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  1. as someone who spends way more time browsing vintage sports apparel listings on eBay and Etsy than they would care to admit, I'm always fascinated and intrigued by companies who take unconventional and fun approaches to designing their products. some examples of this would be: -The Game's big logo snapbacks. -Apex One's team jersey puffer jackets. -Nutmeg's 2-sided ''logo bursting out of the front and back'' t-shirt designs. obviously this is a very subjective type of topic, but I would be interested in hearing about/seeing what other people on the board can come up with as examples of what I'm trying to get at.
  3. A few things 1. The story linked to in the first paragraph, the entire basis for the article, was originally published on in January of last year. It is not reflective of sales/trends for the 2016-2017 season 2. Almost none of this is accurate. 3. It was written by a ''guest author'', which is somewhat peculiar as I'm not sure I've seen a story on CCSLC credited to someone who didn't have a real name attached to it.
  4. NHL Panthers Unveil New Logo/Uniforms, June 2016 Maple Leafs Unveil New Uniforms, June 2016 Penguins Unveil New Vegas Gold Road Uniform, June 2016|PIT|home NBA Kings Officially Unveil New Logos, April 2016 Kings Unveil New Uniforms, June 2016
  5. NHL/Hockey Maple Leafs Unveil New Logo, February 2016 World Cup of Hockey Uniforms Unveiled, March 2016 NBA/Basketball Raptors Adding Two New Uniforms Next Season, February 2016 Story on Nets Aborted 1995 Rebranding, April 2016 MLB/Baseball Story on Origins of DIamondbacks Identity, February 2016
  6. Miami Heat Unveil Uniforms for 2015-2016 Season, October 27 2015 2015-2016 NBA Logo/Uniform Season Previews CCSLC Uni-Watch Boston Bruins Unveil 2015-2016 Winter Classic Uniform, October 27 2015〈=en&navid=DL|BOS|home
  7. Between 95/96 and 96/97, the Raptors played 3 games at Hamilton's Copps Coliseum Unfortunately, this was one of only two pictures I could find of the team playing at the arena, from 12/26/96
  8. Pistons Unveil New Chrome Alternates
  9. November 7, 1991 - TSN's coverage of the unveiling of the Expos new uniforms and cap
  10. Here is a post featuring a visual timeline of how the NHL rink has evolved throughout the years. 1961-1973 VS 2014-2015
  11. Dallas Mavericks 25th Anniversary Logos
  12. Those links were taken from the thread above. There's been a ton added as far as historical NHL stuff since I made that thread on the HFboards 8 months ago (you can find most of the new links in post #8 of the thread )
  13. St. Petersburg Times, January 31st 1997
  14. Found this today: Chicago Tribune, March 8th 1988 ''basketballs wearing sunglasses'' oh, what could have been....
  15. Thanks for the information. I had deducted that he was not a Braves mascot based on the presence of the other one in the photo, but there you go.
  16. Anyone recognize the mascot sandwiched between Billy The Marlin and Mr. Met? I mean, it's possible he is a local character, but if anyone recognizes him I would love to know his identity.
  17. So weird to think it's almost been 20 years since they unveiled that uniform
  18. What I'm going for is simply something resembling an overview as to who was responsible for these logos. On the Buffalo 2006 mark, you definitely bring up a fair point in that he was only the main designer and that it was additionally other people at Reebok collaborating on it . I'm not saying this list is at all perfect, and I'm willing to listen to C&C on refining it. Generally, the only basis for my citations as to who the creators were of these logos were stories that did not go particularly in-depth on the design process, thus only listing a few people involved in the project. Thanks for the insights.
  19. For the last couple of weeks, I have been researching the origins of logos across the four major sports. More specifically, I have been looking for designer and artist information. Below is the sum of the information that I've been able to gather so far. The reason I'm making this thread is I'm hoping that some of you will have more information and specifics as to the designers and artists of other logos. Any help would definitely be appreciated. Also, any corrections. NHLChicago Blackhawks (1955-1956) - (1963-1964) Designed By: Dorothy L. Ivan (Wife of Chicago Blackhawks vice president and former general manager, Thomas N. Ivan)Source: Chicago Tribune, December 23rd 1990Additional Notes:-''Her husband coached the Detroit Red Wings in the early 1950s and then came to Chicago, where he became general manager of the Blackhawks. After he arrived here, the team decided to redesign the players` uniforms. The club`s symbol had been a small Indian head inside a circle. She designed the large head now used and added the two-tomahawk shoulder patches now worn by team members. It is believed the Blackhawks were, as a result, the first first professional hockey players to wear shoulder insignias. ``She was very artistic,`` her husband said.'' (Chicago Tribune, December 23rd 1990) Philadelphia Flyers (1967-1968) - (2013-2014) Designed By: Sam Ciccone (Mel Richman Inc.)Source: Net Impact Philly (Comcast Sports Network Philadelphia), May 23rd 2011 Pittsburgh Penguins (1967-1968) (1968-1969) - (1970-1971) and (1971-1972) - (1991-1992) Designed By: Bob GessnerSource:, September 25th 2010 Vancouver Canucks (1970-1971) - (1977-1978) Designed By: Joe Borovich (Graphic Artist in Vancouver)Source: Vancouver Sun, September 30th 2009Additional Notes:-''Borovich was paid $5,000 for his original design, which was also used on the team's tickets. But the Canucks also asked him to get involved with producing the team's uniforms and he figures in total he made $15,000.'' (Vancouver Sun, September 30th 2009) Atlanta Flames (1972-1973) - (1979-1980) Designed By: McDonald and LittleSource: Atlanta Hawks PR, January 27th 2014 New York Islanders (1972-1973) - (1994-1995), (1997-1998) - (2013-2014) Designed By: John AlognaSource:, September 7th 2008Additional Notes:-''(Ray) Boe’s wife Deon designed the Nets’ first uniforms, and she attempted to design the Islanders in green and black. That was quickly tossed by the politicians on Long Island who saw Nassau County’s colors of Orange and Blue much more appropriate. Given only three days, an advertising executive named John Alogna from East Meadow created the Islanders logo with the NY over a silhouette of Long Island.'' (IslesBlogger, September 7th 2008) Vancouver Canucks (1978-1979) - (1996-1997) Designed By: Mike Bull (San Francisco Based Illustrator)Source: Hartford Whalers (1979-1980) - (1991-1992) Designed By: Peter Good (Cummings & Good)Source: WhalersMania and San Jose Sharks (1991-1992) - (2006-2007) Designed By: Terry Smith of Sunnyvale Calif (Terry Smith Creations) and Mike Blake of Lafayette CalifSource: Lodi News-Sentinel, February 13th 1991Additional Notes:-''Smith designed the crest and fin, while the type-face applications were developed by Blake'' (Lodi News Sentinel, Feb 13th 1991) Ottawa Senators (1992-1993) - (1996-1997) Designed By: Anthony Milchard (Milchard Design, Inc)Source: Ottawa Citizen, May 24th 1993 Pittsburgh Penguins (1992-1993) - (2001-2002) Designed By: Vance Wright Adams & AssociatesSource:, January 21st 2013 Anaheim Mighty Ducks (1993-1994) - (2005-2006) Designed By: Tony Cirpriano (Walt Disney Animation Department Artist, Florida) and Fred Tio (Disney Creative Print Services)Source: Los Angeles Times, June 8th 1993Additional Notes:-Between 500-700 ideas/logos were submitted by Disney employees after Anaheim was awarded an NHL franchise in December 1992 (LA Times, Jun 8th 1993)-''Duck General Manager Jack Ferreira said the original color scheme was purple and gold, "but that looked like an Easter egg, so we eliminated the gold and replaced it with silver. We wanted something totally different, totally unconventional." (LA Times, Jun 8th 1993) Florida Panthers (1993-1994) - (2013-2014) Designed By: Sean Michael Edwards Design IncSource: Sun-Sentinel, June 11th 1993Additional Notes:-Sean Michael Edwards Design Inc also designed the clubs Uniforms and Shoulder Patch (Sun Sentinel, Jun 11th 1993)-''Panthers owner Wayne Huizenga had a choice of two color concepts, according to O`Hara.'' "One was like a Charlotte Hornets-type color; a teal, purple and gold combination," O`Hara said. "I thought he would go with that, but at five of 12 Wayne called and said to go with the red, gold and navy. I don`t think they (the Panthers) wanted to go with the teal. I don`t think they wanted another tropical color."(Source: Sun Sentinel, June 11th 1993) St. Louis Blues (1995) - (1997-1998) Designed By: Sean Michael Edwards DesignSource: St. Louis Post Dispatch, June 24th 1994 Washington Capitals (1995-1996) - (2006/2007) Designed By: Sean Michael Edwards DesignSource: Sports Business Daily, June 23rd 1995 New York Islanders (1995-1996) - (1996-1997) and Uniforms Designed By: Sean Michael Edwards DesignSources: Newsday and Sports Business Daily, June 23rd 1995Additional Notes:The Islanders began working with designer Ed O'Hara (of Sean Michael Edwards Design) 18 months prior to unveiling their new look (Newsday, June 23rd 1995) Colorado Avalanche (1995-1996) - (2013-2014) and Colors Designed By: Partnership between NHL Creative Designer David Haney, COMSAT Creative Director Dan Price, COMSAT Senior Art Director Michael Beindorff and COMSAT Art Director Rick PillmonSources: Sports Business Daily and Denver Post, August 11th 1995Additional Notes:-''While we're on the subject of logo development, Denver Post beat writer Adrian Dater posted a podcast he did with Dan Price, the creative director for the Colorado Avalanche in 1995 when the team moved from Quebec. He was responsible for the logo, but credits Michael Beindorff with actually designing it.'' (Icethetics, February 22nd 2006)-''The logo, which will have four different variations, went through 30 to 40 different designs before director of creative services Dan Price settled on the final rendition'' (Denver Post, August 11th 1995) Los Angeles Kings (1995-1996) Designed By: The Mednick GroupSource: (''Rise Of The Burger King''), January 27th 2011 Buffalo Sabres (1996-1997) - (2005-2006) and Uniforms Designed by: the Burlington, VT, firm of Jage DiPaolo Kemp DesignSource: Sports Business Daily, April 11th 1996Additional Notes: -''Sabres President & CEO Doug Moss said the team considered other colorschemes including navy, but "opted for a more pronounced black base ''Moss: We were afraid navy would be too close to the Buffalo Bills and we didn't want to look like we were copying the Bills" (Buffalo Business First, April 15th issue) Phoenix Coyotes (1996-1997) - (2002-2003) Designed by: NHL creative designer David Haney and the Phoenix-based design firm of Campbell Fisher DitkoSource: Sports Business Daily, April 9th 1996 Vancouver Canucks (1997-1998) - (2013-2014) Designed By: Orca Bay Creative Director David Youngson and White Rock Artist Brent LynchSource: The Province, June 4th 1997 Los Angeles Kings (1998-1999) - (2013-2014) (retired after 2010-2011) and Uniforms (1998-1999) - (2006-2007) Designed By: SME DesignSource: Sports Business Daily, June 22nd 1998 Minnesota Wild (2000-2001) - (2013-2014) Designed By: SME DesignSource:, February 16th 2011 Columbus Blue Jackets (2003-2004) - (2013-2014) Designed by: SME Design/NHL/Blue JacketsSource: Sports Business Daily, October 15th 2003 Phoenix Coyotes (2003-2004) - (2013-2014) Designed By: Adrenalin Design GroupSource: Sports Business Daily, September 4th 2003 Anaheim Ducks (2006-2007) - (2013-2014) Designed By: Frederick & FrobergSource: O.C Register, June 23rd 2006Additional Notes: ''"I showed about 60 digital illustrations: iconic ducks, strong ducks, animated ducks, duck faces, full-body ducks, ducks with pucks, ducks with sticks, ducks in letters and then a duck foot as a `D,' " said Bill Frederick, the managing director and brand development director for the Montclair, N.J.-based Frederick & Froberg Design Office. ''The Samuelis really responded to the black and gold, and when they saw the foot in the `D,' I knew to run with it." (O.C Register, June 23rd 2006) Buffalo Sabres (2006-2007) - (2009-2010) Designed By: Kristopher Bazen (Reebok)Source: Yahoo Sports, March 13th 2012 Washington Capitals (2007-2008) - (2013-2014) Designed By: Reebok/CapitalsSource: Washington Post, June 22nd 2007 Ottawa Senators (2007-2008) - (2013-2014) Designed By: Acart CommunicationsSource:, August 22nd 2007 San Jose Sharks (2007-2008) - 2013-2014) Designed By: Terry Smith (Terry Smith Creations) Tampa Bay Lightning (2007-2008) - (2010-2011) Designed By: ReebokSource:, August 25th 2007 Tampa Bay Lightning (2011-2012) - (2013-2014) Designed By: SME Design/Tampa Bay Lightningsource:, January 31st 2011 Winnipeg Jets (2011-2012) - (2013-2014) Designed By: Reebok/NHLSource:, July 22nd 2011 Dallas Stars (2013-2014) Designed By: Reebok/Dallas StarsSource:, June 4th 2013 NBABoston Celtics (1950-1951) - (1959-1960) Designed By: Zang AuerbachSource: Seattle Supersonics (1967-1968) - (1969-1970) Designed By: David Stern Advertising AgencySource: Phoenix Suns (1968-1969) - (1991-1992) Designed By: Stan Fabe, Tuscon ArizonaSource: Associated Press, May 30th 1992Additional Notes:-''The Suns originally paid an artist $5,000 to create their first logo back in 1968. But team officials not like it. Instead, they charged Stan Fabe, a Tuscon residen who operated a commercial printing plant, with the task. For only $200, Fabe designed the Suns' famous sunburst logo'' (Phoenix Suns, by Andres Ybarra, 2012) Chicago Bulls (1966-1967) - (2013-2014) Designed By: Dean Wessel (Hirschmann-Wessel Design)Source: Chicago Tribune, August 24th 2004Additional Notes:-''As the story goes, in the 1960s Mr. Wessel agreed as a favor to Dick Klein, a fellow Little League coach, to design a logo for the fledging basketball team Klein had just founded and named the Chicago Bulls. Mr. Wessel sketched the logo, coloring its face red at Klein's request and then, also at his request, adding the same color to the tips of the bull's horn to represent blood.''''In exchange, he received some free tickets to the teams' games.'' (Chicago Tribune, August 24th 2004) Milwaukee Bucks (1968-1969) - (1992-1993) Designed By: Matt Kastelic (Commercial Artist in Milwaukee)Source: Portland TrailBlazers (1970-1971) - (1989-1990) Designed By: Frank GlickmanSource: Atlanta Hawks (1972-1973) - (1994-1995) Designed By: McDonald and LittleSource: Atlanta Journal Constitution, July 7th 1972 Seattle Supersonics (1975-1976) - (1994-1995) Designed By: Dennis StricklandSource: and Seattle Times, November 14th 2012Additional Notes:-''After college he began teaching at the Art Institute of Seattle and had a successful career as a graphic designer. His notable work includes the original Seattle Supersonics logo(Ed Note: Error?), the original Seattle Sounders logo and his involvement in Nike's first successful advertising campaigns.'' (Seattle Times, November 14th 2012) Dallas Mavericks (1980-1981) - (2000-2001) Designed By: Patrick B. StarkSource: ... Wikipedia (shudders) Cleveland Cavaliers (1983-1984) - (1993-1994) and Uniforms Designed By: Marcus AdvertisingSource: Youngstown Vindicator, August 3rd 1983 Miami Heat (1988-1989) - (1998-1999) Designed By: The Henderson Agency of Pembroke LakesSource: Sun Sentinel, March 3rd 1988Additional Notes:-''The new logo, a blazing red basketball entering a hoop, was chosen from among 12 finalists in a field of 1,000 entries.'' Minnesota Timberwolves (1989-1990) - (1995-1996) Designed By: Mark Thompson (Logo Design Contest Winner)Source: Star Tribune, September 1987Additional Notes:-Thompson's logo was one of 2,600 entries that were received by the Timberwolves. The 33 year old Austin, Minn native received $2,500 for having his design chosen (Star Tribune, September 1987) Orlando Magic (1989-1990) - (1999-2000) Designed By: The Advertising Works AgencySource: The Orlando Sentinel, June 19th 1987Additional Notes:-''Doug Minear, president of the agency, created the logo after consulting with artists from Walt Disney World and culling through some 500 suggestions from around the country'' (Orlando Sentinel, June 19th 1987) Indiana Pacers (1990-1991) - (1996-1997) Designed By: Florence Griffith JoynerSource: USA Today, January 25th 1990 New Jersey Nets (1990-1991) - (1996-1997) Designed By: Mary Beth Barenborg (Apex One, South Plainfield N.J)Source: Baltimore Sun, October 28th 1990Additional Notes:-"When we first sat down to discuss the concept of the logo and uniforms, we wanted to introduce something more contemporary, versatile and concise in a visual sense," Barenborg said. "The design is such that if the word `Nets' or the ball were separated, they could stand on their own and still hold the identity of the team." (Baltimore Sun, October 28th 1990)-''Apex One took six to eight months and came back with a half-dozen designs. From there, the Nets made their choice'' (Baltimore Sun, October 28th 1990) New York Knicks (1992-1993) - (2010-2011) Designed By: NBA Properties (Michael Doret and Tom O'Grady)Source: PostingAndToasting (Behind The Knicks Logo with Michael Doret) and ESPNNewYork (Knicks logo visionary reflects, 20 years later), September 12th 2012 Phoenix Suns (1992-1993) - (1999-2000) Designed By: NBA PropertiesSource: Associated Press, May 30th 1992 Denver Nuggets (1993-1994) - (2002-2003) Designed By: Dan Price (Creative Director, Denver Nuggets)Source: Denver Post, May 22nd 1993Additional Notes:-''There were several reasons for the most recent change, including a request by the NBA for a more simple design using fewer colors. In addition, club president Tim Leiweke said the team wanted to make a break with difficulties of the immediate past'' (Denver Post, May 22nd 1993) Milwaukee Bucks (1993-1994) - (2005-2006) Designed By: NBA PropertiesSource: Milwaukee-Sentinel, May 24th 1993 Sacramento Kings (1994-1995) - (2013-2014) Designed By: N/AAdditional Details:-''Michael McCullough, the Kings ' vice president for marketing, said the team used its own consultants and league sources for the logo . About 40 versions, some featuring a king's face for use as a mascot, were proposed.'' (Sacramento Bee, May 23rd 1994) Atlanta Hawks (1995-1996) - (2006-2007) Designed By: Sean Michael Edwards (NBA Properties)Source: Associated Press, June 24th 1995Additional Details:-"We tried to make it as animated and special as possible,'' said Tom O'Grady, the NBA's creative director. ``While the old logo had more of a corporate, classic feel, we believe the new logo has a very powerful and determined feel with a more focused look to it.'' (AP, June 24th 1995) Houston Rockets (1995-1996) - (2002-2003) Designed By: Thomas Nash (Fan Design Contest Winner)Source: Sports Business Daily, June 29th 1995Additional Details:-''Artist Thomas Nash, who came up with theconcept, won a $1,000 gift certificate and other prizes in the fan design contest'' (Houston Chronicle, June 29th 1995)-'' The new logo was the result of a "nearly two-year process that included evaluating about 5,000 designs and finding that focus groups just didn't like yellow"'' (USA Today, June 29th 1995) Seattle Supersonics (1995-1996) - (2000-2001) Designed by: Sean Michael Edwards (NBA Properties)Source: Seattle Times, July 6th 1995 and Copyright Encyclopedia Toronto Raptors (1995-1996) - (2007-2008) Designed By: Sean Michael Edwards (NBA Properties)Source: and NY Times, January 22nd 1995 Vancouver Grizzlies (1995-1996) - (2000-2001) Designed By: NBA PropertiesSource: Detroit Pistons (1996-1997) (2000-2001) Designed By: Bill Berris and Robin BrantSource: The Windsor Star, May 22nd 1996Additional Notes:-''(Pistons President) Tom Wilson admitted the NBA has been after the Pistons for several years to change their logo. The league had forwarded between 200 and 300 design suggestions of their own and the club had also received hundreds of submissions from graphic designers and artists.It wasn't until Bill Berris and Robin Brant took a crack at the project two years ago that the new logo began to emerge. After some input from the NBA, which owns the logo, the Pistons were well on their way to reaching Tuesday's cerem-ony.'' (Windsor Star, May 22nd 1996) Minnesota Timberwolves (1996-1997) - (2007-2008) Designed By: Mednick Design GroupSource:, May 1996Additional Notes:''According to Finnegan, who was the Timberwolves' point person in dealing with the NBA on the logo change, the Wolves had previously been working on a secondary logo mark, but it was shelved in the summer of 1994 when the team nearly moved. When the ownership transfer to Glen Taylor became official in 1995, the decision was made to change the whole corporate identity system, which encompasses every visual representation of the team.'' (, May 1996)''The group working on the new Wolves logo - which included Moor, Finnegan, McHale, Executive Director of Communications Charley Frank, Vice President of Sales and Marketing Chris Wright and Head Coach Flip Saunders - wanted the Timberwolves' mark to be vital when the next trend in design came around. Another consideration was the logo's ability to break down into numerous forms or partial marks that can represent the organization as well. And above all, it had to be more aggressive.'' (, May 1996) Utah Jazz (1996-1997) - (2003-2004) Designed By: Sean Michael Edwards (NBA Properties)Source: Salt Lake Tribune, June 5th 1996 and Sports Business Daily, November 29th 1999 Golden State Warriors (1997-1998) - (2009-2010) Designed By: Larry HausenSource: SF Examiner, June 20th 1997Additional Notes:-''This logo was what Warriors owner Chris Cohan had wanted. The idea had been in the works for two years, and Cohan vetoed an idea offered by the NBA - Cohan described that design as a He-man type figure holding up the Golden Gate Bridge - in favor of the design created by Larry Hausen, the Warriors' director of creative services and merchandising.'' (SF Examiner, June 20th 1997)-''The search for an aggressive weapon for the logo resulted in a lightning bolt, a safe fictional choice instead of a knife or spear or something tangible. Hausen also altered the colors, dropping the lighter blue and yellow that had been a Warriors trademark for years in favor of sharper tones.'' (SF Examiner, June 20th 1997) New Jersey Nets (1997-1998) - (2011-2012) Designed By: Sean Michael EdwardsSource: Copyright Encyclopedia Washington Wizards (1997-1998) - (2010-2011) Designed By: NBA PropertiesSource: Sports Business Daily, May 16th 1997 Orlando Magic (2000-2001) - (2009-2010) Designed By: NBA PropertiesSource:, June 27th 2000 Dallas Mavericks (2001-2002) - (2013-2014) Designed By: Nike/NBA (?)Source:, September 18th 2001Additional Notes:-"When working with NIKE and the NBA we communicated our desire for a clean, contemporary look so the emphasis would be on the players' talent rather than the jerseys they are wearing," said Mavericks President/CEO Terdema Ussery. "We accomplished this goal by maintaining a classic, pristine feel but at the same time bringing them up-to-date with several Mavericks-branded embellishments." Seattle Supersonics (2001-2002) - (2007-2008) Designed By: Hornall Anderson Design WorksSource:, August 25th 2001 Houston Rockets (2003-2004) - (2013-2014) Designed By: Eiko IshiokaSource: Houston Chronicle, July 9th 2003 Memphis Grizzlies (2004-2005) - (2013-2014) Developed By: Rare Design, in conjuction with NBA and GrizzliesSource:, June 17th 2004Quote: '' In January, regionally-based RARE Design was selected to develop the identity. The Grizzlies and RARE Design CEO Rodney Richardson worked in conjunction with the NBA to develop the logo taking direction from Grizzlies fans along with input from Grizzlies’ players and team personnel. Once the identity was established, Reebok undertook the process of creating the team’s uniforms.'' - (, June 17th 2004) Milwaukee Bucks (2006-2007) - (2013-2014) Designed By: NBA Creative ServicesSource:, June 28th 2006 Oklahoma City Thunder (2008-2009) - (2013-2014) Designed By: Ackerman-Mcqueen and NBA Creative ServicesSource: Sports Business Daily, September 4th 2008Additional Notes:''The Thunder worked with Ackerman-McQueen, Oklahoma City, and the NBA to develop the logo'' (Daily Oklahoman, September 4th 2008) Golden State Warriors (2010-2011) - (2013-2014) Designed By: NBA/Warriors/AdidasSource: Sports Business Daily, June 18th 2010Additional Notes: ''We are grateful to the NBA and adidas for providing us with a magnitude of creative freedom, along with invaluable expertise, during this process.” (Warriors President Robert Rowell,, June 18th 2010) Brooklyn Nets (2012-2013) - (2013-2014) Designed By: Jay-ZSource:, April 30th 2012 New Orleans Pelicans (2013-2014) Designed By: Rare DesignSource:, January 24th 2013 Charlotte Hornets (2014-2015) Designed By: Jordan Brand/NBA Global Merchandising Group/Senior Bobcats ExecutivesSource:, December 21st 2013 MLBPittsburgh Pirates (1958-1967) Designed By: Jack Berger, Sr.Source: Minnesota Twins (1961-1969) Designed By: Ray BartonSource: Star Tribune, April 22nd 2010 New York Mets (1962-2014) Designed By: Ray GottoSource: Pittsburgh Pirates (1968-1986) Designed by: Bob GessnerSource: Kansas City Royals (1969-2001) Designed By: Shannon ManningSource:, December 7th 2011 San Diego Padres (1969-1984) Designed By: Carlos HadawaySource: (San Diego Union Tribune, September 20th 2004) Toronto Blue Jays (1977-1996) Designned By: Savage Sloan, Ltd.Source: Seattle Mariners (1993-2014) Designed By: Mariners and Major League Baseball PropertiesSource: Seattle Times, September 19th 1992 Seattle Mariners (1993-2014) Designed By: Sean Michael EdwardsSource: Sun-Sentinel, June 11th 1993 California Angels (1993-1996) Designed By: Sean Michael EdwardsSource: Sun-Sentinel, June 11th 1993 Houston Astros (1994-1999) Designed By: Bill Woodward (Winner of logo design contest)Source: Austin American Statesman, February 5th 1994Additional Note:-''McLane said the logo and uniforms introduced Friday were the results of "hundreds and hundreds" of designs submitted from around the nation. The winning basic design came from Bill Woodward of Image Communications in Temple.'' (Austin American Statesman, February 5th 1994) Milwaukee Brewers (1994-1999) Designed By: Todd RadomSource: Anaheim Angels (1997-2001) Designed By: Dan Simon (Disney Consumer ProductSource: O.C Register, November 20th 1996 and Todd RadomAdditional Notes: -''Mayor Tom Daly and other city officials beamed with pride at seeing the city name on a symbol. But Disney artists, who also designed the marketable mask of the Mighty Ducks, say they felt pinched this time. "It's not revolutionary," admitted Tim McMillin, director of new-business development for Disney Consumer Products.'' (O.C Register, November 20th 1996)-''About 100 Disney artists produced 200 drawings at imagineering offices in Burbank. Two ideas that bit the dust: a naked cherub with Angels wings and an "ominous and fierce" angel.'' (O.C Register, November 20th 1996) Toronto Blue Jays (1997-2002) Designed By: MLB PropertiesSource: St. Louis Cardinals (1998-2014) Designed By: Gary Kodner and Bill DeWitt IIISource: Tampa Bay Devil Rays (1998-2000) Designed By: MLB PropertiesSource: St. Petersburg Times, November 3rd 1995Additional Notes:-''Occi did extensive research on the project, learning about the devil ray and the Tampa Bay area. A key to the uniforms was the use of the gradated color blend, which used a new fabric pattern (glacier twill) and a new process of blending the colors, to better reflect the colors of the area.Then Occi set about persuading Naimoli and other team officials to use purple and black - two supposedly "hot" colors - as the accents, pointing out that they represent the deep water a devil ray lives in. She went as far as wearing purple-and-black outfits to her meetings with Naimoli."Purple is the perfect accent to the different aquatic colors, and the black with the gray," Occi said. "He was sold on the pallette, but he didn't want to be dominant with purple. Then when we started working with the gradation of colors, he fell in love with purple." (St Pete Times, November 3rd 1995) Milwaukee Brewers (2000-2014) Designed By: MLB Properties and McDill DesignSource: Milwaukee-Sentinel, November 10th 1999 Houston Astros (2000-2012) Designed By: Coudal Partners (Assistance from MLB Properties)Source: Sports Business Daily, November 5th 1999 Anaheim Angels (2002-2014) Designed By: Todd RadomSource: Texas Rangers (2003-2014) Designed By: Skilo Brands (Consultation from MLB and Rangers)Source:, December 3rd 2002 Toronto Blue Jays (2004-2011) Designed By: BrandidSource: Sports Business Daily, September 3rd 2003 Washington Nationals (2005-2010) Designed By: Todd RadomSource: Arizona Diamondbacks (2007-2014) Designed By: Campbell Fisher Design and MLB PropertiesSource:, November 8th 2006 Tampa Bay Rays (2008-2014) Designed By: Fanbrandz (Previously Frederick and Froberg Design Offices)Source: Sports Business Journal, November 12-18th 2007 NFL/AFLDallas Texans (1960-1962) Designed By: Bob Taylor (Dallas Times Hearld Cartoonist)Source: Green Bay Packers (1961-2013) Designed By: Gearld Brashier and John GordonSource: and Kansas City Chiefs (1963-1969) Designed By: Bob TaylorSource: Miami Dolphins (1966-1973) Designed By: Bill Bodenhamer Sr.Source:, Sun Sentinel, August 10th 2000Additional Notes:-''The Dolphins logo, which has undergone only minor modifications in the past 30 years, was Mr. Bodenhamer's most widely recognized work, but not necessarily his most satisfying."You just did what you could with what you had back then," Bodenhamer said in 1997, when the logo was revamped. "I wasn't too crazy about [the design]. I wanted to do something like the Rams had, something real good. But we just didn't have much time." (Sun Sentinel, August 10th 2000-Bodenhamer was paid only $250 for designing the logo (Sun Sentinel, August 10th 2000) Denver Broncos (1970-1996) Designed By: Edwin Guy TaylorSource: WikipediaAdditional Notes:-''. A contest was held through Public Service of Denver to come up with a new logo for the team. Mr. Taylor's submission was selected late in 1967 and adopted soon after.'' (Wikipedia) Seattle Seahawks (1976-2001) Designed By: NFL Properties (Amy Yutani, Michael Gaines and David Johnston)Source: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1976-1996) Designed By: Lamar Sparkman (Cartoonist/Artist at Tampa Bay Tribune)Source: Tampa Bay Tribune, January 7th 2010Additional Image: New England Patriots (1993-2013) Designed By: NFL Properties/Stan Evenson/Ken Loh Source: Uni-Watch/, July 28th 2011 Carolina Panthers (1995-2011) Designed By: Sean Michael EdwardsSource: New York Times, January 22nd 1995 Jacksonville Jaguars (1995-2012) Designed By: Sean Michael EdwardsSource: Philadelphia Eagles (1996-2013) and Uniforms Designed By: NFL PropertiesSource: Philadelphia Inquirer, February 6th 1996 Denver Broncos (1997-2013) and Uniforms Designed By: NikeSource: Denver Post, February 5th 1997 Miami Dolphins (1997-2012) Designed By: NFL PropertiesSource: Sun Sentinel, January 15th 1997Additional Notes:-''Creative director Bruce Burke said three designers spent 11 months on the project.'' (Sun Sentinel, January 15th 1997) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1997-2013) Designed By: NFL PropertiesSource:, April 9th 1997 Houston Texans (2002-2013) Designed By: Verlander DesignSource: Atlanta Falcons (2003-2013) Designed By: Verlander DesignSource: Cincinnati Bengals Designed By: Verlander Design and NFL PropertiesSource: Arizona Cardinals (2005-2013) Designed By: Mark Verlander and NFL PropertiesSource: Sports Business Daily, January 28th 2005Hoping to turn the above directory into something more comprehensive. If any of you guys have specifics as to who designed other logos/uniforms not already included in that list, PM or quite this post I guess.
  20. Stadium Series graphics from over the weekend Los Angeles New York
  21. All of these were exclusively thrift-store finds over the years. Magic jersey is reversible, which is pretty neat (black side has quite a lot of cracking, though. Also had to remove the Champion Size 44 label on the bottom due to it having been drawn on with permanent marker) Top to bottom: Left Column -Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers, Champion Replica (Size 52) -Alonzo Mourning, Charlotte Hornets, Champion Replica (Size 44) -Tim Duncan, San Antonio Spurs, Champion Replica (Size 44) -Michael Jordan, Washington Wizards, Champion Replica (Size 52) Right Column -Hakeem Olajuwon, Houston Rockets, Champion Replica (Size 44 ... more like a Size 40 after several washes. Also has MAJOR cracking on both the front and back) -Penny Hardaway, Orlando Magic, Champion Reversible Replica (Size 44) -Paul Pierce, Boston Celtics, Reebok Replica (Size 48) -Michael Jordan, Washington Wizards, Champion Replica (Size 40)