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  2. A few things 1. The story linked to in the first paragraph, the entire basis for the article, was originally published on in January of last year. It is not reflective of sales/trends for the 2016-2017 season 2. Almost none of this is accurate. 3. It was written by a ''guest author'', which is somewhat peculiar as I'm not sure I've seen a story on CCSLC credited to someone who didn't have a real name attached to it.
  3. NHL Panthers Unveil New Logo/Uniforms, June 2016 Maple Leafs Unveil New Uniforms, June 2016 Penguins Unveil New Vegas Gold Road Uniform, June 2016|PIT|home NBA Kings Officially Unveil New Logos, April 2016 Kings Unveil New Uniforms, June 2016
  4. NHL/Hockey Maple Leafs Unveil New Logo, February 2016 World Cup of Hockey Uniforms Unveiled, March 2016 NBA/Basketball Raptors Adding Two New Uniforms Next Season, February 2016 Story on Nets Aborted 1995 Rebranding, April 2016 MLB/Baseball Story on Origins of DIamondbacks Identity, February 2016
  5. Miami Heat Unveil Uniforms for 2015-2016 Season, October 27 2015 2015-2016 NBA Logo/Uniform Season Previews CCSLC Uni-Watch Boston Bruins Unveil 2015-2016 Winter Classic Uniform, October 27 2015〈=en&navid=DL|BOS|home
  6. Between 95/96 and 96/97, the Raptors played 3 games at Hamilton's Copps Coliseum Unfortunately, this was one of only two pictures I could find of the team playing at the arena, from 12/26/96
  7. Pistons Unveil New Chrome Alternates
  8. November 7, 1991 - TSN's coverage of the unveiling of the Expos new uniforms and cap
  9. Here is a post featuring a visual timeline of how the NHL rink has evolved throughout the years. 1961-1973 VS 2014-2015
  10. Dallas Mavericks 25th Anniversary Logos
  11. Those links were taken from the thread above. There's been a ton added as far as historical NHL stuff since I made that thread on the HFboards 8 months ago (you can find most of the new links in post #8 of the thread )
  12. St. Petersburg Times, January 31st 1997