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  1. Love the Miami uniforms but not feeling the stripeless helmet though.
  2. Everything is good, but I'm not a fan of the black outlining. In fact, not a fan of black at all on the 49ers uniforms. Also, I think the helmet numbers should be split and not on the same side.
  3. JRose5

    Detroit Lions

    Since Matt Millen was fired, they should remove black from their color scheme.
  4. Could you do one from an old Virginia team from the old Continental Football League, the Norfolk Neptunes? JR5
  5. Beautiful, just beautiful. Minor correction on this helmet. You're missing the little strip next to the "H" on this logo. The state isn't outlined in maroon and the font is wrong on TECH. How about a current Virginia helmet and these throwbacks? Could you also do a plain white helmet with a red single striple down the middle? Have you done a 60s version helmet with a single bar face mask? JR5
  6. Way better than the current uniforms. I'm not feeling the "D" on the logo. on the monochrome look. JR5
  7. How about a current Virginia Tech helmet and these throwbacks? JR5
  8. How about a Michigan one? JR5
  9. Really? My man, he made these in 2007... Before they had a team. And its a concept, doesn't have to have the same helmet. He did not make these logos up. These were the new logos introduced to the school in 2002 when they brought back light blue back into their color scheme. JR5
  10. The sticker effect is awesome. Are you planning on doing other types of helmets like the revolution style or the 70s and 80s style face mask style cages? JR5
  11. Actually those Colts uniforms look like the 1952-55 uniforms that predated the current and familiar look that we are used to seeing.
  12. I'm loving these. Great job.
  13. I'm really digging these retro-looking jerseys, even though I'm not a Virginia Tech fan!!
  14. These are so cool!!!! Virginia Tech? Virginia?