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  1. Could people have been worried under certain 1965-era TV lighting conditions this would have turned the team into the Houston Ches
  2. The flag code's reference to athletic uniforms clearly wasn't intended to literally mean taking part of a U.S. flag and making a uniform out of it, but that doesn't matter to me. I think it's bad whether there's a non-binding or binding rule against it or not.
  3. To me, none of these uniforms you posted are really patriotic. They're about as well-intentioned as Pinktober was.
  4. If this is the Jets’ new helmet it’s instantly the best NFL uniform redesign in decades
  5. Waiting for our friend @BrandMooreArt to tell us something about luxury aquarium brand capitalization
  6. Nobody is suggesting all teams would look better in all circumstances with letters on their helmet. Or even most. Or half. The Jets would look better with the letters "NY" (and little else) on their helmet. That's the point. It does make sense to compare the Giants helmet to the Jets helmet, and the Giants/Jets helmets to the Yankees/Mets cap. New York is the most famous city in the world. That probably has something to do with why the 3/4 of the football/baseball teams have "NY" and nothing else on their heads. And I'd add: **or could one day have the lineage of the others
  7. Thank you for making some sense here (on the Eagles -- no Washington football helmet has been worth anything since 1957. A "DC" or "W" would be a wholesale improvement)
  8. Well, yeah. That's because the Rams literally invented the football helmet logo and therefore it could not be more iconic/it looks great so it doesn't make sense to replace it with anything. The Chargers have had their helmet logo for only 11 years less than the Rams. 59 years! And it looks great - so don't change it. Although, in lieu of numbers, you could solve the space issues posed by the shape of the bolt by adding a lil LA in the space below... The point is the Jets should put an "NY" logo good enough to be iconic if it is used for several years on their helmet because it would be the best looking helmet they've ever oh and if they stuck with it the most iconic.
  9. The first interesting thing the NFL does in a decade logo-wise and everyone is going to hate it.
  10. This is the same flawed logic that says the Jaguars can't have uniforms as simple as the Raiders. The Jets will only be a team that doesn't have an "NY" logo that's existed for more than a half century as long as they don't commit to an "NY" logo for more than a half century.
  11. Down for some Jet-like stuff on the uniform and branding. Also down for an "NY" on the helmet that'll be seen as traditional before you know it.
  12. Agreed. If we've learned anything from the Giants, Yankees, and Mets, it's that having a simple but recognizable "NY" on the hat/helmet is really unremarkable.
  13. Yeah this would be the best NBA set in history DO NOT @ ME!