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  1. I got an email from the Bills saying "the new uniforms will incorporate the teams storied history while maintaining the signature charging buffalo logo." They will unveil them at a fan event later in the offseason.
  2. NHL: Game 4 1999 SCF, Sabres won or Game 7 1997 1st Round vs Ottawa, Derek Plante OT Goal sends Sabres into second round NFL: Nothing of note except a few great games that meant nothing because the Bills have been terrible. MLB: Ripken's last game in Toronto. It was my first ever MLB game and I loved every second of it. NCAAF: UB/UCONN International Bowl, UB's first and only bowl game NCAAB: Mizzou/Clemson and Morgan St/WVU first round NCAA games last season
  3. Etem, a Ducks prospect, was born in raised here in SoCal. He even skates funny because he primarily played roller hockey until he was 13 or 14. I think his views of Buffalo or even Medicine Hat would be similar to mine (same generation, same basic upbringing) and I have no real problem with his statement. Obviously Buffalo residents dont like that being said, but who outside of Buffalo hasn't said that. And plenty of athletes have. I think the "hardcore booing" is definitely a little much. Be miffed at him or be creative with a sign or something, but yea he's only 18 and he's a SoCal kid in Buffalo in the dead of winter. Give him a break. He's wearing the red/white/blue and representing the USA, support him for what he's doing. Plus, its probably best that it's a "ghost town" to him so he's not out getting in trouble. I'd hope this wouldn't carry on in any more games. The booing died down a lot tonight. I only heard it during the starting roster introductions, and I was there. Plenty of Non-Buffalonians have said that but a player on the "hometown team" has never said that to my knowledge outside of Willis McGahee and he was booed out of Buffalo as well. Most Sabres and Bills have positive views of the city and do decide to stay here after retiring (Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, Scotty Bowman, etc). He can think whatever he wants but don't go out on Twitter and say that. Also, what do you expect a 18 year old to do while in a foreign city? He can't go to bars unless he wants to go to a club, which Buffalo has plenty of. It obviously isn't as glamorous as Long Beach, but he is there to win a Gold for the United States of America, not to go out and party.
  4. I don't think it deserved a suspension but I can understand the IIHF's decision. Also, did anybody else hear the booing (by USA fans) of USA forward Emerson Etem because of his tweet "much needed day off, buffalo is a ghost town!! the worst city ever, it makes medicine hat look like paradise, never thought ide say that". What are your reactions to that. I think the hardcore booing, even after he scored a goal for the US, is understandable but he is only 18. I don't think they should boo in any other games.
  5. I'd like to point out how crazy Canadian hockey fans are. The arena seats 18,690, and I swear there were 18,500 Canadian fans at that game. I was an usher for that game and was awed by their enthusiasm for a round robin game in another country; albeit 2 miles from the border. It was the loudest I ever remember HSBC Arena being and I've been to probably 30-40 games there in the past 14 years. However, they were so much more ridiculously drunk than any other fans. One person puked in the aisle in my section, people were harassing each other over stupid crap, typical drunk stuff, but the other games were good natured. As for the games, I love Canada's style, hit everything that moves. They had at least 10 amazing hits. I didn't expect a big hitting game coming in but wow, i was amazed. Both the US and Canada started out slow but got the W, which is all that matters. I just want a rematch with Canada in the Gold Medal Game, I can't imagine the atmosphere there.
  6. Play: DeSean Jackson's punt return TD or the Jaguars hail mary Game: Eagles/Giants last week or Gold Medal Game of the Olympics Moment: Landon Donovan sending the USA to the group stages Story: Vick's comeback or the Saints winning the Super Bowl
  7. This statistic I can't believe. The Buffalo Bills have not lost a game to the Bengals since before I was born (1990). The Bills have won 10 straight versus them. The last time the Bengals beat the Bills was January 8th, 1989; the AFC Championship game.
  8. I'm gonna guess that is where the Field Goal post will be and they need to dig down for the concrete or steel supports/foundation to hold it up.
  9. Kentucky is playing Notre Dame at Freedom Hall in December, I am guessing this floor, or at least this paint scheme will be on just for that game versus the Irish.
  10. Both should have been overturned, and Yankee fans complain saying they get calls against them.
  11. Sounds like he's about ready to murder somebody... oh wait... I head Ray Lewis say that and it fired me up I almost wish I was a Raven at that moment to lay a crushing hit on Mark Sanchez and his whiney $.59 cents for pizza toppings is too much. Going way off topic on this one, but if you're ordering pizza in Cortland, shouldn't you be ordering D.P. Dough instead? Best calzone I ever had in my life (KevinMcD will know what I'm talking about) DP Dough is alright, the Calzones are way too greasy though. I like Zonies better. As for Pizza i'd go for A Pizza and More or Mark's, either is delicious. However, all I saw on Hard Knocks was them eating Dominoes, Taco Bell and on campus junk. And I totally agree with the OP. I have no idea why the Jets are favorites in the AFC. LT will have a solid season, but will be worse than Jones was. Also, who knows what Greene will do with the added carries and pressure Sanchez was not good for most of last year, which is expected of any rookie, who knows what he will do in his second year. Their first team Offense has looked horrible so far in the preseason, and won't be whole until Holmes gets back from his suspension. Their loss of Calvin Pace will be huge, he was a great defender. The almighty Revis is back but he did not participate at all in offseason practices, who knows how long it will take him to be all there and ready. The Jets wont be terrible but they will not sniff the Super Bowl and I am 50/50 on them making the playoffs.
  12. 1.Saints (Defending Super Bowl champs) 2.Packers (Great Offense, Good Defense, going to be much better this year) 3.Ravens (Flacco will finally have a few WR's and a top tier RB along with a great D, watch out AFC) 4.Colts (Manning is still there, enough said) 5.Vikings (Farve is old, but still is going to be a solid QB for them) ----------- 22.Bills (This is not me only being a homer but they are going to be much better than the media and most others are predicting. They were 6-10 last year and how did they get worse? They had 22 players on IR last year, that is a full starting roster, got a new, and better coach with a new scheme, the best skill player in the draft and a revitalized QB, they will be better than advertised) ----------- 28.Bucs (They could be better if Freeman develops) 29.Bears (The Lions are finally not last in the NFC North) 30.Seahawks (They just got rid of their only offensive threat) 31.Browns (Delhomme is no longer a good QB) 32.Rams (Bradford will be a good NFL QB, but not this year)