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  1. I can't send you an email so ill just do it here. Do you still have this template? ( Concepts/PanthersBlue.png)

    1. St Louis Cardinals

      St Louis Cardinals

      since the links not showing its the template you used when you had your nfl redesign

    2. DeFrank


      It's by Andrewharrington... I don't really know if I have it anymore because I'm working on a different template.

  2. Sent you an email. Did you get it?

  3. I sent you an email a few days ago just asking if you wouldn't mind sending me the file as is. I can make necessary edits. Thanks

  4. If it's alright with you to have me present a team in the way you do, what size do you put the helmet on? Just wondering if there's a specific way you do it.

  5. Just gunna point out, your prediction that the stadium threat would graveyard by page 4 was correct! Nice one :P

  6. Did you use Commando by chance for your personal logo? I was considering it for my Panthers concept... Just was wondering.

  7. Please check PM's

  8. I would mention your name and all, and whichever is fine, thanks

  9. H

    I don't know if you have seen this, but I have a thread where I post my NFL Concepts as well (DeFrank's NFL Concepts) and I plan on doing the Falcons sometime in the future. When I do, would it be acceptable for me to use the Falcons logo you created for your "Buc's Procombatized NFL" thread? I LOVE that logo and honestly feel its a major upgrade over the current one....