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  1. Welp, looks like they skimped on the collar design.
  2. Olli Jokinen in a Leafs jersey for one night. He made it count.
  3. With a look at the straight hem cut and the how low the shoulder piping is (you can tell faintly by the lighting), it's not just a rebranded Edge jersey. It's still interesting that they have the newer CCM logo on it though. If I had to guess, I'd assume they just brought a vintage Mighty Ducks-era jersey from CCM's vintage line, but the newer CCM logo negates that theory. I do remember reading somewhere that Reebok wanted to move their Reebok brand strictly under performance wear and bring everything hockey under their CCM umbrella, which is why you see all of their minor affiliates sporting CCM branded jerseys as you mentioned, and even CCM's new line of player and goalie equipment are taking on the same look of Reebok products. So it wouldn't be too far fetched to see the CCM brand take over for their parent company in regards to rebranding their jerseys.
  4. Looking awfully similar to the Nike Swift template, right down to the collar, square shoulder yoke and armpit mesh area.
  5. Oh wow, they do. That picture's pretty old by now, but I never noticed the orange side panels. Gross.
  6. seriously though, why the :censored: are Minnesota's away letters so damn large
  7. ^^ I understand that. What I'm saying is that the Vancouver prototype doesn't use the same template as the '07 Thrashers/Flyers. The marroon area is way too large to be the same ATL/PHI arm design (reference). What we're looking at with the marroon is a front profile of the arm, which takes up the entire forearm (reference) unlike the ATL/PHI template which only utilizes the elbow and only creeps up a bit of the forearm. The only difference in this template in comparison to Ottawa/Pittsburgh/TB is the large stroke of blue separating the marroon from the navy which is probably why it looks like the white area of Atlanta's away jersey. I know this appears to be bitty semantics but it needs clarification, apparently. What we're probably looking at:
  8. Icethetics posted a Capitals prototype jersey today. source
  9. Made this a couple months ago. I still think this would work as a suitable primary:
  10. How about everyone identify all their pictures...?
  11. What do you mean? They've been handing out their third jersey to draft picks and free agent signings.
  12. Ryan Smyth with the leather gloves with the high cuff, the CCM bucket, a wooden blade and a mullet. Smyth was a huuge Gretzky fan. Not as of the last couple of seasons, but Martin Brodeur used to wear the same old chest protector that he had for decades. Legend has it Arturs Irbe had teammates run over his pads with trucks to break 'em in once he got them. Wore them for a decade or two.
  13. And here we go with the non-traditionalist.....And the most pretentious post of the day goes to...