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  1. I design a lot of stuff for Texas Tech University. I'm also a fan of artist Drew Struzans's work and wanted to try something similar in Photoshop. After playing around for a while, is what I came up with...
  2. Watching the Rangers play the Astros tonight and thought it would be cool to design a Rangers hat that mixed elements of the Astros hat and the Texas Flag... and this is what I came up with. Nothin' special really. Just for fun...
  3. Here's my version of the new ECU Undaunted logo...
  4. I do a lot of work for the University of Utah. I've never really liked their logo so I decided to make a new one. What do you think?
  5. Nice work on the logo man. I really like how the space in the face mask makes a T.
  6. First, I'd like to thank everybody for their constructive criticism. There's been some pretty good advice shared. Secondly (and I probably should have mentioned this from the get go), even though I used many (if not all) of the design cues from the real Dallas Cowboys, I still wanted to approach this project as if the they were a new, previously non-existent team. One without all of the history and tradition. I wasn't thinking about this as a re-brand but more of an expansion team. Also, I didn't really intended on the two uniforms to be viewed as a "home" & "road". They were really meant to be like an "option 1" and an "option 2". That was my fault. I should have labeled them clearly. Anyway, thanks for all the comments, keep 'em coming.
  7. I enjoyed making the Texas Tech uniform concept so much that I decided to work one up for the Cowboys. I've done one of these before and a few people freaked out when they saw it. Remember, this was just for fun. It's not like Jerry Jones is going to go with these next season, so everybody just relax...
  8. After working on a new helmet concept for the Red Raiders I decided to work up a couple of uniform concepts too. I've never really done a football uni concept before but I think over all they turned out pretty good.
  9. i don't really have anything in the way of constructive criticism... but man, that atlanta primary logo is seriously awesome! the secondary mark reminds me too much of the calgary flames but it's still pretty nice. good work.
  10. Ok, so I work at a place called Old Hate Creative And this is our team. It features our colors and our logos (which I did not design). It also features our official mascot Lil' Duey, who is a Gnome. Therefore our official team name is the Fightin' Gnomes.
  11. No, they've never worn chrome. As far as the typeface, it's a custom set. Tech had only been using the characters that make up their wordmark. A guy I work with here at Old Hat took what Tech was already using and finished out the alphabet. He also created the numbers and punctuation. However, I don't believe that the numbers that appear on the current jersey use this typeface. i want to say what is on there now is closer the Dispatch or something similar.
  12. i use tinypic. just upload it there and it'll give you a link. just copy that an paste it into your thread and you're all set...
  13. Man, the 80's WWF logo is one of my all time favorite logos. I hate the new WWE scribble logo. I really like where you're going with this. I might try a little more variation in the gradient. And I'm not sure I like the red outer glow.
  14. My home town of Lubbock, TX is in talks with the Pecos League to bring baseball back to Lubbock. From what I can gather the new team would use the city's old minor league team name, The Hubbers (1922-1956). There seems to already be a website up and running along with a proposed logo and uni design. Now, I don't want to bash anyone's art work but I thought I could come us with something a little more attractive. So, since I've been doing stuff for my Federal League I figured I do one and add it to my set. Below is a link to what is being proposed.
  15. Yeah, I wasn't thinking this should be a replacement but just an alternate, ya know, for special games and stuff... but NOT on a white helmet. I hate the white helmet LOL. That was probably my biggest complaint about old Tubbs. We hadn't worn a white helmet in 40 something years and he decided to bring it back. But I will say this, I'm sure glad they're getting rid of the helmet with the glitter on it. The matte black will look sharp.