalo Chicago vs. Atlanta Las Vegas vs. New England Houston vs. Pittsburgh Cincinnati vs. Philadelphia San Francisco vs. NY Giants NY Jets vs. Indianapolis Carolina vs. LA Chargers Detroit vs. Arizona Tampa Bay vs. Denver Dallas vs. Seattle Green Bay vs. New Orleans Kansas City vs. Baltimore
  3. Cincinnati vs. Cleveland San Francisco vs. NY Jets Buffalo vs. Miami Minnesota vs. Indianapolis Detroit vs. Green Bay Atlanta vs. Dallas NY Giants vs. Chicago LA Rams vs. Philadelphia Jacksonville vs. Tennessee Carolina vs. Tampa Bay Denver vs. Pittsburgh Washington vs. Arizona Kansas City vs. LA Chargers Baltimore vs. Houston New England vs. Seattle New Orleans vs. Las Vegas
  4. Houston vs. Kansas City NY Jets vs. Buffalo Cleveland vs. Baltimore Seattle vs. Atlanta Chicago vs. Detroit Las Vegas vs. Carolina Philadelphia vs. Washington Miami vs. New England Green Bay vs. Minnesota Indianapolis vs. Jacksonville LA Chargers vs. Cincinnati Tampa Bay vs. New Orleans Arizona vs. San Francisco Dallas vs. LA Rams Pittsburgh vs. NY Giants Tennessee vs. Denver
  5. Sounds to me like you're describing the Denver Broncos logo perfectly.
  6. In an effort to steer this thread back on track a bit, but moreso because I've been wondering this for a long time, and because yours is probably one of the opinions I'd actually respect: What was wrong with the old Rams logo? I don't know if my homerism of being a diehard St. Louis Rams fan shows but, hell, I always thought that that logo was in the top 10 of the league easily. I hear all the time how people dislike it and I've often wondered why.
  7. See, the problem I have with Vancouver isn't necessarily the logo, but the color treatment of it. To have green everywhere else: hem, pant, and sock stripes; shoulder patch, anniversary patch, and even the stick tape(!) and then have a primary logo with no green, but instead navy and silver, which are featured no where else in the team's identity, has always bugged me. But, they did get rid of the arched 'VANCOUVER', so, I guess that's a plus. I would say that the most underappreciated look for Vancouver was the "flying skate" era, but, since it's been brought back via fan vote, I guess it can't really be considered underappreciated. These were underappreciated:
  8. I agree. I think it's an attractive looking logo, but I also get some Dr. Manhattan + vinyl record vibes from it. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, per se. Those two things were just the first to come to mind when looking at the logo.
  9. Save for the advert on the stomach, these aren't too bad as a one-off. I wish there was a better color balance on the tops like the right leg of the shorts. But overall, they're not horrible. I mean, we've seen worse in pro sports in the 90s-00s. *cough*LA Burger Kings*cough*
  10. Does it work if I remove the outline completely? When I first envisioned the logo, I wanted the 'AH' to be a different color than the '!' to draw more attention to the exclamation mark. Thanks for drawing that up sparky! I'll trace it and see how it looks when it's digitized. I appreciate all the comments, guys.
  11. Finally got some time to work on this. I added a couple additional color options. Thoughts?
  12. This is exactly what the Rams should do. The logo they have had since 2000 is a damn decent logo. I'd understand the want for LA to leave it behind but it's a fantastic logo that looks great in the old color scheme. I'd hate for it to go only to see some boring 'LA' monogram, which I feel will be the case, unfortunately. Good work.
  13. Reggie BKush is the obvious choice
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