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  1. I agree with you, but only if they change the numbers to silver with a white outline. There would be too much white if not.
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    XFL Concepts

    These are all really good. Tampa Bay is probably my favorite of the bunch; the color scheme and logo is fantastic. For St. Louis, I would make the helmet either purple or white to ensure that The Arch is kept silver throughout the branding.
  3. Are the Kings' unis great? No. Is their logo lackluster? Yes. But they shouldn't change anytime soon. They went on a crazy playoff run to win The Cup almost immediately after dropping the old uniforms and embracing the black and silver color scheme. The Kings have never had an identity that has stuck for more than a decade without some sort of changes. The Gretzky-era identity was probably their best, and, outside of their current set, the most memorable. Two Stanley Cups within a few years of rebranding has to count for something. Even though I'm not too fond of the look, I don't see the Kings changing for a while and I hope they don't. Purple and yellow/gold is a color scheme that I would love to see in the NHL but the Kings identity is black and silver and it should stay that way.
  4. The Dallas concept is super crisp. I would love to see these hit the ice. Nashville is clean as well and it's a nice looking sweater but it almost seems too conservative. Honestly, I think using the Tennessee flag inspired 3-star roundel as the main crest would look nice (keeping the stripe, of course).
  5. Yeah, I looked at it and thought that with the added yellow texture it made it look kinda like a tortilla chip. The idea is good but I'd play around with the texture a bit.
  6. NHL Hitz 2002. "HE'S ON FIRE!"
  7. Thanks for the info. I was genuinely curious as to how it all worked out. I'm not trying to say that the Jets should strictly adopt the Thrashers history, as per the last line in my post where I stated that the Thrashers and Coyotes were, for all intents and purposes, mistakes. Again, not trying to bully or police, I was actually just wanting to know how everything resolved between the franchises. Believe me, I'd hate to see Selanne in a Coyotes sweater, as I'm sure everyone would. This, this I could get behind. Joking aside, that was sorta the point of my post; the fact that multiple franchises hold records for multiple teams (in any sport) has always seemed weird to me. Not necessarily. It's moreso that the Jets used to exist as an original franchise, moved, and then were resurrected from another team. That's why I mentioned the Ravens/Browns ordeal. Take the Baltimore Orioles for example, when they moved from St. Louis, they didn't keep the Browns moniker (jeez, if Baltimore ever gets another NBA team, they should just call themselves the Browns. It's not like in the modern era a team would be allowed to be called the "Bullets" anyway, but I'm trailing off...) yet the Orioles still hold the history of the Browns. I'd even like to see them do some retro-inspired uniforms from the days in St. Louis. It does make more sense to me now with everyone's input. I guess "bothered" wasn't quite the right word to use in my opening question. Honestly, yes, I would have liked the team to have chosen a different nickname after the intent to move was finalized. But I don't hate that they went with "Jets." Like I said, I never grew up watching the Jets, nor do I remember anything about them other than what I've seen on highlight film. So, for me, the idea of a completely new brand in the NHL had my interest when I heard that the Thrashers were relocating. Absolutely! And this was pretty much what I was trying to get at. Now that I know the Jets do officially own the rights to certain aspects of the original team, it makes more sense to me. In my ideal situation, based on the fact the the 2011 Winnipeg NHL team was going to be named the Jets, they would have immediately absorbed the history of the old Jets franchise, essentially making the Coyotes an "expansion team" much like the how the NFL handled the Ravens and Browns situation. ________ Thanks for the info everyone. [insert themoreyouknow.gif here]
  8. While we're on the subject: Doesn't it bother anyone else that the current Winnipeg Jets have unofficially adopted the history of the original Jets? I understand the nostalgia factor but it doesn't make much sense to me. And maybe it's just that I was born in the early 90s so I don't have any memories of the original Jets, or, that I'm ignorant to the whole concept. But how is it that Winnipeg is allowed to use the old Jets' logos and uniforms for the Heritage classic? Technically, shouldn't Arizona hold the rights to the history? I don't understand how old Jet greats like Teemu Selane and Dale Hawerchuck played in the alumni game, in reality, having never played for the franchise. I understand that the Thrashers history is less than glamourous and that it would feel wrong for the Coyotes to try to cash in on the original Jets' history but that's just the way it is. I guess what I'm really trying to get at is: Couldn't the Jets do a Ravens/Browns-esque deal where they could officially adopt the history of the original team? Instead we're kinda left in this weird situation wherein everyone basically agrees that the Coyotes and Thrashers were mistakes but no one wants to talk about it.
  9. Yup. I've been having this problem for a while now. Whenever click the "insert other media" button and post the URL from imgur or even a direct URL from another website, the box turns red and nothing happens. EDIT: It seems as though the issue has been fixed for the most part. To post from imgur, you'll need to use the click on "get share links" and copy the BBCode. Enter it directly into your post instead of using the "insert other media" option.
  10. Fantastic series! If these were real, my wallet would definitely take a hit. Haha. Dallas, Carolina, and the Rangers are the top three for me, and jerseys that I would love to have in my collection.
  11. I'm really digging the Fox bugs. Great work!
  12. Overall, these aren't too bad. I really like the idea for Tampa Bay and the Nordiques concept is a pretty good modernization of what the team wore (I'd take away 3 or 4 of the fleur-de-lis though). Gotta say, I'm not a fan of Dallas but I respect the creativity. About the concepts as a whole, I really think you would benefit from using different variations of the template that you're currently using. The template you're using now is generally used for teams that have a square yoke or none at all. That's leading to that awkward space where the yoke on the back of the jersey doesn't line up with the sleeve striping or the continuation of the front yoke. Here's a link to Steven Grant's full library of all the different Adizero cuts. Additionally, he was generous enough to put together a colorized template for each NHL team, including their home, away, and third jerseys. One more thing: the logos are just a bit too big. Scale them down some and position them so that the logo would primarily rest on the player's chest, rather than reaching down to his stomach. Hope that helps! I look forward to seeing your progress.
  13. Nice work. The colored scores looked a little off to me when I first glanced at each graphic, but the more I look at them, I actually really like that change. Personally, I would prefer if each team's abbreviation were white, just for a bit more uniformity. The bright yellow "MIN" sticks out too much when the rest of the text that appears on a colored background is white.
  14. I have not. It sounds awesome, though. I'll definitely have to check it out next time I'm up there. Thanks!
  15. Oh, man, I'd never even seen a Fanatics version of the Blues' alt. That is pretty rough. Not to derail this thread from the NFL too much further, but this example was what came to mind. Notice the shoulder logos.
  16. I love the Winter Classic set. I would like to see that darker shade of green implemented into the Stars' jerseys somehow. Maybe just a thin stripe between the yellow and white stripes?
  17. The NHL hands down. I have to agree with this. Since the NHL and New Era parted ways, there are hardly any good NHL caps for sale. Like, seriously, how hard is it to get a fitted cap with a nicely stitched logo that doesn't have some wacky and/or recolored design? Also, the Fanatics replica jerseys are poorly made and inaccurate to the respective teams' actual jerseys.
  18. Chicago looks much better. Nice work. Colorado looks pretty decent. I'm not sure how I feel about the the horizontal stripe right under the collar, however. Did you try a more diagonal stripe, closer to what they currently use/have used in the past? Also, I would like the see the 'C' logo with the circle in black to allude to it being a puck and balance with the primary logo. Other than that, these are really nice. I quite like the first Columbus concept you posted. I would make the hem stripe thicker to better match their inaugural unis and call it a day. The second concept is interesting. I'm not gonna lie and say that I don't miss Stinger just a bit. But if you're gonna use that logo and the neon green, you have to go full on neon. It looks like a standard yellow to me.
  19. Generally, I'm not too big a fan of diagonal font jerseys outside of the Rangers. But I actually really like this. I would suggest putting "PHILLY" at a greater diagonal so that the P isn't as close to the armpit. The idea of the alternate logo is nice but it could be executed better than just copying the bell graphic that the Phillies use. As is, I'm not sure if the outline around the Flyers logo needs to be thicker or if the logo needs to be scaled down some, but it just looks a little muddied. Oh, and just as a heads up, the Adidas logo on the back of your jersey is backwards.
  20. I really like how you took each city's hockey history into account instead of defaulting to a North Stars fauxback for Dallas. The concepts themselves are great. I kinda like the idea of putting the captain's patches on the sleeves; it's different, and I wouldn't want to see it all the time, but it works for a Winter Classic concept. I didn't even notice the names until @NoE38 pointed them out. As a Blues fan, I approve. Nice work!
  21. For sure! These next few that you've posted would force me to update my favorites list. Haha. First off, the Whalers, err... Hurricane's jerseys are beautiful. If only Carolina actually managed to produce a brand that used that color scheme, these uniforms would be a perfect throwback that I would like the see Carolina wear often. The only issue I have is that if the 'Canes were to wear these on ice, they wouldn't make much sense as a full-time alternate. As a Winter Classic, sure, but I couldn't see these being more than a one-off. I've also noticed that this is the only team that you've used a defunct franchise for. It's so hard for me to wish for a uniform using the 'Canes identity since this is such a gorgeous jersey but I would like to see it. Dallas is just about perfect. Since the Stars updated their identity, I've seen many people wish that the gold would have stayed. Personally, I felt as though the update was so good, that gold was unnecessary, especially after seeing many of the concepts swap the silver for gold. Others I saw flattened and/or recolored the logo in a way that dulled the look. I love what you've done here, keeping the silver beveling and opting for a gold outline. As someone who loves Dallas' current identity, I would not at all be disappointed if Dallas were to switch to this design as a basis for their identity. My only gripe is the adoption of the 90s style stripes on the sleeves but they're not a deal-breaker. I should have a lot to say about my hometown Blues. However, I really don't. I love these. They're a perfect combination of the inaugural and current uniforms (which, in my opinion, are the two best uniforms the Blues have ever worn). I do like the double blue that they use now, but these are great and if this were used as the basis of a new primary set, I would imagine that the white uniforms would look stunning as well. Great work. Not much to say about the Canadiens either. These are a really nice nod to the history of the team and great looking uniforms in and of themselves. The all red would be a bit jarring on ice but I understand that the basis of this project really doesn't give you much of a choice in changing them.
  22. I'm in my hometown of St. Louis for some much needed vacation and family time. (Oh, and I'm seeing Cage the Elephant and Beck on Tuesday night!) I stopped by Plato's Closet today (or, I guess yesterday, as it's currently 1AM) and was pumped to have found these two brand new hats for $8 a pop. I'm pretty sure I let out an audible gasp followed by a quiet "yes!" when I saw the North Stars cap. Also, tax free weekend. So, not a bad first day of vacation.
  23. Not bad for Chicago. The only gripe I have is the numbers on the back. They look pretty big and I would decrease the outline by quite a bit. As of now there's too much red bleeding into the striping pattern.
  24. I'm a little late to commenting on this thread to give complete C&C to all of these but overall, amazing work. Favorites: Rangers, Vegas, Tampa, Calgary, Buffalo, Detroit, Anaheim I also really like Arizona. I love the full-bodied coyote but I feel like it gets a little lost with in the jersey. The hem also bleeds with the lighter shade of brick red. Chicago is really interesting. Weird anecdote: As a kid, I always thought it was weird when a team had a logo with more colors than that of their actual color scheme (Blackhawks, Steelers, and Yankees were the big three). Young me didn't understand the complexities of sports history. So, yeah, it's definitely interesting but not something I could see the team doing. Columbus and Minnesota are honestly the only ones so far that don't do it for me. The only diagonal script jerseys that look right to me are the Rangers' and the short-lived early 90s Penguins' and, to a lesser extent, their inaugural uniforms. I know everyone around here misses the North Stars but I'm just not a fan of teams playing homage to teams that they never were. I don't even like when Winnipeg dresses up as the old Jets. But again, that's just me.
  25. I actually liked the Whaler-colored jersey better. Although, I would change the colors on the warning flag striping design. I understand you're going for a subliminal effect but it looks a bit off. It's like when you make a square with a yellow highlighter on white paper and the middle looks purple.